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Lost Pack
Lost pack cave.jpg
If you see some lost gear scattered around the place, try to find a blinking helmet. Use that to download the location of the lost dwarf’s backpack and track it down using your Terrain Scanner. They are always full of pickaxe parts and precious minerals.
Update 29 Patch notes

A Lost Pack can spawn inside of normal missions with a chance dependent on mission length (1/10 for Cave length 1, 1/6 for Cave length 2 and 1/3 for Cave length 3). A helmet will give away its location with a beeping noise, allowing you to find it easier; once activated the Terrain Scanner tool will update and reveal a pocket of terrain underneath the ground as a pink star around 100m away. Once found you will need to dig into the cave wall to reveal a small cavity full of Crafting Materials and a lost pack which will contain a claimable cosmetic reward.


Once found, the Lost Pack site will contain chunk of GoldGold and Crafting Materials based on the region the pack is located in and an additional claimable cosmetic reward. If all cosmetic rewards have been obtained, a pop-up informing that all possible rewards have been collected will appear instead when interacting with the Lost Pack.

Biome Crafting Materials
Crystalline caverns icon.png Crystalline Caverns JadizJadiz BismorBismor
Dense biozone icon.png Dense Biozone BismorBismor UmaniteUmanite
Fungus bogs icon.png Fungus Bogs CroppaCroppa JadizJadiz
Glacial strata icon.png Glacial Strata MagniteMagnite UmaniteUmanite
Magma core icon.png Magma Core MagniteMagnite CroppaCroppa
Radioactive exclusion zone icon.png Radioactive Exclusion Zone UmaniteUmanite Enor PearlEnor Pearl
Salt pits icon.png Salt Pits Enor PearlEnor Pearl BismorBismor
Sandblasted corridors icon.png Sandblasted Corridors Enor PearlEnor Pearl MagniteMagnite
Azure weald icon.png Azure Weald CroppaCroppa UmaniteUmanite
Hollow bough icon.png Hollow Bough JadizJadiz BismorBismor

A special Armor Paintjob or a Pickaxe Customization part can be claimed by each dwarf that is present.

Each player will receive a reward based off of the first person who opens the pack; however, if the next player to claim already owns it, they will be rewarded with a different one.
The received reward is not linked to the class of the player opening the box in any way, it’ll simply be a cosmetic that the player doesn’t have yet.

 •  There are 20 possible Armor Paintjob sets that will be chosen at random as reward. Armor Paintjob can be applied to any unlocked Armor.

Driller Driller Engineer Engineer Gunner Gunner Scout Scout
Icon Skin Armor Colossus.png Colossus
Icon Skin Armor Intricate Carver.png Intricate Carver
Icon Skin Armor Mud Runner.png Mud Runner
Icon Skin Armor Muddy Path.png Muddy Path
Icon Skin Armor D Splattered.png Splattered
Icon Skin Armor Ember Fury.png Ember Fury
Icon Skin Armor Grunge Buster.png Grunge Buster
Icon Skin Armor E Splattered.png Splattered
Icon Skin Armor Teacher's Pet.png Teacher's Pet
Icon Skin Armor Top Dog.png Top Dog
Icon Skin Armor Copperbug.png Copperbug
Icon Skin Armor Distant Fields.png Distant Fields
Icon Skin Armor Mercury Bulwark.png Mercury Bulwark
Icon Skin Armor G Splattered.png Splattered
Icon Skin Armor Topsoil Defender.png Topsoil Defender
Icon Skin Armor Aqua Force.png Aqua Force
Icon Skin Armor Dark Stripes.png Dark Stripes
Icon Skin Armor Frigid Tiger.png Frigid Tiger
Icon Skin Armor Subtle Shadow.png Subtle Shadow
Icon Skin Armor S Splattered.png Splattered

 •  There are 40 possible Pickaxe Customization pieces that will be chosen at random as reward.

There are 6 different sets broken into 7 different parts: Frontblade, Head, Backblade, Shaft, Handle, Pommel and Paintjob.
There are also 4 Backblade parts that don't belong to a set. The Frontblade and Backblade parts for a specific set are awarded together.

Extra unique Backblade: Chop-Chop, Hole Digger, Obsidian Mallet, Skull Buster

Pickaxe Paintjob:

Icon Skin Pickaxe Bug Hide.png Bug Hide
Icon Skin Pickaxe Carven Pride.png Carven Pride
Icon Skin Pickaxe Hammerblow.png Hammerblow
Icon Skin Pickaxe Incorruptible.png Incorruptible
Icon Skin Pickaxe Jagged Son.png Jagged Son
Icon Skin Pickaxe Pneumatic.png Pneumatic

Note: The cosmetics obtained from Lost Pack cannot be obtained by any other means.


Lost pack helmet.jpg Lost pack scanner.jpg Lost pack cave.jpg
Blinking Helmet Updated Terrain Scanner Lost Pack


  • The helmet model used to scan the area is the same as the Corporate Marine, a headwear item usable by players.
  • Similar encounter as Cargo Crates.
    • Lost Pack and Cargo Crates spawn independently of each other, and can sometimes both be in the map.