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Interplanetary Miners Union is a recurring event that rewards players with Credits and / or Crafting Minerals.

To participate:

  • The Player must be a part of the Official DRG Discord
  • Have Discord running on the same device while playing DRG
  • Then, access one of the Terminals in the Space Rig and pick one out of three Chapters.

The event has two parts:

  • First, a recruitment period, which lasts for 7 days and allows Players to change their Chapter for 5000 Credits.
  • Second, the Chapters have 30 days to complete a task, the task progress is shared between all members of the Chapter, and to contribute to it, the Player must have the task happen on a mission while Discord is active. There are 3 Milestones for each Chapter's task (for 50 , 75 and 100% completion) as well as 9 Milestones on the Interplanetary Miners Union's bar (each set after 1/9 completion, up to 100% completion), which is the sum of all the progress bar from the Chapters. When the 30 days are over, the recruitment period starts again, allowing the player to receive the rewards (available on terminals) based on their Chapter and Milestones completed.

It is not possible to collect rewards while the task is active.


Dirt Diggers[]

Icon Faction Dirt Diggers
The Dirt Diggers will leave no stone unturned! We will reach every corner, collect every chunk of mineral, and set our flag on the remains of unexplored space, Dwarves only reached deep space because of our everlasting desire to dig deeper, The Dirt Diggers will dig deeper than any Dwarf ever dreamed. We will reach the core of every planet, for Rock and Stone!

Join us if exploration is in your heart, and the strongest call is that of the far horizon!
— Description

Cave Crawlers[]

Icon Faction Cave Crawlers
None surpass the ferocity of the Cave Crawlers! Our aim is deadly, our skin is like rock, and our fear is non-existent. No cave is too deep for a Cave Crawler, and with blood, bullets, and brawn, we vow to safekeep our fellow Dwarves. No creature, no matter how big, will stand between us and our prize. In the kiln of our Brotherhood, we forge the strongest Dwarves to face the darkest challenges.

Join us if you have what it takes to protect your fellow Dwarves and if you don't fear the dangers that lay beneath!
— Description

Mighty Miners[]

Icon Faction Mighty Miners
Efficiency is the keyword of the Mighty Miners. We head in, do what we came for, and get out alive. Dwarven clockwork perfection is our goal. Dwarves are the best miners in the galaxy, and the Mighty Miners are the most efficient miners of them all. Nothing will stand between us and our mission - and no Dwarf will be left behind.

Join us if you can be as one with your fellow Dwarves and help ensure precision and teamwork gets the job done.
— Description