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The Nanite Bomb Dispenser is a specialist drop pod used to destroy a Tritilyte Crystal during a machine event that involves this machine.


The Nanite Bomb Dispenser is a large and bulky supply drop pod whose primary function consists, as its name implies, of dispensing nanite bombs on each of its four faces. The Dispenser is coloured orange like most drop pods made from Deep Rock Galactic, and it is large enough to house the aforementioned bombs.


The nanite bombs are the only weapons strong enough to crack open a Tritilyte Crystal fast enough before the event concludes. The dispenser has unlimited amount of bombs, however, carrying these bombs count as a heavy object, greatly slowing down the player. It is best if another player is free to dispatch the various enemies that will swarm the bomb carrier.


  • If its name indicates anything, the nanite bombs might be a series of miniature cluster bombs from suicide nanomachines. Given how heavy the bomb is, it is likely that the explosive density of each nanomachine would have been disproportionately high.