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The IFG - or Inhibitor-Field Generator- is one of the latest inventions of the good people down in R&D. Toss one of these bad boys into a cluster of bugs, and watch them slow right down.
— Item Description

The Inhibitor Field Generator (aka IFG) is a throwable Support Tool for the Scout. It is a small spherical grenade with several glowing octagons on the six faces of the device - they pulse and glow while in the Scout's hand.

The IFG is thrown like a grenade and will stick to whatever surface it touches. After a brief delay it will emit an "inhibitor field" which will slow down an enemy by 75% (0.25x Movement Speed) and increase their damage taken by 30%. Enemy animations are suitably slowed down to match their reduced movement speed.

Enemies inside the inhibitor field are considered as electrocuted, despite not actually taking any damage.

Initial Stats
Effect Radius 3m
Duration 15s
Max Grenades 6
Slowdown 75%
Weakening Strength 30%


  • Prior to Update 24: Explosive Expansion, the IFG was unique to the Scout as his sole grenade choice. All other classes used a basic frag grenade comparable to the Driller's HE Grenade today.
  • A common misconception is that the "Weakening Strength" statistic reduces the damage dealt by enemies to the Dwarves, but rather the opposite is true; enemies take increased damage while inside an IFG field.
  • If an enemy inside an inhibitor field is also electrocuted by another effect (such as the Stubby or Bosco's Electrified Bullets) they will display a second electrocution debuff icon next to their name, suggesting that it is in fact a separate debuff that simply shares its icon.

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