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There's been many left over and taken out features throughout the iterations of Deep Rock Galactic, this article is dedicated to documenting them. Keep in mind that the game is still in being updated, meaning anything listed below could be part of a future update, take the spoiler warning with caution. Some table entries will have speculation, they are often based off observation and pure assumption.

The tables are going to be made out of three categories:
Unused - Features found within the game files or suggested to exist but aren't present in the public build of the game. Unreleased items also fall into this category.
Cut - Features that have been suggested to previously exist in the game but have been removed, there's a chance these'll return.
Old - Outdated information about existing features, such as older models or different item functionality.

Creatures and Flora[]

Various fauna, flora and biome feature related changes and additions.

Item Description Status
Squishable plant
Squishable Parasite
Strange parasite, from the game files it's suggested to be squishable. It's one of the creatures from BET-C's concept art, suggesting this was the Xynarch Charge-Sucker's appearance at one point. Added Update ?
SuckingPlant old
Large plant with an oval shaped head. Suggested to be a plant which would suck in dwarves, an animation of the 'head' opening up with an air sucking animation is present. Added Update 20
Last Changed: Update 21
Glyphid Vampire/Glyphid Grunt Boss The Glyphid Grunt Boss is capable of burrying underground and temporarily incapacitating dwarves from beneath, has a lot of heatlh and can shoot webs.

Speculation: Glyphid Grunt Boss is the same thing as Glyphid Vampire

Added Update ?
Glyphid Charger This unfinished creature is using the Praetorian model as a placeholder and swiftly chargers at any nearby dwarves but fails to do anything besides say "Hello" in console. There's some concept art available possibly suggesting the creature's intended appearance. Added Update ?
Glyphid Acid Spitter Queen This creature's skillset consists of: acid spit dealing much more damage than usual and leaving toxic gas for a limited amount of time, summoning many acid spitters when the creature's health reaches 50% and constantly dig underground. Some ideas of this creature were re-used for the Glyphid Menace. Added Update ?
Glyphid Drone Some sort of an unfinished flying variation of a Glyphid. Added Update ?
Coral Tree[1] Tree formations made out of coral, similar to rock trees. N/A
Pudo Shell
Pudo Shell
Dense Biozone ceiling plant leaking purple liquid which damages dwarves that come in contact. Removed Update ?
Alien Flora (Hive) Biome Feature which was hinted to be a hive in the game files. Removed Update 7
Foggy Zones Some areas of the caves used to be foggy which would impact the player's vision. Removed Update 7
Toxic Gas Green clouds would generate within the environment and never expire. In the pre-alpha its appearance was identical to 'Foggy Zones'. Removed Update 6
Jelly Breeder
Jelly Breeder
Would periodically spawn small cave jellies until killed. A creature with very similar abilities was added named Naedocyte Breeder, this creature would spit out roes out of which a number of jellies hatch. Removed Update 6
Jelly spike slinger
Jelly Spike Slinger
Despite the name it appears to be firing bursts of electricity at players. If the projectile misses it'll emit purple gas which evaporates within seconds. Removed Update 6
Glyphid Veteran
Glyphid Veteran
Acted exactly the same as a Glyphid Grunt but would have 50% more health and tougher armor. Removed Update 23
Unknown Pre-Alpha Creature
Unknown Pre-Alpha Creature
Nothing is known about this creature, the protruding objects on its back appear to be minerals. Removed Pre-Alpha
Old Glyphid Model The old Glyphid models were taken from Infinity Blade's Adversaries pack as a placeholder[2], the textures were edited to fit the game's aesthetics. Changed Update 5
Cave Jelly
Cave jellies were originally hostile and were removed on Update 6, later they returned and were made passive on Update 12. Then they were re-introduced as enemies with a new name in Update 21 and the creature's model was overhauled during Update 23. Finally, on Update 24 the passive creature with the old model was brought back to Dense Biozone. Removed Update 6
Added Update 12
Changed Update 21
Added Update 24
Hydra This was the early version of the Korlok Tyrant-Weed. It appears that the earlier version of this creature had three very long stems and each would attack the dwarves by charging at them, it would periodically launch spikes out of its core and shoot a barrage of projectiles from each available head at the dwarves Added Update ?
Changed Update 31

Creatures Gallery[]


Various equipment related changes and additions.

Item Description Status
Strange wall blueprint is visible in the developer vlog #4, this was a Scout buildable as at the time he was considered too underpowered. The ForceBarrier would simply block the creature's passage. Added ?
RGDLauncher This weapon resemble as "Sticky Launcher", it has two projectile modes. Red projectiles detonate upon reload, Blue projectiles apply velocity to the player allowing them to perform a rocket jump. Added Update 11
RopeGun Allows the user to attach a rope to a surface and swing for as long as the fire button is held. Added ?
GearIcon Stun Grenade w Effect
Stun Grenade
As the name implies, presumably would stun enemies it hits. Gear icon of this grenade is also present. Added Update 24
GearIcon Stun Fear w Effect
Fear Grenade
As the name implies, presumably would scare enemies it hits. Gear icon of this grenade is also present. Added Update 24
GearIcon ShieldOvercharge Grenade w Effect
ShieldOvercharge Grenade
As the name implies, it would've restored and boosted the shield of allies. Added Update 24
Auto turret
Auto Turret
While it's currently present on the Mine Head, it used to be a support drop which cost 60 Gold. It acted exactly like a closed alpha Sentry Gun, but was colored yellow. Removed Update 6
While it's currently present on the Mine Head, it used to be a support drop which cost 40 Gold. It was a permanent light source which could light up a radius around itself. Removed Update 6
Bosco Reload cut feature
Bosco reloading
Would've had a limited ammo pool which could be refilled. A yellow counter appears on bosco's back indicating how many ammo refills are remaining, this counter can be increased via resupply pods. Removed Pre-Update 7
Model appears to be a revolver with a long barrel but fires like a shotgun. This weapon was used in very early stages of Deep Rock Galactic[4] and traces of it stayed in the game files for a while longer. Removed ?
Mineral Carry Capacity Before M.U.L.E. was added the dwarves had infinite carry capacity. Changed Update 2
GearGraphic Flare
There were a limited number of flares which could be refilled from resupplies. Changed Update 4
GearGraphic MediumFlare
Red Flares
They used to light up in a smaller radius when compared to High-Intensity Flares. They were also eventually renamed from Red Flares to Medium-Intensity Flares. Changed Update ?
Resupply Pod
Resupply Pods used to carry two medkits and two ammo racks which would refill 100% of either ammunition or health. Before the introduction of Nitra Resupply Pods used to cost 100 Gold. Changed Update 4
and Update 7
M.U.L.E. Used to instantly summon the Drop Pod when the primary objective quota was met. Changed Update 7
LMG Gun Platform The Engineer used to carry up to 4 sentry guns. But re-calling a deployed sentry gun was not an option, neither was refilling it. Changed Update 7
"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun Used to have an ammo clip, similarly to the Autocannon. Changed Update 11
Terrain scanner mk1
Terrain Scanner
The scanner itself went through a few iterations, each changing the MK number. Originally it was a top-down view of the surrounding area. Changed Update 15
GearGraphic HandGrenade
High Explosive Grenade
Scout used to be able to equip the grenade until Update 7. Later on it was changed so only Driller could use this grenade (previously it was usable by Driller, Engineer and Gunner), it was also renamed from Frag Grenade to HE Grenade. Changed Update 7
and Update 24

Equipment Gallery[]

Update 19 features brand new weapons as well as some visual changes to existing ones, included in the game files were early renders done during the update's development.


Various resource related changes and additions.

Item Description Status
Icons Resources Outline HoxIron
Unknown resource, only an icon can be found in the game's files.

Speculation: Due to the way it spawned and it's appearance, it was likely used to test crafting within the game.

Added Update 7
Icons Resources Outline Flora Leaf alt
Flora Leaf
Unknown resource, only an alternative icon can be found in the game's files.

Speculation: Likely evolved overtime and became Apoca Bloom

Added Update 7
Helium3 ingame
A metallic resource that appeared in old Mining Expedition missions in the closed alpha and acted similar to Morkite.

Speculation: This was the placeholder for Morkite before it was added. it is also theorized that the devs were possibly going for a more realistic approach to the game in the alpha stages.

Added ?
Icons Resources Outline Neromite alt
Crafting resource was present during Regular branch testing, was removed at some point for unknown reasons. Alternative icon still exists in the game files.

Speculation: This mineral's appearance is quite similar to Bismor, and was likely renamed to Bismor. However, since there's evidence that it appeared in Sandblasted Corridors, it is possible that the Sandblasted Corridors had Bismor instead of Magnite.

Added Pre-Update 7
Bludiz Unknown resource, a small trace can be found in closed alpha's files.

Speculation: This was a very early version of Aquarq

Added ?
Cut crafting mineral which was accidentally revealed in Update 12. A developer suggested that it was never fully implemented, some small traces did exist outside of the icon.

Speculation: During Update 12's development Quantrite was reconsidered as a resource exclusive to the Mineral Trade terminal, but was scrapped shortly before release.

Added Update 7
Removed Update 14
Re-Added Update 34
Gold Gold used to act as a primary objective and a currency for resupply pods. Changed Update 2
and Update 4
Bittergem old
Bittergem used to reward the dwarves with 300 credits, was colored pale yellow similarly to Compressed Gold. Changed Update 7
Jadiz Jadiz used to reward the dwarves with 150 credits. Changed Update 7
Alien Egg Could appear as a secondary objective, was removed after Egg Hunt rework. Changed Update 18

Resource Gallery[]


Souped Up Zip Line Motor was one of the available perks that existed in Deep Rock Galactic. It could be unlocked on the second row of perks, or when the player had unlocked at least 3 perks. There were four tiers for Souped Up Zip Line Motor; each tier requiring 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 perk points, respectively. It was removed in Update 28: Feeling Perky.

Icon Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Description
Souped Up Zip Line Motor 20% 30% 40% 50% Through some clever tweaks, you now move 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 % faster on the Zip Line!


Everything else that doesn't fall within the sections above.

Item Description Status
Unused Perks There's a ton of unused perk icons, each of their names are a hint at what they could've been, including: Airbag (parachute icon), Barrel Kicker, Explosive Resistance, Extract Ore, Faster Heat Dissipation, Faster Weapon Stabilization, Fire Resistance, Gold Frenzy, Jump, Longer Flare Duration, More Total Ammo, Movement Speed, Poison Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Recoil, Reload Speed, Slowdown Resistance, Strong Flight Reflex and WarCry. Added Update 14
Abandoned Mine There's various models of strange machinery that are still unused, some of the models are used in the Space Rig and Salvage Operation. Machine Events may be a form of the original "Abandoned Structures" idea. Added ?
Last Changed: Update 21
Refunds There's an entire folder dedicated to refunds, seems like vanity items and upgrades were planned to be refundable. It's possible this system is used for when upgrades are re-balanced. Added ?
Hazard X - Trailer Random enemy spawns are disabled, any present enemies appear to have similar damage resistance of a Hazard 4 difficulty, enemy attack damage is severely reduced. Added ?
Upper Arctic Mantle old biome
Biome: Upper Arctic Mantle
Contains easy-to-break green crystals and every other biome feature which are randomly picked. Cave color is brown and gray.

Speculation: Eventually became Radioactive Exclusion Zone

Removed Update 7
Site 11 - Deep Shale old biome
Biome: Site 11 - Deep Shale
Contains glowing blue crystals and easy-to-break purple crystals. Cave color is brown.

Speculation: Eventually became Crystalline Caverns

Removed Update 7
Radioactive Wastes old biome
Biome: Radioactive Wastes
Contains xenofungus, red exploding plants and a lot of vegetation. Cave color is green.

Speculation: Eventually became Fungus Bogs

Removed Update 7
Armor Station old
Armor Station
An Armor Station was originally teased in the Closed-Alpha's Space Rig, currently the Abyss Bar takes its place. The developers wanted to have full armor customization[5], but was deemed it as too much work instead settling for high beard customization. N/A
ClassIcon ClassGeneric
Class: Generic Hero[6]
There used to be a fifth class used purely by the developers for testing purposes. This class would carry every single weapon and tool in their inventory. Icon was taken from the old artwork. N/A
Tourist Mode Intended to pose no threat and allow players to explore, enemies are severely weaker and payouts were disabled. In a newer version random enemy spawns are entirely disabled. Something similar is going to return in the form of "Exploration Mode". Removed Update 14
Warning Complete2 NoHeadlight
Mutator: No Headlights
Milestone icon still exists. Presumably the headlights would be disabled throughout the mission. Removed ?
Warning Complete2 VolatileFlares
Mutator: Volatile Flares
Milestone icon still exists. Throwing the flares would deplete shield. Removed Pre-Update 14
Barrel armor scout old
Barrel Suit and Helmet
It was literally armor made out of barrels, they were class colored. This was only present in the Experimental Branch. Removed Pre-Update 15
Egg hunt icon old
Egg Hunt
Was a linear mission type, these missions were exactly like Mining Expedition but Morkite was replaced with 10 Alien Eggs. Removed Update 18
Search and extract icon
Search and Extract
Was a non-linear Mining Expedition mission type, was eventually merged with Egg Hunt. Removed Update 18
Loot RareThings
Milestone: Rare Things
Finding Error Cubes and Bittergem used to count towards a milestone. Removed Update ?
Milestone: Kill Creatures Killing Dreadnoughts, Cave Leeches and Spitballers would count towards a milestone. Curiously the "Kill Cave Leeches" Milestone icon was updated with the latest model. Removed Update ?
Armor Color Variations Each armor had three color schemes: Standard would consist of class specific colors, White Knight would consist of silver or copper plating and Black Craig would consist of black and red coloring. Images are available in the gallery below. Removed Update 14
Hazard 5 - Lethal Originally players shared 50% of their health every time they revived an incapacitated teammate. This was only present in the Experimental Branch. Removed Pre-Update 21
Cut Overclocks There's many overclocks that were cut before public release, the reasons for their removal often were "due to technical issues". Removed Pre-Update 25
Mission Control Quotes There's various mission control quotes which were either used in the past or never used. N/A
Missions Before missions were procedurally generated, there used to be a number of preset missions which were available at all times. Changed Update 7
Red Rock Blaster Used to be stronger than a Glyphid Slammer with no buffs. Changed Update 18
Retirement Used to reset the upgrades and class level. The assignment's last mission was a solo hazard 3 Mining Expedition. Was changed to Promotion which excluded upgrade resets and the solo mission. Changed Update 19

Misc Gallery[]

Old Beer Labels

From left to right: Standard, White Knight and Black Craig.


  • The Cave Leech's internal name used to be "Barnacle", referencing an alien creature hanging from the ceiling which is from the Half-Life franchise.
  • The Breach Cutter's internal name is "Line Cutter", its name and design being a reference to two weapons from the Dead Space franchise: the Plasma Cutter and the Line Gun respectively.
  • Dense Biozone was called Lush Downpour sometime between open-alpha testing and Update 7.
  • The internal name for Scout used to be Navigator.
  • The internal name for Point Extraction is still "Motherlode", which is original name of the very first iteration of this mission type.

  1. Coral Tree was shown off in a copyright claimed video, this is a community commentary re-upload
  2. Information provided by the Art Director Robert
  3. Visible in Dev Vlog #4 and available in the game's files
  4. Official footage of one of the first Deep Rock Galactic builds
  5. As evidenced by an old blog post
  6. Generic Hero utilized in a biome demonstration video