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Season 05: Drilling Deeper
Season 5 Banner
Release Date June 13, 2024 (PC)
June 27, 2024 (Console)
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Season 04: Critical Corruption (Unknown)

Season 05: Drilling Deeper will be the fifth season of Deep Rock Galactic.


Miners! Strap yourselves in, because Deep Rock Galactic is taking a pickaxe to the very heart of Hoxxes! That's right, in Season 05: Operation: Hot Rocks, we're sending you straight for the CORE!

Management has detected a new stone unlike anything we've seen before - Core Stones. These scorching hot bad boys hold the potential to revolutionize fuel production. The only catch? They're nestled deep within the planet's molten core, a place even hotter than your Drillers' flamethrowers (and let's face it, that's saying something).

Prepare for scorching temperatures, volatile geysers, and a whole new breed of heat-resistant nasties guarding these Core Stones.

Hoxxes ain't for the faint of heart. This ain't your average mining mission. This is Operation: Hot Rocks, and only the toughest, most heat-resistant miners need apply. So grab your flame retardant beard braids, crank up the cooling systems, and get ready to drill like you've never drilled before! Rock and Stone!


Added 12 new Overclocks (one for each primary weapon), plus one rework of an existing Overclock.



Glyphid Grounders are subterranean ambushers, using tremors to detect prey before erupting from the dirt for a surprise attack. Watch out for suspiciously soft dirt or tremors – it might be a Grounder waiting to pounce!

Mactera Stinger

The Mactera Stinger is a vicious variant of the Mactera species encountered on Hoxxes IV.The Stinger forgoes ranged attacks in favor of a brutal, close-quarters stinging attack.

Glyphid Nitrus Detonator

A powerful new mutation of the Glyphid Bulk Detonator. The final blast of the Nitrus Detonator turns anything nearby into pure Nitra.

Loot Elf

A strange, spherically-inflated creature full of resources that bounces around caves.

Tar Hog Nexus

A stationary creature exclusive to Magma Core that spews globules of hot tar.

Stone Guardian

A tougher variant of the Glyphid Praetorian capable of disguising itself in terrain.


  • A brand-new performance pass with new cosmetics, resources and credits to be obtained.
  • Season switcher. Change the active season to any previously-introduced season, or none at all (Known as "Unseasoned"). The chosen season's performace pass, bonuses and experience points will become available. Events found in missions will reflect the currently selected season.
  • New dance moves.
  • New promotion tiers. Dwarves above Legendary 3 Promotion will have a number above their rank which indicates the number of further promotions.

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