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Oil Shale
Oilshale icon
Resource Details
Type Primary Objective
Hardness 4 (Very Hard)
Rarity Objective exclusive
Value Experience Points 1 per unit

Oil Shale is a resource used to refuel the Drilldozer in Escort Duty.

Oil Shale can be mined with the Drilldozer's Fuel Canisters or broken into chunks with the Pickaxe or Bosco. It can be collected only with Fuel Canisters, converting the shale into fuel. It cannot be picked up by dwarves, and therefore cannot be deposited in the M.U.L.E..

Sometimes, in the Drilldozer's active path, it may break some Oil Shale, dropping the mined chunks onto the ground.


Oil Shale appears in large formations of glowing dark teal sedimentary rock. It has a dim violet glow, making it visible in lightless caves.

Mined chunks of Oil Shale use the same model as mined Morkite and Red Sugar.


Oil Shale can be found in any biome during the Escort Duty mission type. It will always spawn in caverns in which the Drilldozer needs to be refueled. Chunks of Oil Shale can be located at ground level, but can also be found on walls and ceilings.



  • Oil Shale is a real mineral. It is a sedimentary rock containing kerogen and bitumen, which are carbon-based minerals that can be refined into hydrocarbons.

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