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Phazyonite icon
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 2 (Medium)
Rarity 1 in 7 (per mission)
Value Experience Points ??? per unit

Phazyonite is a Crafting Mineral that can be acquired by mining its deposits. It can also be gained by purchasing items from the Accessory Shop. Each purchase will add experience to a "cosmetic" level in the Shop, culminating in an amount of Phazyonite each time it ranks up.

When the mission is concluded, the Hazard Bonus will dictate how many units the player will get.

Unlike other Minerals, Phazyonite cannot be sold or purchased in the Mineral Trade Terminal.


Phazyonite appereance

Phazyonite grows as a cluster of thin, purple crystals covered in spiny protrusions. Its bright colour and large clusters make it particularly easy to spot and mine.

Chunks of Phazyonite are smaller than those of crafting minerals, and use the same model as the "soil samples" dropped by Prospector Drones upon their destruction.


Phazyonite can be used in Accessory Shop as an alternative currency, in place of paying with Credits and sometimes Resources.

A single unit of Phazyonite is worth 200 credits, or 2 minerals in the Accessory Shop. For example, the Corporate Marine Headwear costs 9800 credits and 80 Enor Pearl to purchase, so the credit value is equivalent to 49 Phazyonite, and the mineral value is equivalent to 40, for a total of 89 Phazyonite as the alternate buying price.


Phazyonite can be found in any Planetary Region and Mission Type, with a 1 in 7 (14.28%) chance of generation in a given mission.


Possible source of the mineral's name is a mangled word "fashion" → "phazyon" as a root and a typical suffix for mineral names "-ite"