Deep Rock Galactic Wiki


Deep Rock Galactic can be played in the single player solo mode with Bosco the drone, or in a server based multiplayer mode with support for 4 players in the same session. There are no dedicated servers hosting the multiplayer, and all connections are peer-to-peer based and hosted on the party hosts computer.

Late joining players will be delivered in a Personal Drop Pod.

Finding a team[]

A dedicated LFG channel named #looking-for-group is available on the official Deep Rock Galactic Discord channel, with several voice channels to use. Post a message on this channel and other players will reply.

Server browser[]

While on board the Space Rig, you can access an overview of all public lobbies using the server browser. A terminal reading "Quick Join" in your personal cabin can be interacted with to bring up a list, which will populate with all public games in the region. The server browser can be filtered by Hazard Level, as well as other parameters for players who want to narrow their search. Alternatively, you can press the tab key at any time in the Space Rig to view the browser.

Server options[]

  • Privacy
    • Private - The session is invisible on the server browser, and only accessible by your friends.
    • Public - The session can be joined via the in game server browser by any player.
    • Password Protected - The session is visible on the server browser, but can only be entered by users who enter the correct password, which is decided by the host.
  • Other players
    • Mute - You can block another players incoming voice chat by clicking the mute button next to their username on the pause menu.
    • Kick (Host Only) - The host of the session can remove other players from the party at any time using the pause menu before the primary objective completion. Starting and during the drop pod departure will disable the Kick.


  • Voice Chat
    • Voice chat is available as a form of communication in Deep Rock Galactic. By default, you can hold down the Z key to talk to other players in your lobby. This can be bound to another key in the options.
  • Text Chat
    • Text chat is an alternative method of communication, press the Enter key to open the text box, and input your message to send to other players. Important information will also be displayed in a green font within the text chat.
  • Laser Pointer
    • The Laser Pointer is another tool to communicate to other players. By default, holding ctrl will bring it up and left-clicking will then mark the object pointed at, along with a shout from your dwarf depending on what was marked (Resources, Resupply Pods, Creatures, Teammates, etc.).
    • The marked location/object can then be seen through the terrain by other players, and if an enemy is marked it will also add a red outline to the creature marked.
    • This is especially helpful as this can be done on the fly without having to break your gameflow and without needing a microphone.


extra= — Windows 10 and Xbox Crossplay[]

Owners of the Xbox 360 and Windows 10 Store versions of the game are able to connect to each other in game using the Xbox App.

extra= — Steam[]

Players on the Steam platform can join games of users on their friends lists. Once a lobby has been created, the friends of the host can join them using the Steam Overlay (Press Shift+Tab by default) regardless of whether the lobby is set to private or not.

extra= — Discord[]

Deep Rock Galactic supports Discord Rich Presence, and invites to your game can be sent directly through Discord. First navigate to User settings > Games > and tick Display Currently running game as a status message. A green icon will appear in the chat box at the bottom of the app, and can be pressed to send an invite to everyone in the current text channel.