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The Rock Cracker Module is a two-piece equipment used to destroy an exceptionally large Lithophage meteorite during a rare Meteor Impact event.


As aforementioned, the Rock Cracker Module actually comes in two parts. The first is the Rock Cracker Pod which is a orange modified drop pod that acts as a power supply and connection cable to the Rock Crackers themselves. The Rock Crackers are the second part of the module. Resembling a form of jackhammer, the Rock Cracker shatters a meteorite through the use of repeated kinetic impacts.


Once a large Lithophage Meteorite is found, the player can call-in a Rock Cracker Module. Two Rock Cracker Pods will descend near the meteorite and it is in the player's interests to connect the Pods to the meteorite. Once the connection cables and the Rock Crackers are in place and activated, the players must defend the pod from attacks or risk it temporarily breaking down. The Rock Crackers will continue to pummel the meteorite until it shatters, revealing three to four Plaguehearts as a reward bonus.