Deep Rock Galactic Wiki

The Memorial Hall is a special section of the Space Rig, created to give thanks to all of the Closed Alpha testers who helped in the development of Deep Rock Galactic, and contains a scrolling wall of text containing the usernames of those who consented to their name being placed within the game towards the back of it.

Along with the Alpha Tester Memorial, the Hall is filled with statues and posters for Deep Rock that unlock and upgrade in quality in correlation to progress made by the player by leveling up their character and player ranks.

This room is where Promotions are made, using a terminal located at the back of the room.


Currently, the following rewards can be unlocked:

Player Level Reward
3 Poster
4 Poster
5 Poster
6 M.U.L.E Statue
7 Poster
8 Giant Statue
12 Golden M.U.L.E Statue
15 Golden Giant Statue
20 Golden Salute Statue
Class Level Reward
10 A statue of the class
25 A golden statue of the class