Deep Rock Galactic Wiki

The Laser Pointer is a support tool that relays quick, contextual communication. It can be engaged by holding the [Left CTRL] or [X] button on a keyboard, or [LB] button on an Xbox controller, or [L1] button on a Playstation controller. This function is bound on the same button as SHOUT, however keyboard can additionally bind this separately as LASERPOINTER.


While engaged, the Laser Pointer will draw a line forward until it reaches a solid surface, upon which the screen will reveal its distance from the player and the name of the material its aimed at. When it is aimed at a Resource, the screen will flash green and play a pinging sound effect to indicate its presence. If the Laser Pointer is pointed at an enemy, the screen will turn red.

Pressing FIRE will mark the aimed target and display a hover-tooltip for 20s, only one target can be marked at a time. All players can see the tooltip, which will read out the user's class, information, and the player's current distance from the mark. The mark can be seen through walls, making the Laser Pointer a useful tool for tracking the location of enemies or resources.

Pressing USE will set a personal waypoint that the user can see while holding the Laser Pointer, it will also display on the Terrain Scanner.


  • The line drawn by the Pointer will change color based on player class.



  • The Laser Pointer is a crucial tool in Solo Mode, being the tool that can command Bosco directly. After installing the Rockets modification, the Laser Pointer can be used to instruct Bosco to fire missiles at enemies.
  • An Engineer with the Hawkeye System mod can mark targets for LMG Gun Platform to attack first.


  • Whenever a player uses a mark, their character will speak a contextual voiceover about the material.