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In Rogue Core, the core has gone rogue so now more dwarves (that sound exactly the same) are sent deeper into the core to make the core not so rogue.


During the Rogue the dwarves will participate in a spitball tournament (if you want to know what a spitball is how about you try googling it, I am so sick of explaining everything to you like you're 5 years old) consisting of five rounds back to back, each lasting around 2-3 minutes, this has all been confirmed by the Game Director Mikkel.

After the spitball tourney the dwarves will then move onto hitting piñatas with baseball bats, the dwarf that scores the most candy is then forced to share 50% of their take with the rest of the class. This often results in the 2nd place being the most desired as the 50% candy loss will often peg the dwarf get the dwarf peggefd - this has all been confirmed by the Game Creator Jon.

Next comes the cake eating tournament which includes an Inflation Mechanic, the inflation mechanic was observed by the content creators sent to the offices of Great Squad Gaming, as dwarves eat the cakes they have to very closely watch their nausea level, which can be nourished by Pepto Bismol. As the cake is eaten the dwarves will get progressively larger, which hinders their overall movement making it more slippery and slower, the dwarves are able to perform the Kobayashi Technique to somewhat manage their 'expansion levels', but this will end up wasting time that could otherwise be used for eating more cake and placing first, therefore it's recommended to use the Technique very sparingly. All of this has been confirmed by Gamer Mike.

More information on Rogue Core will be revealed as the game comes closer to release.