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Ommoran Heartstone Core
Ommoran icon
Resource Details
Type Primary Objective
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Objective Exclusive

Ommoran heartstone Core are a primary objective in Escort Duty, found in the center of Ommoran heartstones. They are heavy objects and must be picked up and carried by hand, or via Bosco. When carrying it, a dwarf cannot do anything but throw flares/throwables, ride ziplines, and move with a 25% speed penalty (sprinting is disabled, but the Dash perk can still be activated). It can be dropped by switching weapons or using the Laser Pointer, and can also be thrown far away by holding the [FIRE] key before releasing it.


The Ommoran heartstone is a spherical rock structure. It is primarily comprised of a dark purple stone that shines a deep magenta color under a light source. Underneath the heartstone's crust lies two layers of stone, a muted reddish layer adjacent to the crust and a bright red layer surrounding the heartstone Core. Each Ommoran heartstone is loosely surrounded by tall, dark magenta spires that point towards the center of the heartstone.

The Ommoran Heartstone Core is an amber-colored spherical rock that is roughly one meter in diameter. Its surface is lined in irregular, warm orange cracks. Once released from the Heartstone, it emits a bright, warm glow.

The Ommoran Heartstone's Flying Balls are slightly irregular spherical balls. Each ball is about 1.5 meters in diameter, dark red in color, and has several holes revealing a molten-appearing amber core underneath. Flying Balls are connected to the Ommoran Heartstone by a glowing, golden arc.


Ommoran heartstones can be found in any Planetary Region during Escort Duty missions. Each Ommoran Heartstone will always spawn in the center of a large cave found at the end of each Escort Duty mission.

Flying Ball[]

During the second phase of the Ommoran Heartstone fight, the Heartstone will summon several Flying Balls. Each Flying Ball will slowly move towards the Ommoran Heartstone for a few seconds before being launched at the Drilldozer with sufficient force. Flying Balls can be destroyed before the Heartstone can use them to attack the Drilldozer.


Health and Armor[]

Flying Ball[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 to Dwarfcount4 75 175 250 375 425 250 300 400 425 500


Flying Ball[]

Suicide Slam
AoE Attack
Area Damage Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 0 12.5 75 150 190 100 175 100 190 200

{{#ifeq: Kinetic | Cold | |

0 85 115 166.5 200 0 85 115 166.5 200

{{#ifeq: Kinetic | Cold | |

0 85 115 166.5 200 0 85 115 166.5 200

{{#ifeq: Kinetic | Cold | |

0 135 145 216.5 250 0 135 145 216.5 250
Damage Type Kinetic
Dwarf for scale (1

Radius: 2.5 m
Maximum Damage Radius: 2.5 m
Minimum Area Damage: 100 %



  • The Ommoran Heartstone and Data Rack are the only heavy objects that will continue to be visible when deposited in the M.U.L.E, with them being strapped to the top.
  • The Ommoran Heartstone appears to discharge useable energy, as the Shard Diffractor weapon for the Engineer is powered by a 12-pound chunk of Ommoran Heartstone.
  • It is possible that the Ommoran Heartstone may have some sort of sentience, as it will aggressively attempt to destroy anything that attacks it (such as the Drilldozer) by hurling globules of molten rock, forming laser-firing crystalline spires from the ground and creating thick stone cages.
  • The Ommoran Heartstone is inspired by the Lightbulb from OneShot, both being a potent energy source.

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