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Resource Details
Type Consumable Resource
Hardness 1 (Brittle)
Rarity Every Mission
Value Experience Points 1 per unit
Basically, it's 'Mørk', which in Danish means 'Darkness', and then we added 'ite', as in stalactite, so it becomes 'Morkite'... the Dark Mineral.
— Mikkel (Mekill), Co-Founder and Game Director, Morkite

Morkite is a common mineral that appears in every Planetary Region and Mission Type. Once at least 80 Morkite is collected in the teams depository, a Resupply Pod can be requested. The Resupply Pod has four resupplying racks, one on each side. Each rack will refill Half of any Dwarves ammunition, fuel, grenades, and health when used. Note that there is no difference between used and non-used Morkite. You will not receive any bonus if you save Morkite till the end of the mission.



As it appears in-game

Morkite is a shiny, dark teal mineral. Similar to wall-dwelling minerals like Nitra and Gold, its faces glimmer in dark caverns, making them visible even without light.

Mined Morkite chunks use the same model as Oil Shale, and Red Sugar.


Morkite can be found in any environment and mission type. It seems to spawn slightly more frequently than the mineral Nitra Nitra.


  • Morkite Ale was hinted on the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Boards before Update 17: "Oktoberfest" hit. Upon the update's release, it appears under the name "Dark Morkite" in the Abyss Bar.
  • Since Update 18: "Job Opportunities", Abyss Bar beverage "Dark Morkite" increases Morkite mined by 20%.
  • Morkite bears a resemblance to the real world minerals Malachite and Dioptase, both dark teal minerals.
  • On a developer livestream on the Ghost Ship Games Twitch (19th of May, 2022), developers were approached with the question of what Morkite is used for, responding with "That's a management secret.