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The Loot Elf is one of Hoxxes' most pathetic creatures. It appears to aimlessly boing around the depths within its permanent latex body, uncontrollably stumbling into all manner of hazards while making sad squeaking noises. A mixture of gaseous heavy elements swirl within its spherically-inflated chamber, though it is unclear how the Loot Elf manages to keep matter in this state. Once it pops, the material inside them rapidly crystalises into a solid mineral crust, which the eggheads in R&D suggest may be the origin of Hoxxes' rich deposits. So, whenever you see a Loot Elf: Pop it. To put it out of its... misery.
— Miner's Manual Description

The Loot Elf is a passive Creature on Hoxxes. It can be found in every region of the planet. It is a large, spherically-inflated latex creature which is often found bouncing around caves. They uncontrollably float through the air due to their neutral buoyancy within the atmosphere of Hoxxes. As the Loot Elf bounces around, it can be heard making muffled, pathetic squeaking noises.

A purely passive creature, the Loot Elf is neither capable of attacking, nor does it possess any forms of self-defense; it barely even acknowledges anything going on around it. The Loot Elf is only a danger to itself as it is often found trapped within currents of hot air or rubbing against pointed stalagmites.

Loot Elves are capable of storing the gaseous forms of many minerals within their body. Any minerals they are inflated with are added to their internal "total", and will be released upon their death, rapidly crystalising into mineable deposits on nearby surfaces. When a Loot Elf dies, it squirms around for a second before suddenly bursting into scraps of latex with an ecstatic cry. This death "explosion" deals only minor damage.

The Dwarves can pet a nearby Loot Elf by pressing the [USE] ("E" by default) key. This may sometimes result in the Loot Elf outgassing a small despoit of minerals around its valve with a soft hissing sound. They can also be petted while they are in the process of exploding.

When the perk It's an Elf Thing is equipped, approaching a Loot Elf within a certain radius causes it to spontaneously deflate.


Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Any Mission
1 to 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 to Dwarfcount4 800
  • The Loot Elf has no armor to its name, and its health pool (as previously stated) remains at exactly 800 HP across all Hazard Levels in the game.


  • Loot Elves were added in Season 05: Drilling Deeper.
  • To most Dwarves, killing a Loot Elf is seen as a moral duty.
  • If a Loot Elf dies while frozen, its internal gasses crystalise much faster and precipitate out as loose mineral chunks instead of forming a solid crust, negating the need to mine it manually.