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The Performance Pass was introduced with the Season 01: Rival Incursion update, and contains various cosmetics, resources, scrips, and credits that players can unlock through playing.

Players start at rank 1, and require 5,000 Performance Points (PP) to reach the next rank.

Performance Points[]

Performance Points can be gained by doing missions, collecting Data Cells, and completing season challenges.

A player can gain upwards of 6,000 points in a single mission if they complete a challenge (or multiple) and find a data cell. On average though, each mission will give between 900 and 1,200 Performance Points for missions with a total +100% multiplier, scaling up and down from there, while a failed mission grants between 200 and 400.

Ignoring the data cube's guaranteed 1250, the primary objective accounts for the majority of PP gained, with other sources of exp converting to PP at an approximately 12:1 ratio (including the data cube's exp); each source has its own conversion rate. Failed missions are approximately 4 times the PP gained from these other sources, as both primary and secondary objectives will have zero contribution. (Note: see the talk page).

Season Challenges[]

Season Challenges are gained every 24 hours, and can be any of the following:

  • Do 3 missions as 2 different classes (2,500 PP)
  • Do 5 missions as 2 different classes (3,750 PP)
  • Collect a data rack (1 Scrip or 2500 PP)
  • Do 3 missions in 2 different biomes (2,500 PP)
  • Do 5 missions in 2 different biomes (3,750 PP)

For the Collect a Data Rack challenge you can only earn 10 scrips in this manner, after completing this challenge 10 times then subsequent completions will award 2500 PP instead.

Players can carry (and make progress on) 3 challenges at once (though it will take 3 days to generate), and can re-roll 1 challenge per day by selecting the button in the bottom-right of the challenges' description box.


Scrips can be used to purchase items on the cosmetic tree, and can be gained from various levels of the Performance Pass, as well as the "Collect 1 Data Rack" season challenge.

The first 10 Data Cells collected in the season will give 1 Scrip each.

Cosmetic Tree[]

The Cosmetic Tree is a big tree-like connected grid of various cosmetics, paintjobs, and weapon frameworks. Some items have connection nodes between them that will grant 50 of a single crafting resource.

Each node (including the connection points) requires 1 Scrip to unlock.


  • Scrips are based on the real life currency of the same name
  • Until Patch 2, the season challenge timer wouldn't start running unless the player logged into the game. This meant that players couldn't passively gain new challenges while the game was closed.