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Plagueheart icon
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Event
Value Experience Points 250 per unit

Plaguehearts are a bonus item introduced with the Season 03: Plaguefall update. For every 6 Plaguehearts collected 1 Scrip can be claimed at the Season Terminal on the Space Rig (When playing either Season 3 or 4). When deposited, they will give 300 Performance Points to the team upon mission completion (85 Performance Points if the mission fails), as well as 250 Experience Points per Plagueheart deposited for a total of around 750, which is further amplified by Hazard Bonus.

Care must be taken when carrying them as a Plagueheart creates a build-up of the Rockpox Infection status effect. So Players must drop the Plagueheart once in a while or take turns carrying it.


Plaguehearts are only obtained by locating a Lithophage meteorite during a Lithophage outbreak event. As with other seasonal events, these are more likely to occur if the game is hosted by a player with a relevant season active (either Season 3 or 4 in this case).

There are currently three ways in which a Player can retrieve a Plagueheart. These are:

Meteor Impact[]

Season events meteor impact

Meteor Impact

Heads up, team! A meteor is about to impact your area! Clear the impact zone, immediately
— Mission Control

The Meteor Impact event can randomly happen once to twice in most normal Missions, but will not occur in missions with the Lithophage Outbreak Warning Lithophage Outbreak warning. It will kill or heavily damage anything in the impact zone with diminished damage to the dwarves the further of the center and turn the surface around it into hot rock. The distance from the rockpox doesn’t change the chance of a meteor showing up but length does. The lithophage meteorite only shows up near the beginning of the mission, in a timeframe around 2 to 30 minutes in to the mission and no later than that. The first meteor falls around 5-10 minutes into the mission, and if a second meteor is going to fall, it will fall 3-8 minutes after the first lithophage meteorite has been cracked open.

After the crash, two Rock Cracker Modules can be called down and connected to the meteorite. Once started, the machines will deplete the meteorite's integrity (shown as a bar along the top of the screen) and will need maintenance and protection as they attract waves of creatures. Note that it is slightly more efficient to fix the pods before they fall to 0% "health" than to fix them from a broken state. Upon completion, 3 to 4 Plaguehearts can be found inside the meteor. Mission Control will give off a response when all Plaguehearts from the meteorite were deposited.

Note: On rare occasions, the game may fail to find valid locations to spawn the modules. In that case, the meteorite will simply be cracked open instantly.

Meteor Shower[]

Season events meteor shower

Meteor Shower

Lithophage meteorite fragments are about to impact in your vicinity! Stay alert!
— Mission Control

The Meteor Shower event can randomly happen once to twice in any Missions. (Including missions with the lithophage outbreak warning on them) 4 to 7 fragments will arrive and kill anything in the impact zone and turn the surface around it into hot rock.

After the crash, compared to the larger Lithophage meteor in Meteor Impact, these meteors are much smaller and weaker, as they can be cracked open with a values of 5 melee hits from your Pickaxe, and two with the beer buff skull crusher ale. Each fragment has a chance to have 0 to 2 Plaguehearts inside, but one is guaranteed to have one. Then after that, all of the rest of them have a 2% chance of having one, with a total 1 in 18 chance of having two per event. According to the

Here is some more Mission Control/Quotes for the lithophage meteorite and the lithophage meteor fragment showers striking down on Hoxxes:

Lithophage meteorite impact:

  • “Heads up, team! A meteor is about to impact your area. Clear the marked zone, immediately!
  • “Alert! Meteor fragment headed your way! Clear the marked zone immediately!”
  • “Attention! A local impact is imminent! Clear the marked zone. Step on it!”
  • “Prepare for impact! Clear the danger zone and take cover!”
  • “Incoming Meteor! Clear the impact zone, and take cover!”

Lithophage meteor fragments: Heads up miners, your about to get peppered by lithophage meteor fragments. There are multiple meteors headed your way! We’ll mark impact locations as accurately as possible. Attention! A lithophage meteorite has fragmented, and the pieces are heading your way! Stay out of the impact zones! Bunch of lithophage meteorite fragments are coming towards you! Get ready! Stay mobile, and try not to die!

Lithophage Corruptor[]

Walkin, talkin pile of Rockpox here! Send a cleansing pod, ASAP!
— Dwarves upon seeing a Lithophage corruptor

Lithophage Corruptors are another source of Plaguehearts. Upon death, they will always drop three Plaguehearts.