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Pool Float
Pool Float Image
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Event
Value Experience Points x2 multiplier per unit
Cheap plastic rubbish secured. Keep it up, Miners, and we'll soon be swimming in beach floats. Performance Point bonus is activated.
— Mission Control
Inflatable animal located! What a pity we don't have a pool to use it in!
— Dwarf Miner

The Pool Float is a special event object that only appears during the 2023 Space Beach Party special seasonal event. They are found randomly across the biomes on Hoxxes during this event. They resemble a yellow and blue, multi-coloured pool float in the shape of a Glyphid with yellow lights wrapped around it.

They can be easily identified by their bright light-yellow glow and large size. Once mined, they will spawn a small wave of bugs, and they can be carried. They are treated as a heavy object so movement is slowed and the Dwarf cannot fire their weapons. Once deposited, it will grant the Players a x2 Experience Points bonus.

They can be identified through the Terrain Scanner via a pool float icon.


Dollar-store kid's beach toy liberated. You make your ancestors proud, Miners. Performance Point bonus activated.
— Mission Control
Pool float here!...and it's inflated like Mission Control's ego! hahaha!
— Dwarf Miner
Inflatable found!
— Dwarf Miner

They only appear during 2023 Space Beach Party event. It is considered a special event object.



  • Like the previous event objects such as the Best Wurst Beer and the Lunar Festival Rabbit statues, there seems to be a running gag where the shuttle pilot from a longbeard freighter involved in ferrying these goods has yet again, lost an entire shipment of these objects. By this point, HR from Deep Rock has been becoming frustrated at the incompetence.
  • With how wide the Pool Float's circumference is, locating it isn't a problem.