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Initial Stats
Duration 20s
Carried Amount 4
Dance Moves 6
Hologram Health 50
Shockwave Damage 20
This Laser Utility Refraction Emitter - or L.U.R.E for short - projects a handsome hologram that will attract all nearby enemies. Be mindful to keep your distance - once the onboard shielding fails, it will unleash a devastating electrical charge.
— Item Description

The Laser Utility Refraction Emitter (aka L.U.R.E.) is the default Throwable for the Engineer. It is a miniature projector device that creates holograms of a dancing Dwarf, utilizing the same smooth moves seen when activating the Abyss Bar's jukebox.

As the name would suggest, the LURE is designed to attract enemy attention. The effectiveness of the throwable depends on how close the enemy was when the L.U.R.E activated, as well as whether or not they currently have a target; enemies who currently have a target are less likely to be fooled by the L.U.R.E, but those who do not have a target are much more likely to fall for it. Bigger enemies such as Praetorians are also more resistant to the effects. Regardless of circumstances, only a maximum of ten enemies can fall for a single L.U.R.E at once.

When the hologram's health is depleted, it will discharge a small electrical shockwave, which deals a bit of damage and has a high Electrocution chance. L.U.R.Es are immune to friendly fire.

Cave Leeches will not target a L.U.R.E but Mactera Grabbers will grab a L.U.R.E. and fly around with it as they would with a dwarf. The Nemesis will target a L.U.R.E (up to 2 at the same time, 1 for each claw) and pick them up and wave them around like a dwarf.




  • The "Dance Moves" statistic is purely cosmetic; while there are six different animations that the Hologram can play, none of them are any better or worse at attracting enemies.
  • One of the "Dance Moves" resembles the "Kazotsky Kick", which is a direct tribute to the the dance move of the same name in Valve's class based shoot, Team Fortress 2.

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