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Icons Campaign Unlocked through an assignment.
Requires Engineer Level 21
Purchased for:
Credit 8200 Credits
Jadiz 50 Jadiz
Magnite 110 Magnite
Enor Pearl 40 Enor Pearl
Initial Stats
Damage 90 Disintegrate
Area Damage 90
Direct Target Heating 25%
Effect Radius 1.9m
Total Capacity 1,350
Charge Capacity 50
Discharge Rate
(per second)
Recharge Time 1.1s
To keep it from detonating like a thousand pounds of TNT, the Shard Diffractor is limited to short, controlled bursts, but don't let that depress you - it's powered by a 12-pound chunk of Ommoran Heartstone, and is able to vomit forth thick beams of raw energy, reducing anything in its path to a mound of cinders
— Weapon Description

The Shard Diffractor is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Engineer. It is an intricately designed laser cannon consisting of various electrical and mechanical components. A shard of Ommoran Heartstone rests in a central chamber and is surrounded by three plasma torches rigged with wiring. Upon using the weapon, the shard becomes superheated, emitting a beam of destructive energy that incinerates enemies.

In addition to having infinite range, the Shard Diffractor inflicts continuous damage onto any target impacted by the beam along with anything surrounding the impact point. The beam will also cause an enemy's temperature to rise, eventually resulting in them being ignited. As the weapon description claims, slain enemies will be reduced to a rapidly-dispersing cloud of ash, preventing some on-death effects (such as the Praetorian's gas cloud) from occurring.

The Shard Diffractor also features a battery with a maximum charge capacity rather than a conventional magazine; firing the weapon drains the battery while releasing the trigger will automatically recharge the battery, which draws from the weapon's total capacity. Furthermore, the battery must be fully charged in between uses and there is a brief spinup delay before the weapon can begin firing.


Shard Diffractor Modifications
Mod Effect In Game Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Area Damage
Impact Splash
+2 Area Damage "Releasing a screw from the stability safety mechanism causes the beam to more forcefully rupture outward on impact, increasing area damage."
Credit 1000 Credits
Umanite 20 Umanite
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
Increased Energy Density
+2 Direct Damage "The energy density of the beam is increased, improving direct damage."
Credit 1000 Credits
Jadiz 20 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Ammo
Larger Battery
+100 Total Capacity "R&D custom fitted you with larger battery, increasing the max capacity."
Credit 1000 Credits
Enor Pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Tier 2 Level 6 Icon Upgrade Weakspot
Soft Tissue Disruption
+33% Weakpoint Damage Bonus "Hit'em where it hurts! Literally! We've upped the damage you will be able to do to any creature's fleshy bits. You are welcome."
Credit 1000 Credits
Jadiz 20 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Area
Particle Spattering
+0.8m Effect Radius "By including a stronger gas flow trough the beam particles the damage area around impact zone is increased."
Credit 1800 Credits
Croppa 12 Croppa
Tier 3 Level 10 Icon Upgrade ClipSize
Aluminum Foil DIY
+50 Charge Capacity "Placing a simple aluminum ball between the battery and main capacitor was enough to transfer a lot more juice with each charge! Who even needs R&D anymore?"
Credit 2200 Credits
Umanite 20 Umanite
Enor Pearl 30 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp
Open Structure Battery
-0.8s Charge Time "Opening the structure of the battery with a new experimental material enables much faster charging!"
Credit 1800 Credits
Magnite 18 Magnite
Bismor 12 Bismor
Tier 4

Level 14

Icon Upgrade Heat
High-Intensity Heating
+75% Direct target heating "A tweaked beam oscillator increases the intensity of the thermal shockwaves on direct impact, transferring more heat to the target."
Credit 3800 Credits
Magnite 15 Magnite
Umanite 25 Umanite
Enor Pearl 36 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking
Nitrogen Vaporizer
+500% armor breaking "Rerouting nitrogen gas through the beam increases its pressure power density and enables it to melt armor plating."
Credit 3800 Credits
Umanite 36 Umanite
Enor Pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Bismor 25 Bismor
Tier 5

Level 18

Icon Upgrade Electricity
Hydrogen Rupturing
+33% additional damage against electrocuted enemies "By adding hydrogen to the gas mixture the beam molecules will be pushed apart with electrocuted enemies, increasing damage dealt."
Credit 4400 Credits
Jadiz 60 Jadiz
Umanite 40 Umanite
Enor Pearl 110 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Special
Bio-Mass Converter
+Bio-mass Converter "An invention with a purpose of making war more energy efficient has been added as a fancy attachment, enabling your weapon to extend the current beam duration with every kill."
Credit 4400 Credits
Magnite 110 Magnite
Umanite 40 Umanite
Bismor 60 Bismor
Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed
Dazzler Module
+80% Slow Movement On Hit "A special dazzler lens is attached to the weapon, making the beam emit a strong infrared light on impact, slowing down enemies in the area of effect."
Credit 4400 Credits
Jadiz 60 Jadiz
Umanite 40 Umanite
Bismor 110 Bismor


Overclock calculations happen after modifiers.

Shard Shard Diffractor [Expand/Collapse]
Overclock Effect In Game Description Price
Efficiency Tweaks
Frame Overclock Clean
Icon Upgrade Ammo

Pos +25 Ammo Capacity
Pos +25 Charge Capacity

"Careful tweaking has resulted in greater charge capacity as well as an increase in total capacity."
Credit 7650 Credits
Croppa 120 Croppa
Jadiz 90 Jadiz
Magnite 70 Magnite
Automated Beam Controller
Frame Overclock Balanced
Icon Upgrade FireRate

Pos +100 Ammo Capacity
Pos +6 Fire Rate
Pos -0.2 Recharge Time
Neg 0.8x Charge Capacity
Neg Beam continues Firing until the Charge Capacity is empty
Neg Manually stopping the beam consumes 100% of the remaining Charge Capacity

"Removing manual control and automating the fire sequence improves speed of operation and allows for a significant expansion of the total battery capacity. However the charge capacity had to be reduced to prevent overheating. Manually interrupting the beam stresses the capacitor, resulting in a loss of some of the remaining charge."
Credit 8050 Credits
Jadiz 130 Jadiz
Magnite 65 Magnite
Bismor 90 Bismor
Feedback Loop
Frame Overclock Balanced
Icon Upgrade Area

Pos +Feedback Loop
Neg -100 Total Capacity
Neg -25 Charge Capacity

"Heavy modifications to the weapon keeps excess energy within the beam, increasing the radius and damage of the area of effect while the beam is fired. However the changes leave little room for the battery, reducing the maximum energy capacity of the weapon."
Credit 7200 Credits
Magnite 65 Magnite
Umanite 100 Umanite
Enor Pearl 125 Enor Pearl
Volatile Impact Reactor
Frame Overclock Balanced
Icon Upgrade Special

Pos +Volatile Impact
Neg 0.5x Area Radius
Neg 0.5x Charge Capacity
Neg Cannot exit VIM mode while firing

"A mixture of high energy and atomic frequency tuning lets you temporarily turn dirt and rock into magma, damaging and potentially igniting any enemy that walks across it."
Credit 8300 Credits
Magnite 125 Magnite
Enor Pearl 105 Enor Pearl
Bismor 65 Bismor

Plastcrete Catalyst
Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Upgrade Explosion

Pos +Plastcrete Explosion and Damage/Range Boost
Neg -50 Total Capacity
Neg x0.5 Damage While not Shooting Platforms

"The beam has been finely tuned to violently react with plascrete platforms, increasing AoE damage and range. If the beam is held long enough the reaction becomes unstable causing a significant explosion at the impact point. The tweaks come with a limited charge rate to avoid frying the circuits and both the charge capacity and total capacity are reduced."
Credit 7950 Credits
Croppa 110 Croppa
Jadiz 125 Jadiz
Magnite 75 Magnite
Overdrive Booster
Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral

Pos +Overdrive Booster
Neg Longer recharge after boosting
Neg Boosted beam continues firing untill capacitor is fully discharged

"Drastically increase the energy throughput by pressing the reload button while a beam is firing. Unfortunately maintaining control requires that you stand still while firing a boosted beam and the weapon cannot stop firing while boosted until the capacitor is fully discharged. Manually interrupting the beam stresses the capasitor, resulting in the loss of some of the remaining charge."
Credit 7900 Credits
Croppa 110 Croppa
Jadiz 75 Jadiz
Bismor 120 Bismor
Wide Beam Attachment
Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Upgrade Angle

Pos +1m Beam Radius
Neg -30 Charge Capacity
Neg -2 Damage

"Clevar refracting of the beam causes the beam to be significantly wider than the regular beam, though at the cost of the beam's focus. This causes the beam to deal less damage than an unfocused beam, but allows for multiple bugs to be hit by the beam at once."
Credit 7600 Credits
Croppa 75 Croppa
Enor Pearl 105 Enor Pearl
Bismor 20 Bismor
Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Overclock Medigun

Pos +3 Health to all targets (Both Dwarves and Creatures)
Neg x0.5 Total Capacity

"Adjusting the frequency of the beam changes it from destructive to non-destructive. This reverses damage to organic material, capable of healing wounds and even reversing aging!"
Credit 7800 Credits
Croppa 75 Croppa
Jadiz 105 Jadiz
Ligmite 20 Ligmite

Stats Breakdown[]

Understanding the Weapon[]

  • Damage is how much damage is dealt upon direct impact of the beam.
    • Damage Type: 25% Fire, 75% Disintegrate
    • Material Flags: Weakpoint, Frozen
  • Area Damage is how much damage is dealt in addition to the direct damage within the damage radius around the impact.
  • Charge Up Time: 0.2s
  • Recharge Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Recharge Time is reduced by a % relative to the charge capacity left when the trigger is released.
  • Movement Speed While Using: 50%

Unique Modifications[]

Bio-mass Converter[]

Icon Upgrade Special

Bio-mass Converter is a tier 5 modification that refunds 3 ammo to the Charge Capacity each time an enemy is killed. This allows the weapon to be fired for longer before recharging when enemies are killed.

Cooldown: 0.25s

Excluded enemies include:

Unique Overclocks[]

Feedback Loop[]

Frame Overclock Balanced
Icon Upgrade Area

Feedback Loop is a balanced overclock. For every second that the beam is continuously held, the weapon will gain a stack that grants:

  • +1 Area Damage
  • +0.3m Radius

There is no limit to the amount of stacks that can accrue over time and all stacks will reset once the Shard Diffractor stops firing.

Volatile Impact Reactor[]

Frame Overclock Balanced
Icon Upgrade Special

Volatile Impact Reactor is a balanced overclock. Whenever the beam touches the ground, it will be turned into hot magma for 7 seconds in a 0.3m radius. The magma deals 5 Fire and 5 Heat damage every 0.1-0.15 seconds, equating to 40 DPS + 15 DPS from the On Fire status effect. The magma also slows any enemy in its radius by 0.7x (30%).

Plastcrete Catalyst[]

Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Upgrade Explosion

Plastcrete Catalyst is an unstable overclock. When shooting any platforms, the splash damage and radius of the Shard Diffractor's beam is doubled. After shooting at platform material for one uninterrupted second the beam will trigger an explosion centered on the point of contact that deals tremendous damage and carves a small amount of terrain.

Explosion Damage:

  • Damage: 300 Explosive
  • Damage Radius: 5m
  • Max Damage Radius: 3.5m
  • Minimum Damage: 25%
  • Fear Factor: 100%
  • Armor Damage: 50%
  • Friendly Fire Multiplier: 25%
  • Self Damage Multiplier: 25%

Overdrive Booster[]

Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral

Overdrive Booster is an unstable overclock. Pressing the reload button while firing will activate Overdrive Booster, which will do the following:

  • Set movement speed to 0
  • Increase ammo consumption by 1
  • Multiply damage output by x2.5
  • Cause the beam to continuously fire
  • Require an extra 1.5s to recharge

Similar to Automated Beam Controller, manually stopping the beam by swapping to another weapon or using the pickaxe will consume 50% of the remaining charge.


Frame Overclock Unstable
Icon Overclock Medigun
  • +3 health to ALL targets for each consumed charge. This includes both Dwarves and Creatures.
  • Targets at full HP can be "Overhealed" up to an additional 50% of their Maximum HP, which gradually decays back to Full HP over time.
  • 0.5x Total Capacity
  • Incapable of dealing damage