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Season 02: Rival Escalation
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Release Date April 28th, 2022
External Link(s) Steam
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Hello Miners,

As the title implies, our Rivals are still going strong in their efforts to disrupt our mining operations - and in fact, they are escalating their efforts! But what does that mean for you, the loyal employees of Deep Rock Galactic? Read on to find out!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Season 02: Rival Escalation introduces a new season to Deep Rock Galactic with a new Performance Pass, four brand new secondary weapons for each class respectively, a new Rival Tech encounter and Phazyonite resource.

Season 02: Rival Escalation was released on April 28th, 2022.

Narrated Update Trailer:


Space Rig 17 // All Hands Bulletin // Clearance Level Lemon

Managements commends the efforts of every employee, but we are still being hit hard by our new Rivals - in fact, it appears they are escalating their offensive. It is imperative that you remain vigilant against these new threats rallied against us.

Over the last few months our Rivals have burrowed ever deeper into the crust of Hoxxes, and we are reporting increased enemy presence in the caves. On top of everything else, we are also receiving reports of new communications networks being set up, entire clusters of enemy turret emplacements appearing, and...something else.

Our Rivals have developed a new kind of robot, henceforth referred to as the Rival Nemesis. It appears specially designed to take on DRG operatives, and it is wreaking havoc on us. Teams that do no make it back hurts the bottom line, and this is unacceptable. That is why we need you to show even greater determination if you do happen upon one of these things. The more data we collect, the better suited we will be to counter it in future.

R&D have been hard at work developing new tools to assist in this endeavour - let us make sure their hard work does not go unused. Get to it, Miners. And let us show our Rivals once and for all that Hoxxes belongs to DRG.

Destroy them. Study them. And survive them. We are counting on you.

Management sends their regards.

/ / / MESSAGE ENDS / / /

Update Changes[]

Season Event: Rival Signal[]

Rivals are setting up new communications equipment, which must be shut down! In the all-new RIVAL SIGNAL Season Event, you must interrupt the operation of the Rival Communications Router, hack its Antenna Nodes and shut it down before the timer runs out and the entire thing discharges a lethal energy blast! Timing and precision will be of the essence if you want to obtain the Data Cell stored inside the Router!

New Warning: Rival Presence[]

Hordes of Rival robots are clustering in the caves, seemingly just waiting to spring on anything carrying the DRG insignia. Some will likely see this as a welcome distraction from the usual teeth and claws of the Glyphids, but Management still doesn’t recommend underestimating these cybertronic abominations.

New Enemy: Rival Nemesis[]

ScanCom has been picking up new readings in the caves, and disturbing rumors have started trickling in from the surface. Our Rivals have unleashed something down there, something specifically designed to lure you in, hunt you down, and terminate you with extreme prejudice. Beware, Miners - the Rival Nemesis is on the prowl.

New Performance Pass[]

By popular request we have roughly doubled the amount of Season Event Bonuses to collect by completing the various Season Events down in the caves! Bonuses for everyone!

Also, we’ve added a brand new Season Challenge, where you have to complete missions with the RIVAL PRESENCE WARNING, paying out phat stacks of Performance Points and precious Scrip.

All of that of course results in rewards - both from simply gaining levels in the Performance Pass, as well as spending Scrip in the Cosmetic Tree. We got some good stuff for you - Resource Caches, Beards, Paintjobs, Helmets, and yet another full set of Weapon Frameworks for all guns.

As always all elements of the Performance Pass are completely free and any rewards you were unable to claim in the previous season can be found in Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, Cosmetic Cores, and The Shop.

New Secondary Weapons[]

Scout: Nishanka Boltshark X-80[]

The Scout has picked up this extremely versatile crossbow designed for large game, built especially to fire a wide selection of projectiles. Acid-bolts, electric bolts, fire bolts, triple bolts, you name it. It is time to go hunting.

Engineer: Shard Diffractor[]

Meanwhile, the Engineer has come up with the SHARD DIFFRACTOR. To keep it from detonating like a thousand pounds of TNT, the thing is limited to short, controlled bursts - but don’t let that depress you: It’s powered by a 12-pound chunk of Ommoran Heartstone, and is able to vomit forth beams of raw energy as thick as your leg, reducing anything in its path to a mound of cinders.

Gunner: Armskore Coil Gun[]

The Gunner gets the ARMSKORE COIL GUN - a hand-carryable, fully-fledged electromagnetic accelerator. It fires solid tungsten spheres with enough force to punch clean through solid rock. The only limit to this pocket-sized war crime is the battery pack - which is sizable.

Driller: Colette Wave Cooker[]

And finally, the Driller has been given the COLETTE WAVE COOKER. An ingenious mix of lab equipment and kitchen utensil, the Wave Cooker does exactly what its name implies: Point it at something organic, and watch it cook from the inside out until it bursts in a gout of viscous fluids. Recipe book not included.


From now on, you can choose to pay for Cosmetics with Phazyonite instead of Credits and Minerals, in case you are saving up for specific upgrades.

Phazyonite can be found in the caves of Hoxxes as you go, and you will also earn it from the newly implemented Cosmetic Mastery system in the Shop.

How does that work? Simple: Increase your Cosmetic Mastery by buying stuff.

And not to worry, shoppers - the system will work retroactively. Everything you’ve already bought will be counted towards your Cosmetic Mastery progression.

Our goal is for players to buy cosmetics without sacrificing beer, upgrades and promotions. We hope it helps, especially with many of the previous season’s cosmetics landing in the shop. We have no plans for monetizing this in any way.

A-B Choice On Forge Mastery Rewards[]

Previously, Forge Mastery granted completely random Infused Matrix Cores. Now, you’ll be given a choice - two Character Classes are picked at random, you pick which of them get the Core. Some choice is better than no choice, as they say.

Medical Gown[]

For those dwarves returning unsuccessfully from missions, we have finally received a shipment of medical gowns. For the sake of overall morale and sanity, we urge all employees to keep their underwear on when waking up in one of these.

FSR and DLSS Support[]

You can now enable FSR or DLSS in-game if you have a graphics card that supports it. This tech should improve your framerate quite a bit if you're playing on higher resolutions, resulting in much smoother mining.

Robot Rebellion DLC[]

Get the new Robot Rebellion DLC now and Rebel against those robots in style!

This new DLC pack includes 4 new suits of armor (one for each class), a unique helmet with Full Face & Half Face variants, alongside the usual new paintjobs for other armors, weapons, Bosco, and your pickaxe.

Weapon Balance[]

Corrosive Sludge Pump[]

  • Increased the base fire rate
  • Increased base ammo
  • Reduced base magazine size slightly
  • Reduced base normal shot damage
  • Significantly improved the strength of the base corrosive effect DoT
  • Increased normal and charged shot corrosive damage conversion
  • Increased base puddle size slightly
  • Equipment terminal will now display puddle radius as an actual value
  • Added the T5 Ingredient X armor melting mechanic to the base weapon and removed the upgrade. The mechanic will no longer “melt” destructible weakpoints such as the Goo Bomber Sacks. As always, anyone who purchased the upgrade will have the credits and minerals refunded.

Modification Tweaks

  • Increased the projectile velocity bonus of the T1 Better Air Pressurizer
  • Reduced the damage bonus of T2 Potent Goo Mix
  • Reduced the max ammo bonus of the T3 More Goo Canisters
  • Increased the charge time reduction bonus of the T4 Improved Spooling Mechanism
  • Increased the DoT bonus for the T5 Fluoroantimonic Acid slightly

Overclock Tweaks
Sludge Blast OC

  • Removed clip size penalty
  • Changed ammo penalty from percentage to a flat value
  • Removed charge time penalty
  • Increased fragment damage conversion slightly

AG Mixture OC

  • Increased projectile velocity bonus

Volatile Impact Mixture OC

  • Increased the damage bonuses and changed them from flat values to percentages
  • Increased the DoT duration penalty

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine[]

  • Reduced base projectile speed
  • Reduced base fire rate slightly

Modification Tweaks

  • Increased projectile speed bonus of the T1 Particle Accelerator upgrade
  • Increased the fire rate bonus of the T1 High-volume Plasma Feed upgrade

Overclock tweaks
Impact Deflection OC

  • Changed from Clean to Balanced
  • Added a rate of fire penalty

Aggressive Venting OC

  • Changed from Balanced to Clean
  • Removed all penalties
  • Reduced the overheat recovery bonus slightly

Rewiring Mod OC

  • Reduced the ammo penalty

Deepcore GK2[]

Overclock tweaks
Electrifying Reload OC

  • Replaced damage penalty with an ammo penalty

Jury-Rigged Boomstick[]

Overclock tweaks
Shaped Shells OC

  • Replaced the pellet count penalty with a small ammo penalty

Pheromone Canister[]

  • Increased the max number of enemies that can attack a target affected by pheromones
  • Extended the pheromone effect duration
  • Enemies affected by pheromones now can fight back when attacked by normal enemies. (previously they could only target other pheromone-affected enemies)

Community Request[]

Dwarves Can Now Laserpoint Someone Else To Get Their Attention!
When you ping a dwarf you shout something related to their class to either get their attention or pay them a compliment

Industrial Mask Moved To Beard Slot
The Industrial Mask from Season 01 performance pass has been moved from headwear slot to beard slot so that it can now be used with other headwear.

Loadouts For Server Mods
The Modding menu now has 4 load-outs where you can save lists of installed mods, in order to quickly enable different mod configurations. You save a loadout by clicking the checkbox next to the mods the same way you would if you wanted to enable them, clicking on the loadout you want to save to, and clicking save. You enable a loadouts modlist by clicking a loadout where a list is saved and clicking load.

Optional/Required By All Tags For Server Mods
Mods can now be tagged as either optional or Requiredbyall on tag if for mods that only need to be installed and enabled by the server's host in order to work. RequiredByAll tag is for a mod that requires all players to have the mod enabled and installed in order for it to work.

Untagged Mods Are By Default Optional
Mods tagged with RequiredByAll will be installed and enabled on join - like it has worked until now. Mods tagged with Optional will be listed on join, but will not be installed on join unless you opt to do so by clicking the X on the mod.


  • Taking down Rival operations is paramount and so management has increased the payout for Industrial Sabotage missions.
  • Owned Matrix Cores shown in the forge are now sorted more granularly, making it easier to get an overview of what overclocks you have for each class/weapon etc.
  • Fixed that activating Field Medics "Instant Revive" also fired the equipped weapon.
  • Increased the speed bonus of using/building most items when more than one dwarf is doing it. This does not include Repairing Doretta, which has not been changed and works by a different system.
  • Fixed an issue where some unequipped items would become visible again.
  • Cursor is now hidden during Mission Completed end screen, until the Continue button is visible
  • Updated Unreal engine version to 4.27.2
  • Optimized debris placement
  • Fixed a bug with resource placement in caves, they should now be better distributed in the caves.
  • Fixed bug in motivational terminal animation
  • [KPI Terminal] Orange hover-border around Milestones is back
  • Added Mission Stat counting cosmetic mastery level ups. Changed xp calculation so it is always based on credit + minerals cost.
  • Fixed the Caretaker rotating inconsistently for clients
  • Enemies with very low health's health bar now still shows a sliver of life, instead of a completely black bar to avoid confusion
  • Added a new damage type “Piercing” for the Nishanka Boltshark
  • Added a bit of Cold resistance and Fire weakness to the Mactera Ice Bomber
  • Reduced Corrosive resistance for all Dreadnoughts, and the Grunt Guard
  • Fixed issue with enemies that had dynamic materials and then where dissolving
  • Fixed that the Glyphid Praetorian weakpoint lights up after it has been killed
  • Fixed that glyphids were sometimes showing default animation pose for a few frames before digging out of ground when spawning.
  • Fixed inventory issues with charging gems, throwing it with salute and picking it up again during salute. Also fixes the issue with weapons sometimes floating in mid air.
  • Fixed Salute logic - You are no longer able to salute while doing Hold E interactions, the dwarves do not have hands for doing both at the same time.
  • Added an info button on the mission map after selecting a mission that takes you to the mission description in the miners manual

Fonts and Text

  • Fixed bug on Space Rig Team Display where text would be overlapped by the Player Icon
  • Attempt to rescale Team Display and Resource Counters back what it was previously
  • Assignment Popup reverted to old layout
  • Perks window font tweaks
  • Season marker on items tweaked, font sizes reduced, small layout tweaks
  • Font size reduced, some minor layout changes
  • Fixed typo on monitor
  • Smaller font size on XP readout inside terminals
  • Fixed "Up for Promotion!" being slightly off screen


  • Fixed a bug where hosting hidden mods could soft lock the game on joining
  • Added progress bar for checking dependencies of mods on joining
  • Changed the way that Mods are shown as out of date after an update to the game. It will now follow major versions instead of minor versions, as there are limited issues between minor updates to the game
  • Made the class icons on the server list, savemenu, tree of vanity and season screen moddable.
  • Added ‘requiredbyall’ and optional functionality to downloading mods on joining a modded session
  • NOTE: Most mods currently on will probably break due to Engine update. Please be patient with modders.

Glyphid Menace

  • Fixed armor on top of head, all parts could not be destroyed and the particle for when it was destroyed was too small and the wrong color.
  • Improved collision on top and back to better match the mesh.
  • Fixed weakpoints not glowing correctly when hit.
  • Added particles when a weakpoint is destroyed.

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

April 28th, 2022

Hello Miners,

We forgot the DLC pickaxe paint job, oopsie whoopsie! Happy Season 02.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Edited icon for DLC pickaxe paint job and added the DLC pickaxe paint job
  • Fixed Phasionite spawning in deep dives. It should not do that.
  • Shard Diffractor: Added support for photo-sensitive mode on impact particles. Do not point SD towards the eyes.

Patch 1[]

May 2nd, 2022

Hello Miners,

We hope you’ve had fun avoiding the metallic embrace of the Rival Nemesis and gotten a chance to try out all the new secondary weapons over the weekend!

This patch includes several tweaks and fixes, including a fix to an ammo-exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark, and a fix to wave music that was not playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage missions. We have also increased the Fuzzy Dice slapping speed to more appropriate levels. Thank us later.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Reduced Rival Presence Warning win requirements by 2 when all Scrips have been earned from the challenge.
  • Extended the cooldown for Nemesis spawn a bit
  • Rival Nemesis now only gets alerted when it sees the players or takes damage
  • Fixed Nemesis being able to grab hacking pod
  • Fixed Nemesis being able to grab Hack-C (and the hacking pod)
  • Fixed issue where the Nemesis had a much higher chance to spawn repeatedly in Rival Incursions than what was intended
  • Fixed Dorrettas drill doesn't move/lacks effects when drilling are missing for late joining clients.
  • Fixed the wristband of the Medical Gown attire not being visible in first-person
  • Fixed not being able to see more than one of each type of resource Matrix Core that you own
  • Fixed clients not seeing the Ommoran Hearthstone being strapped to the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented wave music from playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage mission
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bulk Detonators to not explode if killed by the Colette Wave Cooker
  • Fixed incorrect colors on the Traversal Miners Manual page
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Medical Gown to still be equipped when joining servers
  • Fixed certain impact effects not working when hit by Pickaxe
  • The Shop: Items now correctly update if they are affordable after Cosmetic Mastery level up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Impact Axes to be stuck in the air after an enemy has been killed with them
  • Fixed client Impact Axes not being attached correctly to enemies
  • Fixed that you can apply new mods via the mod loadout slots when in a mission
  • Fixed Special bolts ammo count incorrect tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where starting the game with no internet connection would get you locked on a black screen.
  • Fixed Armor Paint Jobs that were not set up correctly to be found in lost packs.
  • Fixed a bug where Rival Barrier Turret would keep hundreds of particle systems alive when shooting * Making the game a slideshow.
  • Fixed “Q” weapon swap not working after equipping nonselectable items (laser pointer, minimap, pickaxe, etc.)
  • Added video for the Robot Rebellion DLC in the DLC menu
  • Some Crash fixes
  • Several optimization tweaks
  • Optimized Animation setup - reducing CPU time for a lot of enemies.
  • Fix Shard Diffractor not giving aoe damage on clients when hitting terrain
  • Fixed a bug that caused Colette Wave Cooker impact sounds to be playing for clients while it was not firing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gear stat display for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 to show an incorrect amount of ammo in the Equipment Terminal
  • Fixed infinite ammo exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 to be off-center in the Equipment Terminal preview
  • Fixed gear stat entries for damage and radial damage for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80
  • Disabled decals on niagara particles by default
  • Turned down the priority of petting
  • Mod loadout slots can now be cleared with right-click
  • Copper Patinate weapon paint job leather channel was accidentally changed to gray, it has now been changed back to brown
  • Fixed Steamy Award hat that was made available by mistake - oopsie whoopsie!
  • Fixed Assault rifle sound being weird
  • Increased Fuzzy Dice slapping speed.

Hotfix 2[]

May 3rd, 2022

Hello Miners,

The armor paint jobs went a bit wild in the Lost Packs - Here’s a hotfix for it, so you won’t waste time claiming buggy loot.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a bug that rewarded class-specific paint jobs to the wrong class when found in a Lost Pack
  • Fixed a bug where you could not buy Equipment Upgrades for classes you did not currently have selected if your selected class was lower lvl / had not unlocked a similar upgrade tier.

Patch 2[]

May 5th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Contact! We've got 4, wait 6, no, 12... A lot of fixes headed your way! This patch includes new tweaks to the Rival Nemesis and fixes several bugs that snuck into Season 02, including an issue where the Dreadnoughts would suddenly stop attacking. Read on for all the juicy details. And then get back to work, miners.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Increased the time it takes for a Rival Nemesis tentacle to see you until it starts grabbing
  • Decreased the size of the area you have to get outside to escape the grab of the Nemesis slightly
  • Reduced how quickly the Nemesis sheds heat to improve direct heat weapon viability
  • Tweaked the range at which the Nemesis will try to grab you to be more consistent
  • Fixed bug with the Nemesis igniting too quickly from Incendiary Grenades, Sticky Flames, and other heat sources.
  • Fixed a bug where damage penalties were being applied to Special Bolt, and related gear stat text in the Equipment Terminal not showing up
  • Fixed a bug where Bodkin OC for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 will infinitely ricochet in O.M.E.N. Module weakpoints
  • Fixed a bug where Rival Bot sniper shot laser becomes stuck while it's in a hackable state from a client's perspective
  • Fixed pickaxe power attack damage upgrade description
  • Fixed Bulldog’s revolver clip having stock material when reloading
  • Fixed a bug in the Equipment Terminal where the reduction of Sentry Turret construction time is shown as red (penalty) and not green (buff).
  • Fixed a bug where Taser Bolt wouldn’t deal consistent damage when stuck inside of a moving enemy
  • Fixed a bug where the Mactera Goo Bomber's corpse doesn't disappear and remains "active" after killing it
  • Fixed a bug where the Mactera Goo Bomber wouldn’t play its death animation
  • Fixed a bug where Automated Beam Controller OC causes funky interaction when switching weapons mid-fire
  • Fixed a bug where empty slots on the team show up as the Driller’s class icon on the Server List
  • Fixed a bug where the Dreadnought Twins could get stuck in their behavior
  • Fixed a bug where the Dreadnoughts could get stuck doing nothing
  • Adjusted the Dreadnought Twin weak points to pop a bit more compared to their armor
  • Fixed a bug where the final node of a Rival Signal event wouldn’t activate, making it impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug where latejoining clients would not see the Ommoran Heartstone health bar
  • Fixed a broken hitbox for unstable ice and unstable crystal
  • Fixed a bug where Bosco would drop the gem he is holding if you’ve previously grabbed a gem from his grasp
  • Fixed a bug where Bosco would dig where you tell him to pick up a Gunk Seed
  • Fixed broken Kursite Machine Event collision
  • Fixed a bug where long Point Extraction missions would have 10 or less Aquarqs spawning
  • Added sound to the Pickaxe Throw Victory Move
  • Fixed a bug where audio output source would sometimes show up as “Hazard Level”
  • Fixed a typo in the Cryo Bolt OC for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80
  • Changed the DLC banner in the Seasons Terminal to the new Robot Rebellion DLC
  • Fixed a bug where Matrix Cores for Season 01 items had the wrong category in the Forge
  • Updated the Hellfire OC description for the Armskore Coilgun
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Guts mutator wasn’t working
  • Updated the Rival Incursion Assignment to no longer select missions with double Warning Mutators
  • Fixed a bug where the charge defense bonus for the Armskore Coilgun wasn’t applying to clients
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to pickup bolts while they are returning to you, giving you double ammo each time with the Radio Transmitter Module upgrade for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80
  • Contagion Transmitter’s Neurotoxin for the Colette Wave Cooker now also affect original target and not just enemies within AoE range.
  • Fixed a bug where Laserpointer couldn’t detect Croppa correctly
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Toggle of debug language now also works on the info screen

Patch 3[]

May 16th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Our scanners have picked up a massive amount of fixes coming your way. Stand clear!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed the X-80s Chemical Explosion sometimes doing double damage.
  • Fixed bolts colliding with each other
  • Fixed bolt hits not registering on Higher Pings (Possibly only for Bodkin)
  • Reduced the amount of Pheromone Special Bolts.
  • Goo and gas clouds are now easier to set on fire with nishanka's fire bolt
  • Made trail effects linger a bit for enemies leaving the Coilgun trail.
  • Removed the Coilguns Re-Atomizer Overclocks ability to push Steve and elite enemy STEs.
  • Reduced the duration that the Coilguns Re-Atomizer overclock gives to STEs with no set duration.
  • Stopped rival enemy STEs from spreading with the Re-Atomizer OC
  • Fixed re-atomizer being able to "store" temperature of last enemy shot on clients. Also made it copy at minimum the freezing/burning temperature rather than just the current temperature of the target hit. This should make it so that the spreading of freeze and fire is more consistent with expectations.
  • Coilgun Defense Resistance bug fixed where it wouldn't give the correct defense resistance bonus
  • Coilgun Hellfire OC ammo penalty reduced. Introduced Trail Duration penalty.
  • Removed friendly fire from the shockwave upgrade and aoe around the shot
  • Fixed coilgun doing multiple unnecessary traces for each enemy it hit. Affects the mole OC doing unintended extra damage per enemy hit
  • Tweaked the Weapon Framework: Builders Choice for the Cryo Cannon
  • Fixed Dazzler Module for the Shard Diffractor affecting other players
  • Fixed the animation on X-80 when born ready reloads the arrows swap
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in other players getting stuck seeing (and hearing) clients Colette Wave Cooker as if it was firing
  • Fixed Colette Wave Cooker freezes a burning Glyphid Brood Nexus back and forth
  • Reduced the chance of multiple Nemesis spawning in a row and scaled it based on team size
  • Fixed the spawn effects and sound for the Nemesis
  • Extended the delay between when a Nemesis spawns and when it can attack giving players more time to relocate
  • The Nemesis should now consistently die when set on fire
  • Made the Nemesis a little less aggressive on low hazards
  • Hovering Rival Presence warning at the mission map now correctly shows the biomes with the challenge
  • Reduced the number of turrets spawning in the immediate vicinity of the Turret Controller to correlate to team size
  • Reduced amount of rival warnings needed to complete a scrip challenge
  • Added red outline to the Turret Controller
  • Fixed "E" not working correctly for reviving, building, or repairing during high ping.
  • Fixed Picking up an item that goes to inventory while mining toggles to previous weapon
  • Fixed that Arkenstout blizzard Sound FX continues to loop after breaking free of the ice.
  • Fixed enemies who were supposed to die when on fire / frozen, not doing so if the last source was not from damage but from a heat source.
  • Trying to fix dreadnoughts being inactive
  • Fixed typo in Situation Briefing (Season Terminal)
  • Fixed typo in Bestiary (Nemesis)
  • Fixed typos in Trifork OC.
  • Fixed a typo in Upgrade "eletric"
  • Fixed two typos in the string "Hurry up! Droppod isn't hanging around for ever!"
  • Adjusted the max distance that Refinery and Point Extraction platform can be adjusted down into terrain. It has been significantly reduced to fix edge cases where they could end up 10m+ underground.
  • [Point extraction] Events that should stop scripted waves from spawning now also prevents waves in point extraction
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Data Deposit map marker to be in the wrong place
  • Added pathfinder collision to the explosive barrels event
  • Corrected the initial delay of point extractions drill spawning.
  • Fixed issue where the lost pack can spawn inside non-destructible objects, making it unusable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor icon to not grow/shrink correctly when hovering over UI buttons etc. - When using a controller
  • Fixed a bug that caused a softlock when interacting with the Promotion Terminal - When using a controller
  • Fixed a bug that made it so viewing more than one item in the cosmetics shop displays the wrong model for subsequent viewings
  • Fixed text that didn’t fit into credits and some broken characters in Polish
  • Made it so the in-game chat no longer can overflow into the HUD elements
  • Updated credits list
  • Fixed the chat text that was misaligned for players with the "Supporters" icon
  • The class icons that appear when a teammate is marked with the Laser pointer now has color
  • Fixed a crash that happened when loading saves
  • Disabled collision of O2 canisters on drop pod when the warning isn't active
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to lose speed in Rich Atmosphere after getting slowed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Drop Pod drill to continue drilling after returning from a mission
  • Fixed native modded blueprint spawning being inconsistent
  • Tweaked the modding settings menu, to be able to open it correctly
  • Fixed that the rival warning season challenge text - was showing the incorrect number of wins to complete
  • Fixed the Spitball Infectors stiff neck that caused them to only turn their head to one side and not the other
  • Fix for the players who completed the Heavy Duty assignment and were not awarded the Heavy Duty Fixer mining helmet - You should have it now - sorry for the wait
  • Attempted fix for flickering textures on enemies
  • Some small performance optimizations
  • Some Audio optimization

Hotfix 3[]

May 18th, 2022

Hello Miners,

We found and fixed a crash related to the crossbow.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crossbow related crash

Patch 4[]

June 2nd, 2022

Hello Miners,

The patch pod has arrived! We fixed the issue that got a lot of people stuck in black screen after the logos (and a bunch of other stuff). Thank you for your patience while we were figuring it out. You're pretty Rock and Stone, Miners.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed some cases where the modding support integration caused the game to not load past the videos in the beginning
  • Fixed some cases where certain saves caused the game to not load past the videos in beginning

Weapon Changes
DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine

  • Reduced the base ammo a bit
  • Reduced the ammo bonus from the T2 Larger Battery upgrade
  • Increased the ammo bonus of the Shield Battery Booster OC
  • Reduced the overheat duration penalty of the Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC

Nishanka Boltshark X-80

  • Moved some of the reload speed bonus and ammo switch speed bonus from the T3 Stabilizing Arm Brace upgrade to the base weapon
  • Increased the base special Taser ammo
  • Increased the base special Chemical Explosion ammo
  • Increased the base duration of the Taser bolt
  • Significantly increased the base duration of the Chemical Explosion bolt effect, giving a longer window in which to kill the affected enemy
  • Significantly increased the explosion damage from an enemy killed while affected by the Chemical Explosion bolt and changed the damage type to Explosive

ArmsKore Coil Gun

  • Moved some trail DoT from the T5 Electric Trail upgrade to the base weapon
  • Reduced the base charge speed slightly and increased the bonus of the T1 Optimized Magnetic Circuit upgrade
  • Significantly increased the effect strength and radius of the T3 Fear Trajectory upgrade
  • Increased the explosion damage from the T5 Necro-Thermal Catalyst upgrade
  • Removed the reload penalty from the Re-atomizer OC and changed it from Balanced to Clean
  • Significantly reduced the damage penalty of the Backfeeding Module OC and reduced it's ammo bonus slightly

Zhukov NUK17

  • Slightly increased the damage bonus of the T5 Conductive Bullets upgrade
  • Increased the damage bonus of the Gas Recycling OC

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG

  • Moved some of the electrocution chance bonus of the T1 Upgraded Capacitors upgrade to the base weapon
  • Moved some of the recoil reduction of the T2 Recoil Dampener upgrade to the base weapon

Shard Diffractor
Endothermic Explosion OC

  • Renamed the Endothermic Explosion OC to Plastcrete Catalyst and tweaked the description to better clarify it's mechanics
  • Made the visual effects better reflect the AoE range increase when shooting at platforms
  • Fixed the explosion effect not matching the size of the explosion
  • Explosion now fully consumes all plastcrete within its effect radius
  • Reduced the time it takes to trigger the explosion and made the weapon auto-cycle after an explosion is triggered

Colette Wave Cooker

  • Moved some shot width from the base weapon to the T1 Concave Lens upgrade
  • Reduced the effect of the T3 Temperature Amplifier upgrade on both the target and surrounding enemies
  • Reduced the ammo bonus of the Mega Powersupply OC

Blistering Necrosis OC

  • Weakpoint bonuses now apply when shooting blistering necrosis blisters.
  • If a boil from blistering necrosis is on a weak point that gives a higher damage multiplier than 1.5x the boil will copy the weak points multiplier.
  • Damage transferred from shooting blisters is no longer dependent on how much health the blisters have left.
  • Removed the cap for how much damage the blisters can transfer to the enemy at once.

"Hurricane" Guided Rocket System

  • Increased the bonus of the T1 Increased Blast Radius upgrade
  • Increases the projectile velocity and turn rate bonuses of the T2 Bigger Jet Engine upgrade

Weapon Fixes

  • Fixed taser arrows electric arc not damaging the enemy which the arrow is stuck in
  • Fixed issue where arrows and other projectiles would start floating
  • Fixed Crossbow also switching to special arrows when picking up stuck arrows.
  • Fixed The Nishanka Boltshark X resupplies special bolts incorrectly
  • Fixed Nishanka Boltshark X-80 bolts are doing less damage for clients.
  • Banshee module for crossbow now takes fear resistance into consideration
  • Fixed Bolts are consumed when hitting Pipes in refining mission instead of bouncing off
  • Fixed an issue where electric bolts would cause the game to freeze
  • Fixed coilgun not being able to damage the caretaker


  • Fixed season challenge timer - season challenges now have 21 hours timer cooldown, down from 24 hour, for more flexibility
  • Barrels now have a short cooldown before you can kick it again
  • Increased the amount of holomite required to complete the secondary objective
  • Updated grappling gun to disallow use through walls, and correctly correspond with UI

New Features

  • Implemented NVidia Reflex


  • Fixed Bulks not exploding as you would expect in missions with Volatile Guts anomaly
  • Fixed grabbers not releasing the victim properly if they were released too fast on a spotty connection
  • Fixed that Dead dreadnoughts would collide with the players
  • Attempt to fix the case where Arbalest twin dreadnought would become invisible when killing its twin while it was burrowing
  • Added more scaling to how lethal the Nemesis is based on hazard and number of players


  • Fixed that Salvage would sometime not spawn enough mule legs’
  • Fixed that some tunnels would be too narrow
  • Fixed cave generation scaling issue - where cave features like slanted crystals in salt caves would become larger than intended


  • Fixed that Ears would pop through the flight commander hat
  • Set Hex helmet head visibility set from neck to none


  • Mods will now not be marked as causing a crash if you quit the game normally.


  • Fix attempt for escape pod sometimes not dropping down
  • Fixed exploding barrel event lasers not animating
  • Fixed the icon over the lost pack being upside down... whoops!
  • Fixed barrier turret not spinning when the host wasn't looking at it
  • Fix for Barbaric Bosco Paintjob using the wrong material
  • Added async loading of season briefing
  • Client interaction system fixes for high ping
  • Updated spaceball physics
  • Attempt to fix case where hearthstone progress bar was not showing

Hotfix 4[]

June 2nd, 2022

Hello Miners,

Hotfix en route. Hang in there.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed Beastmaster, Steeves are tamable again
  • Fixed Shard Diffractor T5 Dazzler Module upgrade not working
  • Fixed press any key screen sometimes opening twice.
  • Fixed the Shard Diffractor Plastcrete Catalyst OC carving 5m radius spheres in Ice - too hot yo!
  • Reverted barrels to pre-nerf state
  • Added information in the modding menu, shows if the servers are down

Patch 5[]

June 8th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Mods, Bismor and Dwarfs should be back to normal now, whoops.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed low res textured materials such as Bismor and Croppa
  • Fixed characters blinking in and out of existence when wearing some headwear that hides most of the head.
  • Fixed exothermic reactor triggering inconsistency for clients, now works same as host
  • Making initialization of mods already on the system independent from the modio system.

Patch 6[]

June 14th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Management has considered its past mistakes and added more gold to the tutorial for our greenbeards. Several balance tweaks have been made to difficulty and to weapons, but most importantly, Dreadnought twins should now be 43% less buggy and 31% more killable. (Note: Based on projection. Loss of life attempting to engage Dreadnoughts are not covered under company insurance)

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed inconsistencies in Nemesis difficulty scaling
  • Fixed fire and booster module audio on release for HPC and Microwave
  • Rival Signal Event: Extended the event time limit and the time available to hack an antenna node.
  • Rival Signal Event: Fixed the timer not showing consistently for clients and host, reduced the rate at which waves spawn towards the end of the event to reduce the pressure a bit on players who are having a hard time, and slowed down the wire-cutting minigame a little as some players have been having a lot of difficulty with it.
  • Rival Incursion Warning: Increased the payout bonus for missions with the warning, extended the time between Rival waves, and further spread out the turrets surrounding the Turret Controller so they are less clumped up
  • Wave Cooker: Fixed Gamma Contamination OC incorrectly interacting with the T1 Shot Width upgrade
  • Fixed electric bolt arcs not interacting with all-electric damage bonus upgrades and OCs
  • Fixed shark grabber collision being very inconsistent
  • Hacking tool no longer receives decals
  • Added more obvious gold in the tutorial mission
  • Fixed Boscos missing blinking lights on little guns
  • Fixed a case where one of the dreadnought twins could stay invisible forever.


  • Fixed modding behaving weirdly when the user has been deleted or closed.
  • Fixed mods not automatically updating to the latest version when new versions of the mod were available