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Any creature covered by the substance within becomes an irresistible target to any kind of Hoxxes wildlife. Handle with extreme care. The boys in R&D are very proud of this one.
— Item Description


The Pheromone Canister is an unlockable Throwable for the Scout. It is a light yellow canister loaded with a pheromone mixture which causes native Hoxxes creatures to attack one another, regardless of species. It is likely a similar pheromone as the ones used by Glyphid Dreadnoughts for their spawner attack.

When thrown, the canister explodes and showers all enemies within its considerably lengthy six meter radius. Affected enemies will cause nearby foes to start attacking them, while the affected foes will fight back against their new enemies. The pheromone effect lasts for approximately ten seconds.

Even with this grenade's large radius, it can affect far more foes from outside its area of effect as enemies will often prioritize attacking coated enemies over nearby Dwarves. Because of this, the effective area the Pheromone Canister can affect is among the largest in the game.

Enemies attacking one another should be an obvious benefit, as the Pheromone Canister serves as an excellent decoy-type grenade. The enemies will be too busy tearing each other apart to attack your team and being so closely bunched up makes them wide open to other, more damaging grenades or explosive weapons. It is an especially handy grenade to have on high Hazard Level missions, buying you and your team precious extra time to clear out Swarms or to make distance between you and an encroaching horde.

However much like all of the Scout's grenades, this throwable inflicts no direct damage (despite a trifling initial burst, which is more than likely a bug). Enemies attacking each other often doesn't deal much damage either, outside of special circumstances such as the Lethal Enemies mutator. It also has a relatively short duration of just ten seconds - the Engineer's L.U.R.E. can last for up to twice as long with the same decoy effects (though it can be cancelled early by taking too much damage). Finally for flaws, the Scout can only carry four canisters at once meaning he must be decisive on when to use them.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Scout Level 10

Purchased for:
Credit.png 3400 Credits
Croppa 20 Croppa

Initial Stats
Damage Radius 6
Carried Amount 4

Usage & Strategies

  • Try to target as many enemies at once with the canister, so as to maximise its effect.
  • You can paint big targets like Glyphid Praetorians with the canister, causing all nearby foes to swarm them and whittle away their health.
  • Don't bother targeting distant enemies with the canister; you want every enemy in sight to group together, making them easy to kill. Unlike the Engineer's LURE which should be thrown far away, the Pheromone Canister is to be used up close.