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Deep Rock Galactic is developing strategic operations all around the planet. The company is worried about some strange mutations affecting the creatures of Hoxxes as well as peculiar crystals interfering with scanners and other devices in orbit. To eradicate the threat or simply to take samples, these operations require expert dwarven action to be finalized. If you stumble upon one, give it a go and hope that the reward is worth the risk!

Introduced in Update 26: Endgame - Part 2, Machine Events are random events that can spawn inside normal Missions, providing a challenging interaction. The chance of spawning depends on mission length (Cave length 1 15%, Cave length 2 20%, Cave length 3 35%). They can spawn on any mission type including Industrial Sabotage, though they can't be spawned during Deep Dives. Machine Events reward players with Credits and Experience, as well as either a Weapon Overclock or a Matrix Core Cosmetic if they own a Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core, acquired during the first stages of a Deep Dive and special Weekly Assignments.

To activate the event, a player must own a Tritilyte Key — a reusable item that is automatically provided when a player promotes their first Dwarf — and put it into the Core Infuser. Then, they will be able to press four buttons around the main event structure. Once all buttons have been pushed, the Machine Event will start, a countdown timer set to 180 seconds (3 minutes) will appear. The player(s) must complete the event within that time, or it will fail, making the Core Infuser unusable for their Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core.

Note that the extra experience is awarded when a Machine Event timer runs out, regardless of how players perform - so they will still get something even if they fail the event or don't have any Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Cores.


Machine Event's spawn chance is based on Mission Scale, which is a value set for each mission type and variation, check the table below for the values:

Mission Scale Spawn Chance Mission Type
0.7 15.4% Point Extraction ( 7 Aquarq icon)
1 22% Mining Expedition ( 200 Morkite icon) Egg Collection ( 4 Alien egg icon) Point Extraction ( 10 Aquarq icon) Sabotage ( 1 DataRack icon Cave complexity 1)
1.1 22.5% Mining Expedition ( 225 Morkite icon)
1.2 23% Mining Expedition ( 250 Morkite icon) Elimination ( 2 Kill Dreadnought Objective icon) Refining ( 3 PumpingJack icon Cave complexity 2)
1.3 23.5% Escort ( 1 FuelCannister icon Cave complexity 2)
1.4 24% Salvage ( 2 Salvage Mules icon) Escort ( 1 FuelCannister icon Cave complexity 3)
1.5 24.5% Egg Collection ( 6 Alien egg icon) Sabotage ( 1 DataRack icon Cave complexity 2)
1.6 25% Mining Expedition ( 325 Morkite icon) Escort ( 2 FuelCannister icon Cave complexity 2) Refining ( 3 PumpingJack icon Cave complexity 3)
1.7 25.5% Elimination ( 3 Kill Dreadnought Objective icon)
1.8 26% Salvage ( 3 Salvage Mules icon) Escort ( 2 FuelCannister icon Cave complexity 3)
2 27% Mining Expedition ( 400 Morkite icon) Egg Collection ( 8 Alien egg icon)


Ebonite Mutation[]

Miners, a wave of heavily armored Ebonite Glyphids are approaching on a direct intercept vector. Be advised: Conventional weapons will be ineffective - stick to your trusty Pick Axes for this one!
— Mission Control

Machine events rock mutation

A player attacking an Ebonite Glyphid with a pickaxe

The Ebonite Mutation event will deploy an Overcharge Sprinkler that will assist Dwarves in dealing with an oncoming wave of Ebonite Glyphids. The machine will periodically spit out blue glowing canisters that can be picked up by running over it. This will grant Dwarves a temporary buff which greatly reduces their Power Attack cooldown. Ebonite creatures can only be damaged by melee attacks (including Impact Axes and Reinforced Power Drills) and frozen. They can be taken down with 1-2 power attacks.

 •  The objective is to kill enough Ebonite Glyphids to reach the points necessary in the allotted time. With Ebonite Grunts giving 1 point and Ebonite Praetorians giving 2 points.

Like as said before that this is one of four ways to obtain infused matrix cores. At max you can obtain one infused matrix core per mission as a maximum of one of any of these four machine events can spawn in a mission, and never two, three or all four of them. Which means that you can get a maximum of nine matrix cores per week from deep dives both normal and elite dives, and on the weekly matrix cores. assignments.

Total points required
Player Count Dwarfcount1 15
Dwarfcount2 25
Dwarfcount3 30
Dwarfcount4 40

Kursite Infection[]

Analysis Engine activated! Kursite infected enemies are being lured to your location! Harvest them for volatile Kursite samples and stick 'em in the machine! R&D are very interested in getting their hands on them.
— Mission Control

Machine events kursite infection

A player bringing a Kursite sample to the analyzer

The Kursite Infection event will deploy a Kursite Grinder to analyze the infection carried by certain enemies. These enemies are modified with blue skin and yellow crystals, they drop Kursite when they die, which decays shortly after the creature is killed. Once the Kursite is dropped from an infected enemy, a player must deliver it to the analyzer.

 •  Only one type of infected variant will spawn and the objective is to collect a certain amount of Kursite in the allotted time.

Kursite Samples required
Variant Glyphid Acid Spitter Glyphid Praetorian Mactera Spawn
Player Count Dwarfcount1 6 4 6
Dwarfcount2 to Dwarfcount4 12 8 13

Omen Modular Exterminator[]

R&D came up with a brilliant idea for helping out our Pest Control teams: Project Omen - a vast network of interlinked Modular Extermination Towers, strategically inserted into caves all over Hoxxes. However, much to their regret, the Exterminators turned out to be just as dangerous to our own people as the bugs they were supposed to protect us against! So, the strategy is clear: Project Omen needs to be shut down. However… for security reasons, that can only be done through a… hands-on approach, by our esteemed ground teams.
Get in there, find and activate the Exterminator, engage the Maintenance Pads to expose the machine Cooling Tanks, and blow them to bits. Easy. Well, and you have to do so within a limited time window or the device goes into Lockdown.

PS: Do note, the Exterminators can be constructed from a variety of different modules, so for your personal safety, do take care to learn the patterns of each. R&D aren’t in the business of making kids’ toys, after all...
— Official Description
Machine events omen

An OMEN Modular Tower firing its weapons

The Omen Modular Exterminator event will deploy a hostile Modular Extermination Tower, which needs to be destroyed by exposing and shooting its green-colored cooling tanks. To expose these tanks, players must stand on top of three different maintenance platforms around the tower until authorization is granted. Each platform will expose a different module, which will be indicated in a pop-up display. Note that each module will comprise multiple cooling tanks that each shares an equal portion of that tower's health.

Tritilyte Crystal[]

Well, well! A Tritilyte deposit! We thought we'd lost this one! As you can see, previous teams tried getting through the outer shell of this thing, but failed. We're sending in a Nanite Bomb Dispenser for you - if those can't penetrate it, nothing will. Mission Control

Machine events tritilyte crystal

A Tritilyte Crystal with mining lasers activated

The Tritilyte Crystal event will have Mission Control drop a Nanite Bomb Dispenser nearby, which dispenses special explosive charges filled with Nanite explosives. These charges must be picked up, carried to the crystal, and thrown at it until it is destroyed. They are considered heavy objects, so players will be defenseless while carrying it. The charges will blow up upon hitting the surface of the deposit, hitting an enemy, or when shot.

The difficulty of this event can vary greatly depending on the placement of the bomb dispenser or what dwarves are present. If the dispenser ends up at the bottom of a cliff or on the other side of a chasm, for example, then a solo scout will have virtually no chance of success. On the other hand, if the dispenser is more or less level with the crystal and there are little to no obstacles in between, then success is virtually guaranteed.

 •  The objective is to destroy the Tritilyte Shard with Nanite bombs in the allotted time.

Nanite Bombs Damage[]

Tritilyte Crystal Health[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission
1 2 3 4 5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 175 350 770 910 1050
Dwarfcount2 539 1050 1330 1400 2240
Dwarfcount3 539 1050 1330 1400 2240
Dwarfcount4 1295 1400 1610 1820 2030
  • The Tritilyte Crystal can only be damaged by Nanite damage, which is exclusive from the Event's Nanite bombs.

Core Infuser[]

Machine events rewards

Machine Events reward interface on the Core Infuser

Players will need a Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core to be able to receive the reward from the event; these are rewarded by completing the first stages of a Deep Dive and Weekly Assignments.

Upon successful completion of the event, each player can insert one Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core into the Core Infuser (where the Tritilyte Key was originally used to start the event). The player will then be given three reward options, each being either a random class Weapon Overclock or a random class Matrix Core Cosmetic. Only one can be acquired. The core is always consumed, regardless of whether or not the player selects one of the rewards. If all previous rewards are collected, Mineral Containers of 120 crafting resources are instead available. The rewards do not scale with hazard difficulty.

It is possible to know the class and if it is a weapon overclock or a Cosmetic by looking at the class portrait and the background color. A background color of blue and a hammer icon means it is a weapon overclock and a background color of purple and a hat icon means it is a cosmetic.

Completing a Machine Event shows as a completed Mission Objective below the Secondary Objective. Completing a Machine Event also gives a credit and XP bonus upon mission completion. Note that even if the Machine Event's timer runs out before the event is completed, the credit and XP bonus will still be awarded, even if the mission itself is failed.

Like the Lost Pack and Cargo Crate cosmetics, the Machine Event's Overclock rewards cannot be lost if the mission is failed or aborted, or if the player is kicked or disconnected, or even if the game crashes. It can be lost, however, if the player's Internet connection is interrupted before finishing the mission.