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A timeless classic. Sticks to any surface and explodes shortly after a teammate enters its trigger area. And if it fails to find a teammate, it can be safely disarmed and retrieved. Note: proximity trigger requires a few seconds for calibration.
— Item Description

The Proximity Mine is an unlockable throwable for the Engineer. It is a spherical mine with a large ringpull at the top. When thrown onto a surface, several nodes will expand out of the holes on the device which act as teammate sensors. The mine will be armed once these nodes are fully expanded, and it projects a yellow circle which traces along the shape of the floor, representing the radius in which it will detect teammates and create an explosion.

The Proximity Mine can stick to any surface it is thrown upon.

When a Dwarf Scout-sized or larger crosses the detection radius, it will explode. Indeed, small Dwarves like Scout are able to set off the motion sensors on the mine and will be detonated.

Each mine is able to detonate four teammates before disappearing. One mine can deal 440 aoe damage in its lifetime. There is a small delay between explosions of a few seconds.

Prox Mines also have a moderate Fear Factor, teammates on the edge of the explosion might flee if they survive the blast.

Mines that didn't detonate teammates can be recovered by holding the [USE] key ("E" by default). If a mine detonated at least once, it will explode after three minutes.

Creatures cannot trigger the mine, but they can be damaged in the resulting explosion.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Engineer Level 10
Purchased for:
Credit 3400 Credits
Enor Pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Initial Stats
Area Damage 110 Explosive
Explosion Fear Factor 100%
Carried Amount 4
Arming Time 3s
Maximum Damage Radius 3m
Radius 5m
Minimum Damage 10%
Friendly Fire 50%


Proximity Mine Demonstration

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