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The Mini-M.U.L.E is a smaller lime-green version of the regular-sized M.U.L.E. that is only found in Salvage Operation missions as a key objective, and (not always) as a first or second objective during Deep dives. acting as a mobile depository for the resources gathered by the Dwarves.


Mini mule leg

A Mini-M.U.L.E leg

There are always two to three Mini-M.U.L.Es in a Salvage Operation mission, each having their parts dismantled due to previous failed mining expeditions of former Dwarf miners. Finding Mini-M.U.L.E parts is part of the key objective for the mission as without it, the mission will fail.

It is required that each Mini-M.U.L.E is to be thoroughly fixed and completed. Each Mini-M.U.L.E require three Mini-M.U.L.E legs to be dug up and repaired. Once it has been repaired, the Mini-M.U.L.E will be activated and behave essentially like an additional M.U.L.E.. Dwarves can dump their resource collected as per normal and the Mini-M.U.L.Es will follow the nearest Dwarf automatically.

However, the main point of the Mini-M.U.L.E isn't to be an additional unit of resource collection (although it does help). The main objective of the Mini-M.U.L.E is to be docked into the Drop Pod, which can be done once the big red button of the regular M.U.L.E. is pressed. Once docked, the secondary objective of Salvage Operation will begin; which is the uplinking and refueling of the Drop Pod.


  • In each Salvage Operation mission, there is actually more Mini-M.U.L.E legs than the Mini-M.U.L.E themselves, leading to an abundance of legs. It is unknown whether this is a ongoing glitch or an intentional implementation to make a Salvage Operation possible to complete in case of bugs.
  • Mini-M.U.L.Es can be found on the Space Rig alongside the regular M.U.L.E. There is also a much larger M.U.L.E bigger than both of them coloured in blue. This bigger M.U.L.E is only seen as a prop and never seen in gameplay.
  • Given that the players would have access to up to four M.U.L.Es in a Salvage Operation mission, Mini-M.U.L.Es are considered to be very helpful for resource collections as it does not force the players to centralise resource deposition and compete on calling for a M.U.L.E.

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