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A strange creature to say the least, the Mobula Cave Angel still has the eggheads baffled as it "swims" through the thin air of the Azure Weald. The Cave Angel is however perfectly harmless, though sometimes curious and it can be safely ignored.
— Miner's Manual Description

The Mobula Cave Angle is a completely passive flying creature found exclusively in Azure Weald. When observed, it will mindlessly fly around in the air at a slow pace, ignoring almost everything in its surroundings.

Despite its lazy behavior, it can be used to the Dwarve's advantage. If a dwarf walks under a Cave Angel and presses E, they will grab onto the underside of the creature and will be able to control it's movement for transportation. While it will still move slow in this state and is not effective at turning, it is still a valuable tool for getting to high places and can be reused as long as the Cave Angel does not die.


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