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Initial Stats
Magazine Size Infinite
Max Ammo Infinite
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time N/As

The LithoVac is a cleansing support tool that can be used by all Dwarves to combat the Rockpox plague. The tool resembles a large green and bulky portable vacuum cleaner, with a large orange tank on its side to store the sanitized bits of Rockpox in a safe compartment.

The LithoVac is one of the two weapons dropped via a Cleansing Pod, with the other being the LithoFoam. The LithoVac sucks in any Rockpox encrusted terrain that has been covered and sanitized by a LithoFoam. Unlike the LithoFoam, the LithoVac has a very short range, requiring a meter at most for it to be able to properly suck up the Rockpox. This can prove tricky in hard to reach places. Like the LithoFoam, the LithoVac has infinite 'ammo', allowing the player to fire continuously without needing to reload.

The LithoVac is deadly against the Lithophage Corruptor despite dealing no damage, as the LithoVac along with the LithoFoam is required in the destruction of the Corruptor's near-unbreakable shell; making the abomination incredibly vulnerable to normal weapons once its shell is destroyed.

The LithoVac like the LithoFoam, counts as a 'heavy object'; replacing the player's weapons with the tool. Although it won't encumber the player. LithoVacs can be discarded if needed by using either melee key or the weapons scroll wheel, likewise if dropped LithoVacs can also be retrieved.



  • The LithoVac's range is possible the shortest our of any tool in Deep Rock Galactic.
    • Due to its limited range, it is easier if Scouts and Engineers were to be in charge of the LithoVac.

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