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Season 04: Critical Corruption
Season 04 banner
Release Date June 15, 2023 (PC)
June 22, 2023 (Console)
External Link(s) Steam
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Season 03: Plaguefall Season 05: Drilling Deeper
Hello Miners,

Welcome to SEASON 04 - CRITICAL CORRUPTION! Though we have gained great ground against the rampaging Lithophage in the past months, it remains a constant threat - and to make matters worse, reports of alarming new mutations are starting to come in.

Let's get right into it!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

Season 04: Critical Corruption is the fourth season of Deep Rock Galactic, introducing a new Performance Pass, new Assignments, new creatures and a new mission event.

Season 04 was released on June 15, 2023 for PC and June 22, 2023 for consoles.

Narrated update trailer:


Space Rig 17 // All Hands Bulletin // Clearance Level Lemon

Alright, Miners - it's briefing time. Settle down. Shut up.

We have been making steady progress against the Rockpox, but we are not out of the woods yet. The rogue comet remains in-system and are still pelting Hoxxes with Rockpox-infected meteoroids. In a nutshell, the situation is grim.

For starters, the infection is spreading despite all our work. We are keeping well on top of the actual impact zones, but the Rockpox is evolving. Several new types of Hoxxes wildlife have succumbed to the Rockpox. Infected Mactera Bombers are running rampant, and we are seeing reports of infected Naedocyte Breeders spewing out clusters of writhing Plague Larvae. On top of that, Hoxxes itself is responding to threats in characteristic manner: Scanners have revealed several new strains of Glyphid, aggressively attacking our holdings.

Worst of all - the Plague Hearts have sprouted legs and are walking around. These things must be destroyed at all costs. They are representing an all-new infection vector, operating independently of any need for meteoroids, and capable of going wherever their instincts direct them. If we do not act immediately and with extreme prejudice, this could spell the end of our efforts on Hoxxes - for good.

Get suited up, Miners. Management is well aware of the responsibility we are putting on your shoulders, and expresses their gratitude for your continued efforts. We have faced worse than this, and we will succeed once again, so long as we stand together as one.

Let's make it happen. Management sends their regards.


Update Changes[]

Season Event: Rockpox Corruptor[]

The Plague Hearts you have encountered previously have evolved. They will now turn into Lithophage Corruptors - ravenous, fully mobile abominations that spread Rockpox wherever they go. They appear impervious to normal gunfire, so you will need to use the Cleansing Equipment to get through their exterior shells and expose their soft, inner core.

New Rockpox Enemies[]

Rockpox Breeder[]

A result of increased Rockpox infection of airborne fauna. The infection has changed the internal workings of its host to allow for Rockpox Larvae to sprout and thrive within its body.

Rockpox Bomber[]

As if the Goo Bomber wasn't bad enough already: The lithophage has spread to the volatile excretion this critter is so loved for, expanding the reach of the disease at a high rate.

Rockpox Spitter[]

The Rockpox Acid Spitter has turned its already impressive bio-projectiles into a highly infectious Rockpox vector, and with a suppressed pain response and high dose of combat pheromones the Rockpox Spitter poses a far greater threat than before!

Rockpox Exploder[]

The Rockpox Exploder has had profound mutations to its body, thickening its skin and reducing its volatility in turn of being filled to the brim with highly contagious Lithophage spores. Being caught in the blast zone will instantly infect any dwarves nearby, so stay clear of them at all costs!

New Enemies[]

Glyphid Stingtail[]

A powerful, heavily armored beast with a grasping tail, capable of pulling in any enemy and goring them against its massive horns. Take care around this one!

Glyphid Septic Spreader[]

The malicious cousin of our old friend, the Glyphid Spitter. This one fires heavy globules of rancid biomatter, which spread out in a wide area around impact. Mind your step and try to ignore the smell!

Jet Boots[]

You will now be able to recover crates of high powered jet modules in the caves. Attach these to your boots and turn them into fully functional jet boots, giving you a much- needed leg-up during any hardships you may encounter!

Space Rig Addition: Jetty Boot[]

Back home, a bit of redundant machinery has been cleared out, opening up the Space Rig a bit more- which handily allows plenty of space to install a training terminal for the coded locks you will encounter on the Jet Boot crates. It would appear some smart- aleck has even seen fit to build an arcade cabinet to fit it into. Bring lots of credits!

New Beer: Randoweisser[]

This potent ale reportedly instills a sense of adventure and lust for challenge in whoever drinks it, randomizing all equipment, perks and cosmetics for the duration of a mission. Drink it at your own leisure!

Equipment Terminal: Randomize Loadouts[]

At the Loadout Terminal, a new option to randomize all your gear and upgrades has also become available, enabling you to quickly set up challenges for yourself. Why would anyone do this? Well, never let it be said we do not wish to enable our employees!

Community Request: Copy/Paste Loadouts[]

Additionally, you can now copy and paste loadouts for a smoother experience when experimenting with new weapon and mod combinations, without the hassle of redoing everything from scratch!

Wardrobe: Sleeveless Armors[]

Some of your armors now come with a new option: Toggle between sleeveless versions of most of your owned sets! This does not count for DLC Armors or armors that are already sleeveless.

Weapon Input Buffer[]

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at R&D, all semi-automatic weapons now come with fancy input buffering. This will make it easier to consistently maintain a high rate of fire, especially on weapons like the Subata, M1000 and EPC.

Weapon Balance[]

Subata 120

  • The Subata has long been in need of an update. As always if you unlocked any of the removed upgrades their cost will be refunded.
  • Increased base weakpoint damage bonus (from 1.2 to 1.25)
  • Reduced base ammo (from 160 to 144)

Modification Tweaks

  • Reduced the bonus of the T1 High Capacity Magazine upgrade
  • Moved the T1 Reload Speed upgrade to T3
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Ammo upgrade
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Damage upgrade
  • Removed the T3 Damage upgrade
  • Added a new 2-Round Burst upgrade on T3
  • Moved the T3 Ammo upgrade to T4 and increased it's bonus
  • Increased the bonus of the T4 Hollow-Point Bullets upgrade
  • Removed T5 Acid Coated Bullets upgrade
  • Added the Neuro-Corrosive Catalyst upgrade to T5
  • Added a Blowthrough Rounds upgrade to T5

Tranquilizer Rounds OC

  • Added a "slow" effect to help with enemies that are immune to stun
  • Changed the rate of fire penalty from a flat value to a percentage

M1000 Classic

Hipster OC

  • Reduced the RoF bonus to compensate for the RoF boost from the input buffer.

Jury-Rigged Boomstick

Double Barrel OC

  • Replaced the small pellet damage bonus with a large bonus to Blast Wave damage
  • Added a shot spread penalty
  • Made both shots fire simultaneously and updated the weapon stats and ammo display to clarify this
  • Changed OC type from Clean to Unstable

Breach Cutter

Spinning Death OC

  • Reduced the ammo penalty

Cryo Cannon

Snowball OC

  • Reduced ammo cost
  • Affected targets cannot warm-up for a short time after getting hit

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine

Shield Battery Booster OC

  • Removed overheat recovery time penalty
  • Added a significant shield regeneration bonus

"Hurricane" Guided Rocket System

  • Replaced the clean Manual Guidance Cutoff OC with the new unstable Rocket Barrage OC

Plasma Burster Missiles OC

  • Guidance system update prevents missiles from hitting the ground while swarming around a target
  • Increased the number of hits a single missile can deliver before expiring

"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon

Carpet Bomber OC

  • Changed the explosion radius bonus from a flat to a percentage to significantly expand it when taken together with the AoE Range upgrade
  • Changed the damage bonus from a flat to a percentage for an increased maximum when taken together with the AoE Damage upgrade

Neurotoxin Payload OC

  • Reduced the AoE size bonus
  • Added an ammo penalty
  • Removed the direct damage penalty
  • Increased the AoE damage penalty slightly