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The Pickaxe Customization terminal

The Pickaxe Customization terminal allow the modification of the Pickaxe model into 7 different parts: Frontblade, Head, Backblade, Shaft, Handle, Pommel and Paintjob.

Parts are obtained from Lost Pack, Prestige Assignments or Cosmetics DLC.

You can randomize the pickaxe with the button below the pickaxe.

Pickaxe Sets[]

A custom Pickaxe example

Unique Parts[]

The Frontblade and Backblade parts for a specific set are awarded together. Prestige Pickaxe set Backblades comes with a unique model and a copy of the Frontblade.

Unique Backblade from Lost Pack: Chop-Chop, Hole Digger, Obsidian Mallet, Skull Buster.

DLC Paintjobs[]



Icon Skin Pickaxe Company Standard.png

Company Standard
Lost Pack

Icon Skin Pickaxe Bug Hide.png

Bug Hide 

Icon Skin Pickaxe Carven Pride.png

Carven Pride

Icon Skin Pickaxe Hammerblow.png


Icon Skin Pickaxe Incorruptible.png


Icon Skin Pickaxe Jagged Son.png

Jagged Son 

Icon Skin Pickaxe Pneumatic.png

Prestige Assignement

Icon Skin Pickaxe Chasm-Borne Cliffhanger.png

Chasm-Borne Cliffhanger

Icon Skin Pickaxe Drift Crusher.png

Drift Crusher

Icon Skin Pickaxe Gadgeteers Favorite.png

Gadgeteer's Favorite

Icon Skin Pickaxe Reapers Claw.png

Reaper's Claw

Icon Skin Pickaxe MegaCorp.png


Icon Skin Pickaxe Roughneck.png


Icon Skin Pickaxe Dawn of the Dread.png

Dawn of the Dread

Icon Skin Pickaxe The Supporter.png

The Supporter


in the Space Rig by the Pickaxe Station; you can see unreleased and potentially upcoming pickaxe parts.