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Season 01: Rival Incursion
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Release Date November 4th, 2021
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Update: Modding Support Season 02: Rival Escalation
Hello Miners,

We are proud to announce our BIGGEST update thus far - Season 01: Rival Incursion. Yes, that’s right, we are, for now, moving to do themed seasons instead of just updates. Season 01 includes four new primary weapons, a new challenging boss-fight mission, and our take on a 100% FREE battle pass called a Performance Pass that will reward you with a truckload of new unique cosmetics during Season 01.

Read the patch notes below for all the juicy details and then head over to the FAQ here for answers to all of your questions regarding Seasons and Performance Pass.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Season 01: Rival Incursion introduces Seasons to Deep Rock Galactic and the Performance Pass system, a new mission called "Industrial Sabotage", four brand new primary weapons for each class respectively, and new Rival Tech enemies.

Season 01: Rival Incursion was released on November 4th, 2021.

Narrated Update Trailer:


Space Rig 17 // All Hands Bulletin // Clearance Level Lemon

Alright, Miners - listen up! We have confirmation: We are no longer alone out here.

A month or so ago, our deepscans started picking up energy signatures massing on the outer edge of the system. Within a week, automated scout ships penetrated the upper atmosphere of Hoxxes IV and started taking readings. Soon after, they started sending down supplies and construction materials - hectotons of it, across dozens of shuttles. Now, we are seeing full-fledged data collecting facilities being raised down in the caves - OUR caves.

In short, our dominion over Hoxxes is no longer total. Someone else is moving in on company territory.

All attempts at communication have so far gone unanswered. We do not yet know who they are, or where they come from. They bear no signifiers known to anyone in the organization. All their efforts appear to be robotic, so interrogation is out of the question.

Management's stance on the situation is unanimous: Hoxxes is DRG property, and it needs to stay DRG property. Starting immediately, any and all contact with these Rivals is to be considered hostile, and full authorization is given towards dismantling their operations with maximum prejudice, recovering any stolen data they have collected, and putting a definite and absolute conclusion to their ill-fated efforts here. Hefty bonuses will be paid out in accordance to company doctrine, upon meeting any of these goals.

As always, the Company depends on you, Miners. Hoxxes belongs as much to you as it does the Company. Let us ensure that it stays that way - together!

Management sends their regards.

/ / / MESSAGE ENDS / / /

Update Changes[]

New Concept: Seasons[]

With the introduction of a themed Season, several of the new features will only last in their current form while the season is running. Season 01 is currently expected to last for 4 to 5 months, so everybody will get a chance to experience the content. When the season ends, each of the season-related features will change somewhat, but never be truly gone.

Season Terminal[]

In the Space Rig, you will now find a new terminal aptly named the Season Terminal. This is where you can read Management’s all-hands briefing on the recent event, hand in your season-related loot, track your progression in the Performance Pass, and claim your rewards.

Towards the end of the Season, and probably a month in advance, a countdown will be displayed in the Season Terminal, so the end of the season will be known to all. This will also signal the start of the next season.

Season 01: Performance Pass[]

In light of this rival incursion, Management has begun a brand-new incentive program to distinguish our most dedicated employees. This is called the Performance Pass and it’s Deep Rock Galactic’s take on a 100% free Battle Pass. Season 01 brings you 100 levels of unlocks, challenges to complete, and bonuses to collect - all completely free.

Performance Points and Season Challenges[]

Earning Performance Points is how you advance through Season 01’s 100 levels. You earn these simply by completing missions, alongside hefty bonuses paid out for completing Season Challenges.

Your current Season Challenges can be tracked and managed in the Season Terminal. You can at most have three active Challenges at a time, and you will get a new Challenge each day. Most of the Challenges will be completed alongside your regular work in the mines, but one of them requires handing in the hard-to-get Data Rack, which can be obtained by completing the new mission, Industrial Sabotage.

Furthermore, during missions, you may recover Data Cells for even further bonuses. Do so by chasing down a Rival Prospector Drone and destroying it - or find a rival Data Deposit, hack it, and recover the Data Cell inside.

Company Scrips and Cosmetic Tree[]

Some Season levels grant you rewards directly, while others grant you Scrips. Scrips are Company Credit tokens that let you unlock a single field of your choice on the new and poetically named Cosmetic Tree.

The Season Level rewards and the Cosmetic Tree are packed with brand new Beards, Helmets, Pickaxe Parts, Paintjobs, satchels of Crafting Materials, and fat stacks of cold, hard cash - and to top it off, a brand new Weapon Framework for every gun available.

At Season End[]

The Performance Pass and the claimable rewards will be available while Season 01 is running. Afterward, any unclaimed cosmetics rewards will go back into the game as random rewards and other yet-to-be-implemented features for the future.

Season 01: New Mission "Industrial Sabotage"[]

A number of mysterious prospecting facilities have recently been discovered on Hoxxes! The operations appear to be fully automated, and we do not yet know who is behind the incursion. The presence of a Rival Company on Hoxxes is unacceptable.

To complete this dangerous mission, you must locate the rival corporation’s towering Data Vaults, hack the connected Power Stations to take down the impenetrable Force Fields, and face off against the terrifying Caretaker and its minions before making off with the ultimate prize: The rival corp’s encrypted Data Rack!

Before Management lets you loose against our prospecting rivals, you need to prove yourself ready by completing the new assignment, SPEC OPS: SABOTAGE TRAINING. This assignment will be available for any miner that has completed the CONQUER HOXXES assignment. Furthermore, Management advises you to familiarize yourself with the mission details in the Miner’s Manual section before descending into the darkness.

At Season End[]

During Season 01, this new Industrial Sabotage mission will always be available on the Mission Map. When Season 01 comes to an end, the mission will likely be much less frequent and integrated into the game in a different way.

Season 01: New Mission Events[]

During regular missions, you may encounter the Rival Prospector Drone. The rival company is obviously trying to aggressively expand its operations. You must destroy these drones on sight, and collect their Data Cells.

While exploring the caves, you should also lookout for any Prospector Data Deposits left behind by the rival company. Get in close, hack the deposit with your new Hacking Device, and recover the Data Cell inside.

Please make sure to bring back the Data Cells from these encounters, and hand them in at the Season Terminal for a quick Company Scrip bonus. The Data Cells also provide you with a Performance Point bonus, so it doubles up!

At Season End[]

These new mission events will be active while Season 01 is running, and they will be somewhat frequent. Afterward, they will be much less frequent or even removed.

New Weapons[]

To help with the fight against this new lethal threat, Management has approved four new Weapon Contracts - which of course includes a full slew of Gear Modifications to buy, and 26 brand new Overclocks to find and unlock. You can get licensed for all four in the usual manner at the Assignment Board, but given the highly advanced nature of these new weapons, you will need to have attained Level 20 for the respective class.

Engineer: LOK-1 Smart Rifle[]

Take a standard, high-grade assault rifle, bolt a semi-sentient AI Core to the side of it, and rig it up with several sophisticated tracking packages. Arm the resulting abomination with prototype rounds that interface directly with the onboard systems, and you have the aptly named LOK-1 Smart Rifle - a glorious bit of kit any Engineer worth their salt would be happy carrying.

Driller: Corrosive Sludge Pump[]

The Corrosive Sludge Pump is what happens when the maintenance staff is left with too much time on their hands. A complicated network of piping, distillation bottles, and safety valves results in a very capable device indeed - lobbing globs of corrosive waste at those you disapprove of has never been so fun!

Scout: DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine[]

The DRAK-25 is among the newest additions to the DRG arsenal and is a bit of a technological marvel. Capable of laying down a blistering hail of superheated plasma without hardly ever blowing up in your hands, and comparatively cheap to manufacture! Management was quick to approve and sign off on this design.

Gunner: "Hurricane" Guided Rocket System[]

The Hurricane has quickly gotten a reputation for being a very crowd-pleasing weapon - unless we're talking about the crowd it is being aimed at. It stows a weapons package usually reserved for heavy-duty tripods into something a hearty dwarf can carry with ease and has even been upgraded with sophisticated tracking software.

New Enemies: Rival Tech[]

The Rival operations are fully automated and fiercely defended by a variety of robotic entities. Reports have confirmed that they are susceptible to small-arms fire but are quite resilient. R&D recommends targeting the less robust vent areas, identifiable by a bright orange glow.

Patrol Bot[]

The Patrol Bot is a defensive robot from a Rival Company, with versatile traversal options in combat, covering both ground and air. It shoots a plasma laser from the particle accelerator placed inside its "head" - which is also more vulnerable due to the many vents. Its synthetic exterior makes this a durable, tough enemy, but the firewall protecting its AI software is easy to bypass, making it a perfect target for your state-of-the-art Hacking Device.


The Shredders are small flying robots, that travel in packs and roam Rival Prospecting Facilities looking for intruders. A lone Shredder poses little danger, but together they can shred a dwarf to shreds in shreconds!


R&D reports sightings of these giant structures above our new Rival's data vaults, hidden behind a giant impenetrable shield. The few miners who have returned alive report that the structure is the Facility Caretaker, an extremely dangerous machine that furiously protects the valuable data hidden underneath it. Bring your strongest arsenal for this beast!

Burst Turret[]

The Burst Turret is protected by an impenetrable barrier, and lies in wait for intruders. They're set up around Rival Prospecting Facilities to protect the Power Stations that keep the shield around the vault intact. Once its sensors pick up intruder movement, it will lower its barriers and attack!

Sniper Turret[]

The Sniper Turret protects the Power Stations that keep the shield around the Data Vault intact. Once an intruder enters a room with a Power Station, these turrets will immediately set their sights on their target, and shoot them with a powerful plasma laser shot.

Repulsion Turret[]

The Repulsion Turret emits a barrage of Plasma Force Fields, which apply an extreme amount of force to anything it comes into contact with. Although completely immobile, the turret is protected by a barrier when inactive, and the huge amount of Plasma Force Fields it emits can't be shot through.

Prospector Drone[]

A Prospector Drone sent by a Rival Company and programmed for curiosity and thorough work, it researches every nook and cranny around areas of Hoxxes for mining potential. If attacked, it will call for help from its fellow drones, and flee to avoid its precious data being lost in the depths.

New Mission Equipment: Hacking Device[]

R&D has been hard at work cracking the rival robots. You now have a handheld hacking device that will let you hack rival patrol bots and make them fight for you. The hacking device will be active when in close proximity to a hackable robot.

New Cosmetic DLC: Rival Tech Pack[]

To commemorate the release of Season 01, we will also be releasing a new DLC Pack - aptly named “RIVAL TECH”. The Rival Tech Pack will let you deck out all your guns in theme with our new enemies - no reason to let all those nice bits go to waste, after all!

On top of the set of new unique Weapon Frameworks for all your weapons, the pack comes with a matching Paintjob for your Armors, as well as a Rival Tech Paintjob for all other weapons and your favorite Pickaxe.

New Frameworks For The New Weapons[]

A full set of 24 new framework variations for the four new weapons have been added to the pool of items you can find in the Cargo Crates. Also, if you own the MegaCorp DLC, you will get 4 new framework variations added automatically.

Community Requests[]

More Loadout Slots
The update, of course, also includes all the usual under-the-hood improvements and additions - and yes, we heard you, that also means a few more Loadout Slots for you to toy around with! We have added two more Loadout Slots for a total of five. We trust you will spend them wisely.

Calling The M.U.L.E. 2.0
When calling Molly, if she isn’t present on the mission, the dwarves will have unique shouts to let you know she is not there. There will also be unique shouts for when Molly is on the way to the Drop Pod.

We have also added an icon next to the portrait of the player who’s calling for the M.U.L.E.

Power Drills With Anglometer
We got inspired looking through the community-made mods, and have added an anglometer to the Reinforced Power Drills crosshair.

Enabled VR Plugins
Speaking of modding, we have enabled the SteamVR and OculusVR plugins to allow modders to play with them. Have fun!

Clipping Issues
Last but not least, a bunch of minor clipping and collision issues on the Space Rig have been fixed.


  • Added an option to show detailed network stats to UI options
  • Added Industrial Sabotage to the Miner’s Manual
  • Added Rival Tech enemies to the Miner’s Manual
  • Added new idle animations for holding a rifle
  • Added a small janitor room in the basement of the Space Rig and left something in it
  • Added Laserpointer shouts to the Mini M.U.L.E.s in Salvage Missions and Deep Dives
  • The revival of downed teammates is now prioritized over other nearby events that share the same key input, e.g. building pipes, petting Steeve, etc.
  • Updated Mission Icons on the Mission Terminal
  • Added the ability to get more and older Cloud Saves, from the Restore Saves menu
  • Expanded the cave variety for all Escort Missions
  • The distance between the caves can now be shorter than before, reducing travel time
  • Reduced cave size and complexity for the Medium Length & Average Complexity mission (the one used in deep dives)
  • Added a Medium Length & High Complexity mission that has larger and more complex caves
  • Added a Long & Average Complexity mission that has 2 stops, but smaller and less complex caves
  • Updated lighting in Vanity terminals to match better with the lighting on the Space Rig
  • Added basic support for PS4 controllers on Windows
  • Added modded server information to Steam Rich Presence
  • Added shouts for when the M.U.L.E. is not in a mission or returning to the Drop Pod
  • Supply Pods now give a small push to players who are caught under them to prevent being inside of the pods after being revived
  • The game now posts a "Player X has been kicked" message instead of "Player X left the game" if a player is kicked from the game
  • Tweaked mission weights to make Refinery and Escort missions appear in the same numbers as Elimination / Salvage
  • Tweaked the player resource inventory UI
  • Added localizability to Danger Level on Mission Terminal monitors
  • Added friendly fire sounds to the Cryo Cannon and the Flamethrower
  • Added useable text to the Fuel Canister
  • Slightly reduced the fire resistance of all Glyphid Dreadnought variants
  • Flamethrower can now ignite all poison gas clouds
  • Gave the old MK1 and MK2 armors a bit of love and polish
  • Made small adjustments to mission rewards to improve the consistency across the various mission types
  • The XP reward for completing the primary and secondary mission objectives now scales based on the mission length and complexity; this gives a more consistent progression no matter what sort of missions you like to play
  • Fixed inconsistent spelling of the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed slight clipping into the wall on the back of the Character Select computer in the cabin. Well spotted!
  • Beautified various tooltips on the Save Menu
  • Fixed a bug that converted Main Saves to Sandbox Saves
  • Fixed a typo in the mission objective text when the Drop Pod needs refueling
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon crosshair to reset
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon crosshair to not always match equipped upgrades
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the Tritilyte Deposit to block access to the Drop Pod
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Dreadnought Hiveguard from spawning Glyphid Sentinels if you damaged it too fast
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Dreadnought projectile to not collide with the player correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Subata 120 magazine to face the wrong direction
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when the Fuel Canister was picked up by another player after the first pick up
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when activating Iron Will
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused gear stats to not update after purchasing a gear modification
  • Fixed a typo in the quotes for the Fungus Bogs biome
  • Fixed a bug that caused the recoil stat in the Equipment Terminal to not show the correct values
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Incendiary Grenade to not show duration in the stats
  • Fixed a text scaling issue on the Forge to enable longer translations
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Subata 120 to have a floating shadow in first person
  • Fixed M1000 Classic and Bulldog magazines getting skin textures applied when they should not
  • Fixed a bug with the third-person mining animation not rotating the arm correctly with the pickaxe to match the pitch of the character
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mineral numbers to be out of sync at the Mineral Trade Terminal
  • Fixed a bug where Cargo Crate batteries would be out of sync on clients
  • Fixed a bug where players automatically throw objects after picking them up
  • Fixed a bug that enabled dwarves to build turrets while carrying a Fuel Cannister
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to equip a weapon while depositing minerals in the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed Inferno OC description not matching the OC’s penalties
  • Fixed a bug where the Embedded Detonators OC wouldn’t trigger with no reserve ammo left
  • Fixed a bug that enabled downed dwarves to expose OMEN Exterminator weakpoints if they were downed on a Maintenance Access Platform
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dwarf character to be offset to the left in The Shop
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mannequin dwarf to disappear in Vanity icons
  • Fixed missing space in 'Pick up' useable text across all assets that used it
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Warthog" Auto 210 expanded ammo bags modification to not actually expand ammo bags. Silly ammo bags.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Mactera Brundle charge-up from having sound while its armor was intact
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Will would not trigger if the HUD was toggled off
  • Fixed a bug that caused mods in the mods folder to not be enabled even though the game version check was disabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused local mods to be marked with an outdated warning in the Modding Tab
  • Fixed a bug with Bosco not returning to his speedy self after picking up heavy stuff
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you could not create a new save, even though you had less than the max number of Save Slots used
  • Fixed a bug where the loadout overview in the ESC menu would not update if the ESC menu was closed while the overview was expanded
  • Fixed a bug that caused loadout icons to be active while the purchase pop-up for modifications was in focus
  • Fixed a bug that caused Fuel Cannister progress to only update when 100% full
  • Fixed a bug that prevented BET-C from attacking you if you had already been downed once
  • Fixed a bug where Cloud Saves would not be loaded properly
  • Fixed a bug with font sizes in the chat
  • Fixed a bug with some players not having a Main Save (a new one is now automatically created if the player for some reason does not have an available Main Save; if the player has more than one Main Save, we ask them to delete Main Saves)
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Will activation would activate See You In Hell, and vice versa
  • Fixed a bug where the Maintenance Access Platforms would not highlight which OMEN Exterminator module would be exposed if you stand on it while starting the Machine Event
  • Fixed a bug that caused Experimental and Sandbox tags to not be visible
  • Fixed a bug related to picking up carriables after throwing another
  • Fixed a bug that caused Homing Drones from the OMEN Exterminator to be way faster than intended
  • Fixed a bug that with Save Games sometimes being converted to a Sandbox Save, when loaded from the regular saves popup
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the drinking animation to be interrupted by tipping Lloyd
  • Removed wrong tooltip for 'Show Sandbox Label' option
  • Changed Heat Radiance text to say "Burn everything around you" instead of "heat up," to reflect what it actually does

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Patch 1[]

November 8th, 2021

Hello Miners,

Patch 1 fixes a bunch of issues reported since Season 1 went live, everything from spelling mistakes to tweaking the difficulty of Industrial Sabotage. There are also some that crash when starting the game. We are doing everything we can to try and solve these issues quickly, but some might take longer than others to fix.

— Cheers,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash that happened when hovering the new Industrial Sabotage challenge after the first 10 completions at the mission selection screen.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with items disappearing when Rock and Stone
  • Fixed client authoritative projectiles impact not registering on server if impact time is shorter than the clients ping. Dormant projectiles are now now longer net dormant for the owning client.
  • Added network to spaceball goal cooldown timer (was not initialized on clients)
  • Fixed a bug that caused downed dwarf rejoining a game to fall through map
  • Fixed bug in escape menu, where hitting ESC + A or ESC + D left users stuck with mouse cursor, no menu and no way to get back to the game.
  • Deepdives endscreen only showed performance points for the last mission
  • Particle impact effects changes, fixed hard lights, on autocannon, missile launcher, sniper and patrol bot impact and phase bomb explosion
  • Fixed Ragdoll collision vs energy shield
  • Added Cooldown modifier to random cooldown decorator
  • In the overclock equip UI: Made more room for +/* text lines
  • Tweaked line height on 'New Items Available' banners
  • Fixed dlc icon visible for items with unowned dlcs in paintjob/framework/wardrobe/pickaxe menus
  • Tweaked DLC icon
  • Fixed black visor of Dark Future helmet * no longer all black
  • Fixed several floating/clipping meshes on the Space Rig
  • Fixed missing distance between beer ingredients inventory on the Bar Menu
  • Fixed long beer names pushing the price off screen on the screen near the bar
  • Prospector Event: Added correct randomization in Prospector when it spawns dirt samples. Made nitra and gold guaranteed to spawn. Health Bar is now grey for clients when Prospector is immune to damage.
  • Added more Nitra to the spawn pool on the Prospector
  • Patrol bot numbers now scale based on hazards as well
  • Added missing detonator settings on some enemies
  • Fixed Challenge info does not show on late join character selection screen
  • Shader tweak: Attempt to fix too-bright materials on Power Station
  • Air geyser reworked, now also works properly for clients. They do however work a bit differently so the feel won't be the same as before.
  • Fixed promotion mission control speak not audible
  • Raised the cap for enabled mods to 50
  • Hopefully fixing the issue where mods would make the game crash repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug, where modio terms of service would be empty until actually fetched from the modio servers.
  • Adding the last updated date, to the specific mod on the mod menu
  • Removed Deep Dive button from server list
  • Fixed Sabotage mission not shown in discord presence
  • Gk2 bullet trails appear too early and outside of the gun when walking sideways
  • Pheromone canister locked past level 10 * Unlock logic was inverted so you could unlock it before required level or if you were promoted.
  • Fixed some cases of weak points not glowing. (Mostly on bosses)
  • Shield Generator now shows reduced recharge time stats as green
  • Drills no longer overheat when out of fuel
  • You can now freeze enemies with cryo cannon around pipes
  • Fixed the "heat" around the minehead and refinery also affecting enemies. Making it more difficult to freeze them there.
  • Fixed effect radius of several grenades showing in CM instead of Meters
  • Fixed Fire status effect stays on the health bar when a Patrol Bot is hacked
  • Added Spacerig loadout map
  • Fixed Engineer has two identical rival tech armor paint-jobs
  • Bosco moss crawler skin should now match correct paintjob
  • Fixed inconsistent spelling in shouts for the M.U.L.E. and Bosco
  • Fixed a typo in a Mission Control shout in the Industrial Sabotage mission
  • Fixed a typo in the usable text when Hack-C needs a reboot
  • Fixed typos and missing spaces in the Privacy tooltips
  • Fixed a typo in the infobox on the Season Terminal
  • Fixed a typo in the usable text for Cargo Crates.
  • Fixes for Arabic
  • Added localizability to Reward Unlocked text on the Season Terminal
  • Added localizability to the text when no assignment is selected on the Assignment Board
  • Added localizability to the use text for the Engineer's Sentry Gun
  • Added localizability to fee text on the Miner Community Terminal
  • Added localizability to the Season Terminal screens
  • Added localizability to Season Terminal console screen that displays current level
  • Added localizability to small screens in the Drop Pod
  • Youngling rolling sound: fixed attenuation
  • Killcry shout twin arbalest delay fix
  • Refinery rocket was too loud
  • Updated Season terminal reroll sound
  • Weak Point death audio on patrol bot
  • Added missing sound to rolling drone death head explode
  • Enabled photosensitive mode for beacons (placed when calling down supply pods etc).
  • Toned down blinking for non photosensitive mode.
  • Fixed issue with Power Station in Industrial Sabotage being extra bright in Photosensitive Mode.
  • Season menu bug fix: when reaching level 10 (20,30..), the menu will now show the correct row with claimable reward. Only after the player has claimed the reward the new row with current progression will be shown.
  • Slightly adjusted xp to performance point conversion to increase reward for longer and more difficult missions
  • Changed Hurricane Micro missile launcher missiles to use Client prediction for determining what it hits.This should make damage more reliable for clients with higher latency.
  • Reconnected Micro Missile Launcher weak point stats so they show up in the equipment terminal
  • Only the first shot of the micro missile launcher buck shot was being predicted
  • Changed armor break stat so it only shows when upgraded on the DRAK Plasma Carbine.
  • Fixed Corrosive Sludge Pump flaps are out in weapon preview. (They are only out when charging)
  • Dying on the vault will leave your body inside the extruded vault when it opens up. Reviving is possible but you will still be stuck inside.
  • Cargo Crate Batteries should no longer spawn inside the caretaker
  • Reduced the harassing drone wave enemy count that comes while you connect the hacking pods to the power stations to reduce the time/ammo sink
  • Tweaked some timings on the phase bomb and repulsion fields attacks on the caretaker
  • Sniper turrets no longer gets invulnerable while hiding
  • Caretaker kills all enemies quickly as soon as it dies to prevent players getting killed right after the fight
  • Added more caretaker scaling based on player numbers to make solo fights a little easier
  • Rival Tech projectiles now scale based on hazard level with haz 4 having the same velocity as before
  • Added more timer scaling based on hazard to make the fight easier on haz 1 and 2
  • Added hazard scaling to tentacle cooldowns and the electrocution attack
  • Doubled the distance at which a tether can connect to the Data Deposit.

Patch 2[]

November 10th, 2021

Hello Miners,

We have fixed a couple of crashes including what we believe is a fix for the crash on load for many windows 7/8 players. We also made a number of improvements to missions and fixed some weapon issues.

— Cheers,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Minehead is now visible on Terrain Scanner
  • The Minehead in Point Extraction now has an outline when using the Laser Pointer (similar to the platform in Refinery)
  • Fix for crash on load for win 7/8 players
  • Unified shortcuts for switching characters in various terminals. You can now use A/D or Q/E for switching
  • Buying a DLC will now show a notification next to the unlocked vanity items and skins
  • Fixed a crash related to fading lights
  • Fixed a crash related to late joining
  • Fixed some rare crashes related to the modding system
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen, when getting info of a mod from modio
  • Attempt to fix crash related to end of level
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tritilyte Deposit * Nanite Bomb Dispenser to land inside Data Vault * Force Field (added more precise check for important locations)
  • Fixed a bug that caused magnificent long moustaches to not layer on top of beards but instead clip through
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Omen towers health bar to always be grey for clients, even if module was vulnerable
  • Fixed colour for details on armor paint job that were not right
  • Fixed material setting for the rim on tech trooper helmet to the right setting
  • Fixed some skinning issues on the Scout’s MK2 Armor
  • Fixed the generated icons that sometimes were missing geometry
  • Fixed the colour on the Supply Pod beacon (now back to yellow)
  • Fixed Personal Drop Pod beacon being visible for too long (player landing could see it)
  • Fixed Sniper Turret laser beams were not flashing right before firing
  • Fixed burst turrets thinking they were folded out too early, resulting in them firing in a seemingly random direction
  • Added Player collision to the facility turrets
  • Removed collider on Repulsion Turrets that were not needed
  • Added a range indicator when you pick up the first Transmitter Node around the Hacking Pod
  • The Patrol Bot now has new navigation software that allows it to fly closer to the cave ceiling without poking its head through it.
  • Fixed a bug that made you remain unequipped when dropping a carriable
  • Weapon is no longer hidden when sometimes exiting use montage
  • You no longer get disarmed when dropping a carriable, and no longer deposit with a weapon while depositing a gem
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Subata 'Mactera Toxin-Coating' modification to not show bonus value against Mactera enemies
  • Fixed a bug with the Zhukov's sound that made it play a short firing sound after firing
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage registration issues for the Hurricane’s Plasma Burster OC for clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused ammo to be consumed and fired, but not deal damage if you were downed while acquiring locks with LOK-1 Smart Rifle
  • Fixed a bug that made the LOK-1 Smart Rifle add more than max locks if you start to fire while shooting with max locks
  • Fixed a bug were if the LOK-1 Smart Rifle shots were interrupted by sprinting, next use would not lock on to enemies
  • Fixed a bug that caused the LOK-1 Smart Rifle to not work on the OMEN Exterminator for clients
  • Tweaked the LOK-1 Smart Rifle gunsling animation to minimize jitter.. It's still there, but it's much improved.
  • Fixed the Season Challenge timer. It unintentionally counted from you logging in (example: you log in 28 hours after a new challenge timer, you would get 1 new challenge and a new 24 hour timer. The 4 hours extra should be counted towards next challenge, so the timer now would say 20 hours
  • Fixed the Season Challenges text in the Mission Map and Character Selection Terminal lacking margin
  • Fixed up pathfinder collision on the Data Deposit
  • Scripted and normal waves are now disabled during the Data Deposit event
  • Increased limit of patrol bots that can be alive before Prospector steps out of the immunity state.
  • Prospector stays in an immunity state when the limit of alive Patrol Bots (not hacked) has been reached, instead of only exceeded.
  • Tweaked the wave difficulty for solo players that fight the Prospector. It should now be easier.
  • Tweaked the Shredder wave difficulty during the Prospector Season Event

Known issues:

  • Changing weapons while carrying objects causes a purely visual issue, leaving your weapon floating mid-air.
  • Do not Rock & Stone while putting filled Canisters back into Doretta - It makes you unable to use E.

This is the only time it is acceptable not to Rock & Stone!!

Patch 3[]

November 17th, 2021

Hello Miners,

We have fixed a couple of crashes, made a number of improvements to missions and bug-fixed weapons - and you can again Rock and Stone without fear of encountering non-Hoxxes bugs.

— Cheers,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash related to the game booting up
  • Fixed a crash related to the game shutting down
  • Fixed a crash related to armor components
  • Fixed a crash related to late joining
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened for clients * if the host shut down the game while the client was joining
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened for clients trying to join as the game was transitioning (from mission to space rig * end screen to space rig)
  • Attempt to fix a crash related to enemies dying from goo
  • Attempt to fix a rare crash related to weapons when joining a mission
  • Attempt to fix a rare crash in music manager
  • Fixed a bug that caused ammo to not transfer correctly between Deep Dive missions, getting reset instead for clients
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing changes in Doretta's health bar if they moved too far away from her
  • Fixed a bug that caused a massive FPS drop if mouse sensitivity mode was changed to manual
  • Fixed a bug that caused Macteras to do nothing if they were in too small tunnels or other tight places and close to their target
  • Fixed a bug that caused weird Mactera behavior when they were targeting pipelines in Refinery missions
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Minehead in Point Extraction to not animate properly
  • Fixed the description of the Elite Enemies mutator in the Miner's Manual
  • Fixed a bug that made Bet-C target enemies through thin floors
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Grappling Gun to act weird / get stuck for clients
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Weapon framework/paintjob selector
  • Fixed a bug that caused a preview in the equipment terminal paintjob/framework after exiting to main equipment view
  • Fixed a typo in the motivational quotes on the Space Rig
  • Fixed a typo in the Promotion pop-up
  • Fixed that the Hoop Game were not always in sync for host and clients
  • Added little collar under Tech Trooper helmet so skin is no longer visible
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for Sandbox players to join non-modded games if they joined through invites without having the game open.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the enabled mods/max mod count to be wonk
  • Fixing a bug that made the game show install error on mods when changing steam branch (even if the install did not have errors)
  • Fixed a visual bug that made it look like a weapon was left floating mid-air if you tried to change weapons while carrying an object (also happened if you took out the laser pointer while carrying an object)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dwarves to prioritize grinding pipes instead of reviving teammates downed on said pipe
  • Fixed a bug that made all “E” interactions inaccessible, if the player Rock and Stone’ed while returning a full canister to Doretta
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to fire if you did Rock and Stone while charging said weapon
  • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon crosshairs to be visible while using the Terrain Scanner
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dwarves to grind if they were standing on a pipe and tried to add a segment (often causing unintentional, albeit hilarious, death by gravity)
  • Fixed a bug that made non-depositable carriables (such as mule legs and tethers) to be depositable if a throw was canceled
  • Tweaked the “un-stick dwarves from pipes” code to hopefully better un-stick dwarves from pipes they managed to somehow get stuck to
  • Fixed a bug that caused Deep Dive objectives to give 100% PP reward even if you fail the stage the objectives were in. Objectives in completed stages still give full rewards as before.
  • Hacking Pod can no longer spawn directly on top of Generator/data deposit.
  • Hacking Pod should no longer be able to spawn ceiling above the data deposit
  • Fixed a bug that caused the range to connect transmitter nodes to be almost double of the intended range.
  • Fixed that enemies and Molly were able to go through the Data Vault after it opened
  • Patrol bots killed by Inferno BC and then hacked no longer have a persistent “on fire” icon
  • The outline of the Patrol bot now lasts more than 2 sec
  • Fixed a bug that caused Subata's "Explosive Reload" Overclock to not affect the Caretaker's health
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tether beams to go in weird directions if a client walks far away from them and then comes back
  • Resupply Pods no longer block the Tether beam
  • Item dispensers no longer leave behind one invisible inactive object if the item dispenser gets despawned (Hacking Pod did this after leaving)
  • Fixed a bug that made Mission Control continue talking about defending the Hacking Pod after the Hacking was done
  • Fixed a bug that made the dwarf say “light it up” lines when telling Bosco to defend Hack-C
  • Added tutorial hint about Bosco being able to defend the Hacking Pod
  • The Prospector is now spawning chunks of dirt for clients
  • Changed The Prospector’s immunity phase so it can at max stay in it for double the normal duration if the limit of Patrol Bots has been reached
  • Fixed a bug that caused difficulty having an effect on how the rest of the level was generated
  • Added new Pass in Procedural Generation to prevent things from floating after mission objectives have been carved
  • Tweaked font for Grenade, Flare, and Flashlight HUD elements
  • Fixed Rival Tech DLC not being announced by pop-up in-game when purchased
  • Fixed a skinning issue on magazine-lever on the GK2 Rival Tech Framework
  • Added The Rival Tech DLC to the rotating list of DLCs on the info screen
  • Haz 4 now defaults to unselected in the server list filter until the intro assignment: Conquer Hoxxes IV has been completed. Players can still manually enable it
  • You can no longer slap the Gnome while holding a beer
  • Changed flammable gas combustion to work with the temperature system which means most sources of heat can now ignite flammable gas.


  • Fixed the Caretaker taking too little damage from the Corrosive Sludge Pump and other non-explosive AoE weapons
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Patrol Bot explosive shot
  • Reduced the damage dealt when a rolling Patrol Bot bumps into a player
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Caretaker phase bombs
  • Updated the FX of the Caretaker Aoe electrocute attack

WEAPON FIXES AND TWEAKS The first iteration of weapon tweaks is here. As always there will be more to come in the future as we collect more data and gather more of your feedback. So keep it coming!

  • Minor LOK-1 inspection animation now works correctly when interrupted
  • Autocannon T5 Fear upgrade is now properly affected by any damage radius increases
  • Improved Plasma Carbine projectile handling for clients
  • Reload-triggered overclocks can now affect weak points on boss-type enemies. (Explosive Reload now works on Caretaker)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hurricane missiles to sometimes lose guidance when the rate of fire was high
  • Fixed goo puddles sometimes visually glitching
  • Fixed the torch on CRSPR flamethrower not animating after 1 sec in loadout
  • Fixed the napalm upgrade on the hurricane not igniting gas clouds
  • Fixed Subrata tracers not showing correctly
  • Plastcrete MKII "bubbly" animation is now visible for clients
  • Fixed case where LOK-1 rifle missed the target even though it indicated a hit.
  • Fixed a typo in the Explosive Goodbye upgrade for the Breach Cutter
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Goo Bomber Special OC for the Corrosive Sludge Cannon
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Executioner OC for the LOK-1 Smart Rifle
  • LOK-1 overclock Seeker Rounds now properly deal damage to the caretaker and get a damage bonus when hitting weak points
  • Plasma Expansion Delay stat now displays correctly on the Breech Cutter
  • Smart Targeting Software now works correctly on clients on higher hazards

Hurricane GRS

  • Nitroglycerin Compound upgrade now increases explosion damage instead of impact damage
  • Reduced the heat bonus of the Napalm-Infused Rounds upgrade
  • Reduced the armor break bonus of the Anti-Tank Missiles upgrade
  • Slightly reduced the area damage bonus of the Zip Fuel upgrade
  • Changed the Napalm-Infused Rounds upgrade to convert the damage to heat just like the PGL and reduced how much damage is converted
  • Increased the bonus of the Increased Blast Radius upgrade

Plasma Burster OC

  • Increased the maximum number of projectiles that can be guided at once
  • Fixed Plasma Burster OC not working properly with T5 upgrades

Corrosive Sludge Pump

  • Reduced the DoT bonus of the Fluoroantimonic Acid upgrade
  • Reduced the puddle size bonus of the Air Sensitive Compound upgrade
  • Increased the damage bonus of the Potent Goo Mix upgrade

Volatile Impact Mixture OC

  • Significantly reduced the puddle lifetime penalty and the DoT duration penalty

LOK-1 Smart Rifle

  • Changed the Piercing Rounds upgrade to a Super Blow Through upgrade increasing the number of penetrations
  • Moved some of the lock-on speed bonus from the Sutter Speed Sensor upgrade to the base weapon

Neuro-Lasso OC

  • Reduced the lock-on speed penalty
  • Extended the time before all locks reset


  • Extended the duration of the speed boost from the Hot Feet upgrade

Missing from initial patch notes:

  • Extended the range of the Heat Radiance upgrade on the Flamethrower to match the Cold Radiance upgrade on the Cryo Cannon.
  • Increased the pressure gain rate penalty on the Tuned Cooler OC for the Cryo Cannon

Patch 3.1[]

November 18th, 2021

Hello Miners,

We have fixed a crash when joining, made several fixes to the Grappling hook and fixed that your beer disappeared when saluting - Management was furious and people were shot out of launch tubes. The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed grappling gun not working from zipline
  • Grappling gun momentum upgrade was not triggering
  • Fixed Grapple Auto-switch to previous weapon
  • Grappling gun audio fixes
  • Fix Crash in DynamicReverb when joining missions
  • Fixed Acid Spitter projectile doing damage twice.
  • Fixed One of the Glyphid Swarmer attacks doing damage twice.
  • Fixed Grappling hook use inconsistent with holdt to sprint vs toggle
  • Fixed Saluting with beer in hand deletes the beer
  • Fixed Embedded detonators OC and other reload OCs triggering effects excessively
  • Fixed Zhukov's Embedded Detonators Overclock being excessively loud

Patch 4[]

November 23rd , 2021

Hello Miners,

Here’s Patch 04 for you! A bunch of minor fixes and some exciting weapon tweaks! Also Bosco should be over his rebellious phase and once again behave like the good drone that he is <3

— Cheers,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash related to late joining
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Laserpointer crosshair to display prematurely
  • Fixed a bug that caused BET-C to not attack anything
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ejector Cacti plant projectiles to be wonky for clients
  • Fixed a bug with mouse clicks not registering because of custom DPI scaling in Windows and running windowed fullscreen
  • Fixed a bug that caused you not to be directed to the Miner’s Manual to read more, when clicking on a warning or anomaly if a Deep Dive was selected or active
  • Fixed a bug that caused Elevator Plant death noises to only play for the host in a multiplayer session
  • Fixed a bug that caused Nayaka Trawlers to play its vulnerable state sound from the start
  • Fixed a bug that caused completed objectives to not give any XP on mission failure. Now they correctly give 25% XP
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapon frameworks to not automatically get default paintjob after equipping Rival Tech Framework with default paint job
  • Fixed a bug that caused the SelfDamage damage modifier to only work for hosts
  • Fixed a bug that caused input icons to display as NONE when the primary slot is not bound in keybinding options
  • Fixed a soft lock that could happen in Industrial Sabotage if a Glyphid Bulk Detonator died close to the Hacking Pod
  • Fixed a bug that caused flammable gas to sometimes get destroyed by normal damage
  • Fixed a bug that caused Oculus to take over the audio on the startup screen if connected
  • Fixed outdated pictures in the Miners Manual
  • Fixed several small bugs related to destroying enemy armor as a client.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a weird clockwise moving line to show while holding a Data Cell
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Caretaker’s Tentacles to be able to shoot through walls if their heads were submerged in the terrain
  • Fixed a bug that caused the notification for new Bosco items to show on the Equipment Terminal instead of the Drone Modification Terminal
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tunnel entrance to not always be connected to the cave
  • Fixed a crash when player is not connected to internet related to HttpResponse being null and missing return statement in failure case
  • Fixed a bug that caused level reward icons and preview for beards and hats to not always be correct
  • Fixed a bug, where some mods would have an unknown status category, even though it was already enabled
  • Fixed that modding your game, would remove the supporter or streamer badge from the chat
  • Fixed a bug that caused beard and hair color on icons in the season menu levels to not update after changing colors at the wardrobe
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Engineer’s Platforms to fail to expand on some surfaces (where they otherwise should’ve been able to expand)
  • Fixed a bug that made Bosco attack Steeve :(
  • Fixed a bug that made Bosco sometimes attack the player >:|
  • Bosco now needs to be told to attack the huili hoarders :)
  • Shock Trooper helmet now with neck guard underneath so skin isn't visible
  • Fixed an edge case where use wouldn't unhide weapon
  • Fixed a bug where Momentum modification for grappling hook would apply on weapon switch
  • Fixed a crash related to the Scout’s Grappling Hook
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grappling Hook to be inconsistent with hold-to-sprint vs toggle
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Grappling Hook from working from ziplines
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Grappling Hook sounds playing on top of each other
  • Added third person Grappling Animations
  • Added a new shadow under DLC button on Season Terminal
  • Attempt to fix issues with neck guard and beard colors
  • Added Slovak localization files
  • Tweaked the "New Dives In" time format to be more readable in the Deep Dive Terminal
  • Tweaked power cable path in Industrial Sabotage missions
  • The Prospector now ignores damage when very far away from players, as a failsafe to avoid it being killed by the environment without player involvement
  • The Escape Menu no longer switches to the Status menu after the override key binding popup is shown
  • Escape Menu now closes when pressing back in Miner’s Manual top level
  • Removed collision from the Pumpjack antenna to prevent players from getting stuck on top of them
  • Made the turret drones look a bit nicer when they spawn the sniper turrets in the caretaker fight
  • Attempt to fix Glyphid Hiveguard getting stuck after its weak stage
  • Enemy death low sound fix (now louder crunches)
  • You can now also scroll season levels with the controllers right thumbsticks left and right movement
  • Several ingame icons altered to no longer resemble the Red Cross symbol
  • Removed mission music playing in the loadscreen for late joining players
  • Updated the hacking progress bar ui to reflect the state of the hacking pod
  • Improved the burrow logic for Glyphid Menace. It will now freeze / unfreeze correctly when burrowing.


  • Fixed animations on the weapon not stopping when doing rock and stone
  • Fixed a bug that caused turret Whip projectiles to not reliably hit/detonate and remain stuck in mid air!
  • Fixed a bug that caused Embedded Detonators OC and other reload OCs triggering effects excessively
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Zhukov's Embedded Detonators OC to be excessively loud
  • Adjusted the weapon frame of the CRSPR Flamethrower
  • Sticky flames from the CRSPR Flamethrower and the Incendiary Grenade now ignite gas clouds and * * Corrosive Sludge Pump puddles
  • Reduced the amount of heat required to ignite gas clouds so that the Scout’s Boomstick can ignite them in one shot

Hurricane GRS

  • Increased the rate at which the T5 Nitroglycerin Compound damage bonus grows. The max damage bonus remains the same as before.
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong stat info for the updated Napalm upgrade on the Hurricane Guided Rocket System
  • Fixed a bug in the interaction between Plasma Burster OC and T5.C Nitroglycerin Compound upgrade (for real this time)
  • Increased the heat conversion of the Napalm-Infused Rounds upgrade for the Hurricane Guided Rocket System

Plasma Burster OC

  • Reduced the direct damage penalty to be the same as the area damage penalty

Minelayer OC

  • Changed text to better explain how it works
  • Increased the mine damage bonus
  • Extended mine lifetime
  • Reduced ammo penalty


  • T5 Fear Frequency upgrade no longer requires a full lock and instead increases the fear strength and range based on the number of shots fired in a burst
  • Fixed LOK-1 "scanning" UI gets stuck on screen if you sprint while trying to lock
  • Fixed LOK-1 Tracer starting too far back.

Neuro Lasso OC

  • Reduced the lock on time penalty

Corrosive Sludge Pump

  • Fixed T5 Fluoroantimonic Acid upgrade bug that was increasing the puddle DoT DPS multiple times
  • Reduced T5 Fluoroantimonic Acid upgrade direct hit DoT bonus
  • Increased base DPS of the direct hit DoT
  • Increase base DPS of the puddle DoT
  • The Goo puddles of the Corrosive Sludge Pump now combust using the temperature system which means most heat sources can set them on fire and the fire can propagate through adjacent puddles and gas clouds
  • Moved the Potent Goo Mix upgrade from T3 to T2 where it becomes a more interesting option
  • Fixed bug where the puddle bonuses from upgrades would expire faster than the base DoT and slowdown effects (they now all expire at the longer base time)
  • Hydrogen Ion Additive OC
  • This was a very powerful Clean OC as it offered 2 upgrades worth of bonuses (another option would be to turn it into a balanced OC and add a downside, would love to hear opinions on that)
  • Reduced direct hit DoT DPS bonus
  • Reduced direct hit Slowdown bonus
  • Changed the wording of the OC bonuses to clarify that it does not affect puddles

Drak-25 Plasma Carbine

  • Fixed "hot" projectiles (Plasma Carbine Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC and EPC Plasma Burn upgrade) not igniting gas and puddles

Known issue:

  • Kicking a player while they are pushing a button can cause all E actions to be inaccessible for the whole team - so please refrain from doing so atm.

Patch 5[]

December 7th, 2021

Hello Miners,

Here it is, the final patch for Season 1 (unless something goes horribly wrong of course...but it always never does…). We have fixed several crashes, weapon issues and attempted to make Hiveguards aggressively guard again. But most importantly, clients can pet Hack-C again for that moral support.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Attempted fix for cascade particles LOD crash
  • Fixed crash when late joining
  • Potential fix for voice chat related crash during seamless travel
  • Attempted PhysX crash fix
  • Attempt to fix crash involving Corrosive Sludge Cannon particles
  • Fix to Hollow Bough sometimes crashing during level generation
  • Fixed crash occurring in Deep Dive end screen
  • Fixed Patrol Bot movement logic when going from flying to rolling so it does not snap up and down
  • Fixed a weakpoint on the Bulk Detonator that did not glow when hit
  • Attempt to fix Hiveguard not being hostile after spawning, breaking the mission since it cannot be killed
  • Deposit text now hides correctly for clients while the M.U.L.E. is being deployed
  • Fixed a bug that caused holding a Transmitter Node while a Power Station is getting connected has a chance to change weapon view and prevent tool use
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Transmitter Nodes to be out of sync when clients threw them at walls
  • Fixed clients being unable to pet Hack-C
  • Scoring Spaceball in the barrel hoop now only awards 1 point to prevent exploits
  • Fixed a bug causing platform carving to let players see through the map
  • Fixed a bug causing the gun to be drawn on top of pickaxe when you start pickaxing in the middle of a grapple
  • Fixed a bug that caused Scout's Grappling Hook range indicator has trouble gauging grappling range
  • Fixed the grappling hooks cooldown sound was not setup correctly, making it not respect audio settings
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grapple Hook exit velocity server/client be to inconsistent
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grappling Hook auto-switch setting to be non-functional
  • Fixed a bug that made it look like the Scout was sprinting mid-air while grappling
  • Readjusted tracers for all weapons so they don't start behind the barrel
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Armor Breaking from working on some weapons
  • Fixed a bug that caused Armor Breaking to not work against light armor
  • Fixed a bug that caused Persistent Plasma OC to not work in multiplayer
  • Fixed the Sludge Blast overclock for the Corrosive Sludge Cannon triggering muzzle and sound particle for each sludge fired, causing unnecessary performance loss.
  • Fixed a typo in the Volatile Impact Mixture OC for the Corrosive Sludge Pump
  • Fixed Corrosive Sludge Puddles heating up enemies without actually being on fire themselves
  • Fixed a typo in the Neuro-Lasso OC for the LOK-1 Smart Rifle
  • Fixed a bug that caused pickaxe power attack cooldown to display green numbers in the Equipment Terminal as the cooldown gets longer
  • Fixed that Bosco's T5B Fast Regeneration mod's benefit was highlighted as a downside
  • Fixed Bosco Rocket cooldown showing wrong upgrade number color
  • Fixed Pickaxe power attack cooldown upgrade showing wrong upgrade number color
  • Fixed a mismatch in text and speech when Mission Control congratulates the player on a promotion
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Heat property
  • Fixed a bug with text on the Hacking Tool not being localizable
  • Players can now see underscores in usernames with underscores ( _ ) in the mission complete screen
  • Removed default binding from raw input. So raw input only handles PS4 and PS5 controllers, while Xbox controllers are still handled by XInput.
  • Added DLC menu tab, which will let players preview DLC videos and go to store pages

Patch 6[]

December 9th, 2021

Hello Miners,

Here it is again, the final final patch of Season 1. Probably.

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash related to physics that sometimes happened to Hosts
  • Fixed a crash related to particles
  • Fixed a bug that for non-hosts caused the Grappling hook to sometimes not prevent fall damage even when you stopped momentum
  • Fixed a bug that caused the armor breaking modification on the breach cutter to not break armor properly

Patch 7[]

December 13th, 2021

Hello Miners,

Remember when we said it was the last patch, two patches ago? Deep Rock Galactic remembers..

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed rare late join crash
  • Fixed Rare crash
  • Testing some additional logging

Patch 8[]

January 4th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Just adding some logging and fixed button after season level 100 showing ? icon.

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed button after season level 100 showing ? icon
  • Testing some additional logging

Patch 9[]

January 12th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Removed extra logging again, and attempt to fix a crash

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Attempt to fix crash related to Acid Spitter and Glyphid Menace
  • Removed additional logging

Patch 10[]

January 19th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Deep Rock has finally invested in some pesticides and eliminated a bug where squashing a Fester Flea would sometimes cause a game crash. I guess Management was right when they warned us they are capable of clogging up costly mining equipment… Pest control, out.

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash related to the particle effects when squashing a Fester Flea or a Glyphid Swarmer
  • Improved crash reporting

Patch 11[]

January 26th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Management seems to be hauling new decorations to the Space Rig in preparation of the forthcoming Hoxxes Lunar Festival. Peculiar energies are rumored to be released during the Lunar Convergence of the Hoxxes system, so be prepared… In the meantime, enjoy these small “quality of life” additions, including improved readability on both small and large monitors and a brand new voice chat indicator for yourself if voice chat is enabled!

— With love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Increased font size throughout the game for better readability on large or high-resolution monitors. This will be further improved in future updates.
  • More mission assignments and their prerequisites are now visible by default to populate the Assignment Terminal for new players
  • Added a voice chat indicator for yourself if voice chat is enabled
  • The cursor is now hidden during the Mission Complete screen until the Continue button is visible


  • This is the first update that isn't labelled after its update number (e.g. Update 32, Update 6, etc.)
  • This is the first update to have "patches" instead of "hotfixes", though both are functionally identical.