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Mactera Grabber
Mactera Grabber
Creature Details
Species Mactera
Biome All
Category Disruptive Enemy
Attack(s) Hug
Base Health 500
Resistance(s) None
Weakness(es) None
Immunity Stun, Pheromone Aggro
Weakpoint Abdomen’s Tip: ×3?

Mactera Grabber Umodel Front.png

Mactera Grabber Umodel Side.png

Mactera Grabber Umodel Top.png

Hot Cold
Burn T°C Freeze T°C
30° Heat -180° Cold
Douse Fire T°C Unfreeze T°C
Heat 9999999° Cold
Cooling Rate Warming Rate
10°/s Heat 40°/s Cold

The Mactera Grabber is among the most aggressive of the Mactera, seeking to swoop in unseen and rapidly scoop up an unsuspecting victim in its long, clawed limbs, only then to drop them from a great height onto the rocks below. Somehow this behavior is more endearing when performed by terrestrial birds, using nuts. Many employees report a spectacular hatred for this particular breed, and with good reason - dwarves are not nuts!
~ Miner's Manual Description

The Mactera Grabber is a hostile Creature found on Hoxxes. It can be located on every region of the planet. It is a member of the Mactera family, a species of flying enemies who make use of evasive hit-and-run tactics. The Grabber features the same impressively large wings as found on other Mactera, but its eight limbs are much more developed compared to the others, somewhat resembling a spider given the amount and the formation on the Grabber's body. Unlike most creatures on Hoxxes, it has visible eyes, which glow in the dark as it flies around.

The Mactera Grabber's only attack is to grab a Dwarf and steal them away. It does not feature any direct attacks such as melee or projectiles. When a Grabber is preparing to steal a Dwarf, it will make loud screeching noises which can clearly be heard even above other monster sounds - this serves as a warning to the Dwarves that a Grabber is on approach. While it normally flies around with its limbs hanging in a relaxed manner, it will raise them ready to grab a player once it has a target. It will slowly home in on them until it makes contact. When a Mactera Grabber steals a Dwarf, that Dwarf is completely incapable of taking any action. Similar to a Cave Leech or a Nayaka Trawler, captured Dwarves must rely on their teammates to break them free. It is possible to shout for help with the X key while grabbed, and the player's class portrait will glow green while grabbed.

Mactera Grabbers will attempt to make off with their prey the moment they grab a Dwarf, and will fly around randomly with the captive Dwarf until they find a high place to drop the Dwarf to their doom. The potential fall damage taken from being dropped from extreme heights can often be lethal, but if a Grabber cannot find a height suitable enough to do lethal damage it will just drop the Dwarf at random after about fifteen to twenty seconds. Once a prey is released, the Grabber will hover idly until it chooses a new target. It is possible to break a Dwarf free early by shooting at the Mactera Grabber, which will force it to release the Dwarf and fly away quickly. This can be done through concentrated firepower, but dealing any damage to its weakpoint will free a Dwarf near-instantly. Once it flees, it will soon attempt to choose another target to grab.

Players can use a zipline to escape while grabbed.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Health and Armor[edit | edit source]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1.png 225 325 400 500 600 400 425 550 600 650
Dwarfcount2.png 275 375 450 500 600 450 475 550 600 650
Dwarfcount3.png 350 450 500 600 700 500 550 650 700 750
Dwarfcount4.png 425 500 550 650 750 550 600 700 750 800

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Elite Variant[edit | edit source]

Elite Mactera Grabber
Elite Mactera Grabber

Creature Details
Full Name Elite Mactera Grabber
Species Mactera
Spawn Restriction None
Spawn Pool Elite Enemy
Attack(s) Hug
Base Health 500
Resistance(s) Stun:100%
Pheromone Aggro:100%
Weakness(es) None
Immunity Courage: ???
Stun Duration:
Stun Immunity Window:
Stun Pause Logic:
Frozen Pause Logic:
Weakpoint Abdomen’s Tip: ×3
Armor None No armor.

Status Immunity
On Fire Immunity Unknown
Freeze Immunity Unknown
Electrocution Unknown
Duration Multiplier × ???
Immunity Window ???s
Courage Unknown
CC Pause Logic
Stun Unknown
Freeze Unknown
Ignore Pheromone Unknown
Ignore L.U.R.E. Unknown

Movement Speed Fear Speed mult.
 m/s ×
Acceleration Deceleration
 m/s2  m/s2
Pathfinder Type Strafe Speed
Pathfinder Preference Max. Strafe Distance

Hot Cold
Max. T° Min. T°
° Heat ° Cold
Burn T° Freeze T°
30° Heat -180° Cold
Douse Fire T° Unfreeze T°
Heat Cold
Cooling Rate Warming Rate
10°/s Heat 50°/s Cold
On Fire Heat Range Warming Cooldown
 m Heat  s
Max. Cold Slowdown
Update Time Die if Frozen
1 s
T° Change Scale Frozen Dmg Bonus
÷0.2 ×3


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1.png 600 900 900 1100 1300 900 950 1150 1300 1350
Dwarfcount2.png 750 1100 1100 1100 1300 1100 1150 1150 1300 1350
Dwarfcount3.png 850 1100 1300 1300 1500 1300 1350 1350 1500 1550
Dwarfcount4.png 1100 1300 1300 1500 1650 1300 1350 1550 1650 1700

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