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By reverse engineering and studying Rival Tech Shredders found tangled in returning dwarves' beards during medical examinations, R&D has found methods of rewiring their ally recognition systems and subsequently invert them. Removal of unnessecary malicious parts has resulted in a slim fold-out design that allows for packaging and easy deployment of 5 drones, bundled into a single grenade.
— Item Description

The Shredder Swarm Grenade (or S.S.G for short) is an unlockable Throwable for the Engineer. It resembles a light-brown copper pineapple-style grenade with green accents.

When thrown, the S.S.G will spawn a cluster of 5 friendly, limited lifetime Shredders which will attack any enemies within a moderate distance from the Engineer. These Shredders are distinguished in appearance from their Rival counterparts by their orange areas being light green instead. Their damage is relatively low, but they can still prove to be formidable when prioritizing a single target.

Once spawned, S.S.G Shredders will last for 40 seconds before eventually deactivating and exploding, meaning the player must be sure to use the S.S.G wisely. Aside from their short lifespan, S.S.G Shredders are essentially invincible and will always be ignored by enemies. When not attacking, the Shredders will remain near the Engineer until they become aware of another enemy or until they expire.

The S.S.G is good against swarms of weak enemies. However, its low damage makes it unsuitable for fighting larger creatures like Glyphid Praetorians or Glyphid Dreadnoughts despite the Shredders' impressive armor breaking capabilities. The Shredder Swarm is therefore best used as a support weapon rather than a damage dealer as it is able to cover and simultaneously attack multiple creatures in a confined space.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Engineer Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit 5600 Credits
Bismor 30 Bismor

Initial Stats
Carried Amount 4
Number of Shredders per Grenade 5
Shredder Lifetime 40s
Damage Stats
Damage 8 Radial
Armor Break 200%
Radius 1.8m
Damage Cap per Shredder 140 damage cap
*Will not benefit from Weakpoints
Status Effect
Status Chance 100%
Damage per Tick 24 Internal
Tick interval 2.1s
Duration 1.9s
Movespeed change x0.7
Slowdown duration 1s


  • The Shredder Swarm can be used as a cheap alternative way to break enemy armor as its high damage against armor and long duration allows the player to severely weaken hard-hitting enemies like Glyphid Praetorians and Glyphid Grunt Slashers.
  • Using the interact key on an S.S.G Shredder will cause a dwarf to playfully "swat" it away.

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