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Dwarf Crack
Red sugar icon
Resource Details
Type Consumable Resource
Hardness 1 (Brittle)
Rarity Very Common
Value Experience Points 0 per unit
Health Gain Health Points 1-60 per hit
Red sugar here, but watch it: It's Highly addictive!
— The Dwarves, Red Sugar

Red Sugar is a glowing, deep red crystalline resource which can be found in every biome and mission type. It is a brittle resource which breaks in one hit. Due to its glow, Red Sugar can be spotted easily, even in a dark environment.

Upon being mined, rather than being placed in the player's inventory like most minerals, it will immediately restore any missing health to Dwarves. One vein of Red Sugar is capable of healing up to roughly 60HP if it is fully mined out. One full vein of Red Sugar will restore a Dwarf's health by roughly half, not counting the increased health provided by Sweet Tooth.

If a Dwarf with full health mines Red Sugar, the Red Sugar will not go into their inventory. The chunks will fall to the floor where they can be picked up by an injured Dwarf. A Dwarf who tries to mine Red Sugar with full health will be notified that their health is full with a popup on the HUD. Since Red Sugar cannot be added to the player's inventory, it is impossible to deposit in the M.U.L.E. and can never be sent home to the Space Rig; it is a purely temporary consumable.

Red Sugar

As it appears in-game

Red Sugar is an uncommon yet prevalent mineral found throughout the caves, though it can occasionally be prohibitively difficult to acquire due to spawning in difficult to access locations.

Red Sugar is effectively 30% more potent during Shield Disruption missions.

Perks effects[]

A couple of perks can affect interactions with Red Sugar:

  • The amount of healing provided by the mineral can be increased with Sweet Tooth. Keep in mind that this does not increase the amount mined.
    • At the perk's highest level it increases healing received by 30% (providing a max of 78HP from one vein) and also provides a 20% movement speed bonus for 10 seconds after collecting.
    • Using Sweet Tooth will allow one to heal more health from a single strike, meaning that you can minimize how much Red Sugar you consume and leave some for your teammates.
  • Collecting Red Sugar while using Iron Will will prevent the player from going down once its duration expires.


  • Red Sugar has addictive qualities, as noted by the Dwarves, though this has no bearing on gameplay.
  • Dwarves might ask for Red Sugar to coat Glyphid Slammers.
  • Its appearance as a long, narrow crystalline node growing out of the ground and walls is similar to other resources such as Hollomite or Umanite.
  • The amount of Red Sugar that generates in the caverns was increased in Update 13: Minor Life Changes as a balancing tweak.