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Multiplayer functionality is available within Deep Rock Galactic as a core element, and up to four players can play together in the same session.

Windows 10 and Xbox Crossplay

At the moment, Crossplay support is only available between the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store versions, and NOT the Steam version.
Owners of the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store versions of the game are able to connect to each other in game using the Xbox App.


Players on the Steam platform can join games of users on their friends lists. Once a lobby has been created, the friends of the host can join them using the Steam Overlay (Press Shift+Tab by default) regardless of whether the lobby is set to private or not.


Deep Rock Galactic supports Discord Rich Presence, and invites to your game can be sent directly through Discord. First navigate to User settings > Games > and tick Display Currently running game as a status message. A green plus icon will appear in the textbox at the bottom of the app, and can be pressed to send an invite to anyone in the current text channel.

Finding a Team

A dedicated LFG channel named #looking-for-group is available on the official Deep Rock Galactic Discord channel, with several voice channels to use. Post a message on this channel and other players will reply.