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The Mobile Refinery
On-site refinery

The Mobile Refinery is a specialized refinery platform deployed by Deep Rock Galactic to assist the dwarves during On-site Refining missions.


Somewhat similar to that of a Mine Head in that they are both large, drop pod-esque exo-atmospheric landers. Moreover, like the Mine Head, the Mobile Refinery's rocket module contains a storage compartment for the players to dump their mined resources into. The Mobile Refinery largely differs from the Mine Head in that, as its name indicates, it is a 'mobile' and disposable miniaturized refinery that specializes in refining liquid Morkite into something more usable.

Unlike the Mine Head, the Mobile Refinery only has a single searchlight and is largely defenseless. It has a large pronounced refining mechanism that belches out smoke once it activates and it has around three gated ports that belches out impure contaminants periodically once it begin refining the Morkite. Once the Morkite has been refined in its purest state, the material will be sent to the center which is the rocket module. The material is stored within the spherical container at the top.

On-site Refining[]

The Mobile Refinery acts as the temporary HQ for the Dwarves like that of the Mine Head. It differs however, as the Mobile Refinery is both defenseless and is far more specialized than the Mine Head. For one thing, during missions with On-site Refining, the Mobile Refinery needs to be connected to three liquid Morkite wells. Once a liquid Morkite well is discovered, a Pump-Jack can be called to begin draining the well dry.

Before this can happen, however, connection pipes must be built connecting the Refinery to its Pump-Jacks. Once all three pipes have been built, the Refinery begins refining automatically. The noise made by the Refinery will attract hordes of creatures from Hoxxes. Periodically, the pipes will be damaged and the Dwarves must fix it to resume the refining process. Once the Refinery is 100% filled, it stops automatically and the player can activate the launch sequence for the Refinery to return to the Space Rig.


  • Like the Mine Head, the Mobile Refinery is actually two vehicles in one. There is the much larger lander that drills its way down like a giant drop pod. And there is the rocket module to return its load back to the Space Rig.

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