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Nitra icon.png
Resource Details
Type Consumable Resource
Hardness 1 (Brittle)
Rarity Common
Value Experience Points 1 per unit

Nitra is a common mineral resource, available in every Planetary Region and Mission Type. Once at least 80 Nitra is collected in the teams depository, a Resupply Pod can be requested. The Resupply Pod has four resupplying racks, one on each side. Each rack will refill Half of any Dwarves ammunition, fuel, grenades, and health when used. Note that there is no difference between used and non-used Nitra. You will not receive any bonus if you save Nitra till the end of the mission.


As it appears in-game

Nitra is a deep crimson-red ore, spread across the walls of the caverns. Unlike most other ores, it bulges out of the walls prominently. Nitra can be seen glowing in the darkness, however it does not glow as brightly as other resources such as Morkite.


As a fundamental resource mineral, Nitra can be found in any environment and mission type. It typically spawns up on the walls and sometimes on ceilings of larger caves, making it difficult to reach. Use your Reinforced Power Drills, Zipline Launcher, Grappling Hook, or Platform Gun to reach these Nitra deposits. In tighter caves, Nitra will typically spawn within reach from the floor of the cave. In Magma Core, Nitra has a higher chance to spawn high on the ceiling due to the ribbed ceiling structure found in many larger Magma Core caves.


  • Given how the miners themselves cannot craft munitions and supplies with Nitra, it is quite possible the reason that it must be collected and used to 'purchase' supply pods is that it is the primary ingredient in Dwarven munitions and Deep Rock Galactic requires the miners to cover the cost of manufacturing the supplies.
  • Nitra is similar in sound to nitre (aka saltpetre, potassium nitrate, or KNO3), which is a key ingredient in the making of gunpowder. This may just be a coincidence, however.
  • Particularly thick veins of Nitra are wide enough to be used as a shelf, allowing the Scout to easily access it with his Grappling Hook.