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Mixer Interactivity

An official DRG stream with Mixer Interactivity enabled

Deep Rock Galactic had an Interactivity support with the video game streaming service Mixer. "Mixer Interactivity" could be enabled via the options menu, while it could be enabled at any time it will only have any effect while streaming on Mixer.

Whenever a viewer paid sparks (a free currency within the streaming platform) for an interaction, it would be announced in-game via the HUD. Any creatures spawned from this menu would appear blue and with the viewer's nickname above their spawned creature.

Mixer Interactions[]

These are all the available viewer interactions when "Mixer Interactivity" is enabled.

Action Spark Cost Cooldown
Space Rig
Throw Confetti 10 20 sec
Order Leaflovers 50 2 min
Order Dark Morkite 100 1 min
Order Glyphid Slammer 150 1 min
Order Red Rock Blaster 250 1 min
Spawn a Loot Bug 100 20 sec
Give Full Health 250 1 min
Give 80 Nitra 400 3 min
Resupply Ammo 800 5 min
Spawn a Glyphid Grunt 100 15 sec
Spawn 2 Mactera Spawns 200 30 sec
Spawn 2 Web Spitters 350 1 min
Spawn 2 Acid Spitters 500 1 min
Spawn a Mactera Bomber 1000 2 min
Spawn 3 Praetorians 1000 7 min (3 min)
Spawn a Mactera Grabber 1500 5 min
Spawn a Shellback 5500 10 min (6 min)
Spawn a Dreadnought 8000 15 min (11 min)

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