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No respectable miner would leave home without it.
— Item Description


The Pickaxe is a fundamental Support Tool available to every class. By default, it is bound to the right mouse button when using a Keyboard and Mouse, and the Left Trigger on controllers. Swinging the Pickaxe at terrain will destroy it, allowing the player to shape the environment around them. The Pickaxe is also used to mine veins of resources, such as Morkite, where destroying them will immediately transfer the mined material into your mineral inventory. Normally only 40 of each resource can be carried at a time, but the inventory can be emptied by depositing into the M.U.L.E., Drop Pod, or Mine Head, and carry capacity can be improved through the Deep Pockets Perk and an Armor Rig upgrade.

The Pickaxe can also be used as a basic melee weapon to damage enemies. It does 27.5 damage per swing, instantly killing weak enemies such as Glyphid Swarmers. You will be slowed by 50% for a second after attacking with your Pickaxe, making you vulnerable to attacks. With the "Power Attack" upgrade the Pickaxe is capable of dishing out much more damage by pressing the Right Mouse Button and then immediately followed by Left Mouse Button (Left Trigger followed by Right Trigger on an Xbox Controller). The "Power Attack" has a larger damage radius and much higher damage but there's a 30 second cooldown applied after each use. Both attacks can be used to unfreeze teammates.

Initial Stats
Damage 27.5 Melee
Armor Breaking 150%


There are currently three tiers; one mod for tier one, three mods for tier two, and two mods for tier three.

Driller, Engineer, Gunner, Scout Upgrades
Mod Effect In Game Description Price
Tier 1
Icon ExtractOre
Power Attack
+ Power Attack

Power Attack Area Damage: 120
Power Attack Effect Radius: 1m
Power Attack Stun Chance: 50%
Power Attack Stun Duration: 1.5s
Power Attack Cooldown: 30s

"Channel your dwarven rage through your pickaxe. While holding the mining button, press fire to activate."
Credit 800 Credits
Bismor 10 Bismor
Tier 2
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
Serrated Edge
+120 Power Attack Area Damage "Power Attack does more direct damage to your target."
Credit 3600 Credits
Jadiz 30 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Area
+1m Power Attack Effect Radius "Power Attack affects a larger area."
Credit 3600 Credits
Umanite 30 Umanite
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp
Better Weight Balance
-10s Power Attack Cooldown "Thanks to better ergonomics it takes less effort to swing your pickaxe and as a consequence your Power Attack recharges faster."
Credit 3600 Credits
Enor Pearl 30 Enor Pearl
Tier 3
Icon Upgrade Digging
Reinforced Blade
+0.5m Carve Radius "Each hit carves a larger area."
Credit 5200 Credits
Croppa 69 Croppa
Magnite 120 Magnite
Umanite 15 Umanite
Icon Upgrade Ricoshet
+Projectile Reflect

-5s Power Attack Cooldown

"Give your enemies a taste of their own medicine by sending their projectiles right back at them!"
Credit 5200 Credits
Jadiz 69 Jadiz
Enor Pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Bismor 120 Bismor

Hidden Mechanics and Stat Bonuses[]

Some Pickaxe Parts come with small, hidden stat bonuses. Each piece in a bonus set provides a small buff which can stack with itself and combine with other bonuses.

Main article: Pickaxe Customization

Stat Breakdown[]

Unique Modifications[]

Unique Modifications
Icon Upgrade Ricoshet
Parry is an upgrade for the Pickaxe that allows the Dwarf to reflect projectiles when power attacked. Upon power attacking, any projectiles within 2m (4m if Shockwave is equipped) will instantaneously turn in the direction the dwarf is aiming. All affected projectiles gain a 3x damage multiplier and 2x velocity multiplier.
  • Damage: 3x Original Projectile
  • Radius: 2x Power Attack Radius
  • Projectile Speed: 2x Original Projectile

Damage Breakdown[]

  • Any pickaxe attack will do melee damage, no matter if it’s the normal attack or the power attack.
  • Base melee damage is 11.
  • Skull Crusher Ale adds 20 damage to your melee attack.
  • See You In Hell passive effect adds 20 damage to your melee attack.
  • Your melee attack is made of 2 hits:
    • The first hit is 1 times your base melee damage versus single targets. It benefits from weakpoints and deals triple damage versus frozen targets.
    • The second hit is 1.5 times your base melee damage. It doesn’t benefit from weakpoints or frozen targets but ignores light/medium armor.
  • So with that in mind here are a few examples on how melee damage works:
    • Your basic pickaxe attack damage:
      • 11 + (11 x 1.5) = 27.5 melee damage
      • With Skull Crusher Ale: (11 + 20) + (11 + 20) x 1.5 = 77.5 melee damage
      • With See You in Hell: (11 + 20) + (11 + 20) x 1.5 = 77.5 melee damage
      • With both buffs: (11 + 20 + 20) + (11 + 20 + 20) x 1.5 = 127.5 melee damage
    • Weakpoint damage versus a grunt head:
      • 11 x 2 + 11 x 1.5 = 38.5 melee damage
      • With See You in Hell or Skull Crusher Ale (11 + 20) x 2 + (11 + 20) x 1.5 = 108.5 melee damage (enough to kill a grunt in any difficulty)


  • The pickaxe's handle changes color depending on the class.
  • Driller used to have an upgrade that would allow him to mine terrain with less hits.
  • When performing a power attack, the back blade is used instead of the front blade.


  • Most pickaxe handles will appear brown in the equipment terminal.
  • Driller's pickaxe becomes solid yellow during a mission, but while in the Space Rig only the handle will stay yellow.