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Initial Stats
Area Damage 375 Explosive
Max Ammo 2
Carve Diameter 6.2m
Armor Break 300%
Maximum Damage Radius 3m
Radius 4.5m
Minimum Damage 20%
Be it an obstacle or a particularly thickheaded adversary, a good ol' Satchel Charge usually gets the job done. Stand well back before hitting the trigger.
— Item Description

The Satchel Charge is a Utility Tool for the Driller. It is a remotely detonated explosive, designed to clear rocks or bugs or both. When placed, the charge is replaced with a remote switch similar to the Laser Pointer.

The Satchel Charge is deployed by throwing it down. Upon clicking, the Driller throws the charge out like a grenade, though its travel arc is much lower. He will always make a callout upon throwing the charge. Once the charge lands, it will emit a beeping noise and project a red spherical hologram which projects out to its maximum blast radius. The charge has an infinite lifetime, and can be detonated at any time by clicking again as soon as the Driller pulls out the detonator. Only one Charge may exist at once, as the Driller is forced into using his detonator to blow up the existing Charge before he can place another one.

When used to clear out terrain, the Charge leaves a smooth and consistent crater upon detonation (which can be expanded via modifications). The "Carve Diameter" statistic refers to the size of the crater left behind from the satchel charge, which is bigger than its damage radius.

Contrary to its standard functionality, a Resupply Pod will provide only 1 Satchel Charge if the player carries 2 or 3 total, and 2 Satchel Charges if the player carries 4 total (when both "Extra Satchel Charge" mods are taken).


There are four tiers of modifications and each tier has one to three upgrades. Only one modification can be equipped per tier.

Driller Upgrades
Mod Effect In Game Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Digging
Rock Mover
+9m Carve Diameter "Blast carves a much larger area"
Credit 1000 Credits
Magnite 32 Magnite
Umanite 20 Umanite
Icon Upgrade Ammo
Extra Satchel Charge
+1 Carried Amount "Can carry one more explosive pack"
Credit 360 Credits
Jadiz 12 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Area Damage
Bigger Charge
+250 Area Damage "More damage"
Credit 360 Credits
Bismor 12 Bismor
Tier 2
Level 5
Icon Upgrade Special
Kill Switch
+Can be picked up "Disarm and pick up an unused charge"
Credit 700 Credits
Enor Pearl 26 Enor Pearl
Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade Ammo
Extra Satchel Charge
+1 Carried Amount "Can carry one more explosive pack"
Credit 920 Credits
Magnite 14 Magnite
Umanite 20 Umanite
Icon Upgrade Area Damage
Volatile Compound
+250 Area Damage
+Unstable Explosives
"More explosive power but the device will detonate if damaged"
Credit 920 Credits
Enor Pearl 14 Enor Pearl
Bismor 20 Bismor
Tier 4
Level 15
Icon Upgrade Area
Fragmentary Shell
+3m Effect Radius "Larger damage radius"
Credit 360 Credits
Croppa 12 Croppa
Icon Upgrade ScareEnemies
Big Bang
+10m Extra Fear Radius (100% Fear Factor) "Chance to scare enemies far from the blast"
Credit 1000 Credits
Magnite 32 Magnite
Enor Pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Stun
Concussive Blast
+10m Extra Stagger Radius (100% Stun chance, lasts for 5s) "Stuns enemies far from the blast"
Credit 1000 Credits
Croppa 32 Croppa
Jadiz 20 Jadiz


  • The Satchel Charge used to be available to both the Gunner and the Driller as their quaternary support tool, but this was changed in Update 19 as the Gunner had it replaced with the Shield Generator.
    • This was changed in Update 19: Guns! Lots of Guns!, with the patch notes quoting the Gunner: “To be honest, sharing gear with Drill-boy ain’t for me, so I called in a favor with the eggheads up in R&D to make me something special - and they came back with a friggin’ Shield Generator! Now I can safely stand my ground while killing bugs galore! Good times!”