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Initial Stats
Magazine Size Infinite
Max Ammo Infinite
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time N/As

The LithoFoam or LithoFoamer is a cleansing support tool that can be used by all Dwarves to combat the Rockpox plague. The tool resembles a baby-blue coloured sleek, hose-like gun. A yellow tank filled with anti-Lithophage Foam is attached to the bottom of the tool via a yellow pipe.

The LithoFoamer is one of the two weapons dropped via a Cleansing Pod, with the other being the LithoVac. The LithoFoamer fires a stream of blue anti-Lithophage Foam that counteracts and destroys the Rockpox plague down to a microbial degree. Afterwards, the LithoVac would than suck up the foam-covered Rockpox virus with ease. Range of the tool is roughly the same as that of a CRSPR Flamethrower and the tool has infinite ammo, meaning that the player can fire continuously without needing to reload.

One useful aspect of the LithoFoam is that, due to its anti-septic properties, it is capable of repelling Rockpox Grunts and Rockpox Praetorians. Although it won't damage them, it will keep them at harms way and temporarily stun them. It is, however, deadly against the Lithophage Corruptor, as the LithoFoam along with the LithoVac is required in the destruction of the Corruptor's near-unbreakable shell; making the abomination incredibly vulnerable to normal weapons once its shell is destroyed.

The LithoFoamer and the LithoVac share many features of a 'heavy object'; picking either tool up will replace the player's weapons with the tool, the tools can be discarded if needed by using either melee key or the weapons scroll wheel, and dropped tools can be retrieved. Unlike traditional "heavy objects" however they won't encumber the player.

The LithoFoam, due to its fast fire rate and tiny damage, is able to proc creatures on-hit effects very effectively without outright killing the creatures. This allows you to harvest all the minerals from a Loot Bug without killing it, among other things.



  • The LithoFoam looks and functions like a power washing tool.
  • The range of the LithoFoam is deceptively long. It is the equivalent to that of the CRISPR Flamethrower with its range modifications attached.

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