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Releases a cloud of slow-acting toxins engineered to exclusively affect life indigenous to Hoxxes IV. WARNING: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!
— Item Description

The Neurotoxin Grenade is an unlockable Throwable for the Driller.

It is a bright yellow canister filled with a toxic gas which is toxic to enemies but perfectly safe to Dwarves. The gas is highly flammable, and can be ignited with any kind of fire-based attack to produce a large fiery explosion.

Once thrown, the Neurotoxin Grenade will slowly emit toxic gas in a huge radius, by far the largest of any Throwable in the game. Enemies who walk through the gas cloud will become poisoned, reducing their movement speed and dealing gradual damage to them over time. The gas will fade away once it has fully propagated. However, a second function of the grenade (despite being cautioned by R&D) is to ignite the gas with the Driller's Flamethrower and make it explode. This heavily damages any enemy inside the gas cloud and gives the grenade a two stage function; let the gas spread as far as possible, then ignite it to kill anything that survives the poison.

Sticky Flames left behind by the Flamethrower cannot trigger the gas explosion; it must be a direct flame (however, the Lacerator's Flame Breath attack will not ignite it).

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Driller Level 10
Purchased for:
Credit 3400 Credits
Bismor 20 Bismor
Initial Stats
Effect Radius 7.5m
Carried Amount 4
Cloud Duration 15s
Status Duration 30s
Damage (per tick) 12 Poison
Tick Interval 0.75-1.25s
Movement speed -30%
Ignition Stats
Area Damage 65 Fire + Heat
Ignition Fear Factor 50%
Maximum Damage Radius 6m
Radius 7.5m
Minimum Damage 25%
Friendly Fire 50%

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