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This page is up to date for Season 01: Rival Incursion
Industrial Sabotage
Sabotage icon.png
Mission Details
Cave Type Non-linear
Deposit Type M.U.L.E
Objective(s) Disable 2 Power Stations
XP Payout Experience Points N/A

Space Rig 17 // All Hands Bulletin // Clearance Level Lemon

Alright, Miners - listen up! We have confirmation: We are no longer alone out here.

A month or so ago, our deepscans started picking up energy signatures massing on the outer edge of the system. Within a week, automated scout ships penetrated the upper atmosphere of Hoxxes IV and started taking readings. Soon after, they started sending down supplies and construction materials - hectotons of it, across dozens of shuttles. Now, we are seeing full-fledged data collecting facilities being raised down in the caves - OUR caves.

In short, our dominion over Hoxxes is no longer total. Someone else is moving in on company territory.

All attempts at communication have so far gone unanswered. We do not yet know who they are, or where they come from. They bear no signifiers known to anyone in the organization. All their efforts appear to be robotic, so interrogation is out of the question.

Management's stance on the situation is unanimous: Hoxxes is DRG property, and it needs to stay DRG property. Starting immediately, any and all contact with these Rivals is to be considered hostile, and full authorization is given towards dismantling their operations with maximum prejudice, recovering any stolen data they have collected, and putting a definite and absolute conclusion to their ill-fated efforts here. Hefty bonuses will be paid out in accordance to company doctrine, upon meeting any of these goals.

As always, the Company depends on you, Miners. Hoxxes belongs as much to you as it does the Company. Let us ensure that it stays that way - together!

Management sends their regards.


Industrial Sabotage is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic.

A Rival mining corporation has infiltrated Hoxxes IV and is stealing data from the Company. With furious outrage from Management, the Dwarves are to dismantle their operations as well as recover any stolen data from their Data Vaults. Disable Power Stations, that power a force field projector that protects the Data Vault, by calling in Hacking Pods, establishing connections between the pods and the Power Stations, and defending the pods until the stations are disabled. Once the force field's main power source has been disabled, all that remains is to fully disable the force field by removing the backup batteries and getting past the Data Vault's extremely dangerous security measures: the Caretaker. Industrial Sabotage can be unlocked by any players who complete the new Spec Ops: Sabotage Training assignment.

Power Stations[]

The Data Vault is protected by a large, impenetrable force field, so the first objective is to take down the force field. There are two power lines that come out of the force field projector connected to the Data Vault which lead to each of the two Power Stations. Following the power lines is the key to locating the Power Stations (if a power line goes into the wall and doesn't show where you need to go, check the terrain scanner for wire-shaped tunnels and identify nearby caverns that the power line may be headed towards). Once you find one of the two Power Stations, hold the [ACTIVATE] key ("E" by default) on the Power Station to call down a Hacking Pod (you can disable the Power Stations in any order). The Hacking Pod's landing location is indicated by a blue blinking hologram. If you cannot find it's landing location, the pod itself has a white outline and appears as a light blue diamond on the Terrain Scanner so utilize your Laser Pointer and Terrain Scanner to locate the pod.

Once you find the pod, you can collect Transmitter Nodes from the dispenser on the side (similarly to the Nanite Bomb Dispenser). Tossing a node will cause it to attach to the surface it lands on and, as long as its close enough and there is a clear line of sight, it will create a transmission beam between the pod and the node. Once you place down the first node, there will be a green spherical outline surrounding it that indicates how close the next node must be for the transmission to reach. Placing down the next node will then create another outline surrounding that node and so on. This is repeated until the nodes connect the Hacking Pod to the Power Station. If you are playing in solo, Bosco can also pick up placed nodes if they are marked with the Laser Pointer. Once a connection is made, return to the Hacking Pod and press the red button to begin the hacking sequence. Any excessive Transmitter Nodes (Nodes that have been put down but do not contribute to the connection line) will be destroyed with a harmless explosion.

During the hacking sequence, a Hack-C Bot Unit (nicknamed "Hacksy") will emerge from the pod and begin "hacking" on a large terminal and a large progress bar labelled "Hacking Power Station" will appear on the top of the screen to show how long you have until the Power Station is disabled. In order for the Hack-C Bot Unit to hack the Power Station, it must be defended for a short period of time from enemy attacks (and damage in general). If enemies are damaging the Hack-C Bot, Mission Control will alert you of the imminent threat. If the Hack-C Bot takes too much damage it will shut down and halt all progress (indicated by the green progress bar turning dark grey). After a short period of time the button will reemerge and you will have to hold down the button to reboot the Hack-C Bot. In addition to protecting the Hack-C Bot from damage, if one of the nodes are displaced (eg a Bulk Detonator explosion causes the nodes to fall out of view of transmitting nodes) the transmission connection will have to be reset. Same as the setup procedure, you can pick up the nodes and reposition them within range and line of sight of the previous nodes in order to reestablish connection between the pod and the Power Station. Under rare circumstances, should the pod be within range of the Power Station itself, the displaced node will not affect the connection and it will connect directly to the Power Station. Once the hacking sequence is complete, the Power Station will be fully disabled and some of the projector's power will be lost. This procedure is the same for both Power Stations.

The Caretaker[]

Main article: Caretaker

Once both Power Stations are disabled, the force field projector will be running on backup power and its batteries must be forcefully removed by holding the [ACTIVATE] key to eject them from the projector. However, once the force field is disabled, the Caretaker, the large upside-down prism structure within the force field, will be activated to defend the Data Vault and must be defeated before you can collect the Data Rack which contains the stolen data.

The Caretaker boss consists of 3 phases, each phase becoming more difficult as the battle progresses. All phases involve at least three robotic appendages surrounding the vault which will fire a volley of projectiles at you if targeted, strike you with their heads similarly to Stabber Vines, or burrow their heads into the ground and reemerge out of the ground in a different location, an Area Shock special attack that deals heavy electric damage, only activating if you stand too close to the Caretaker, and three blasts of Plasma Barrier Waves that deal some damage and shove you back. The Area Shock and Plasma Barrier Wave attacks are consistent across all phases while the quantity of robotic appendages changes as the battle progresses.

Intake weakpoints on the top corners of the Caretaker will open up at the beginning of every phase which can be damaged to reveal the Caretaker's primary weakpoint. As each intake health bar is depleted, the Caretaker will spin faster making them more difficult to hit. Once all four intake health bars are depleted, one of the four eyes on the Caretaker will open (indicated by a bright red spotlight emitting in front of the eye) which allows you to damage its base health. Once one of its base health bars are depleted, the eye will close and the next phase will begin. The first phase has no special qualities while Phases 2 and 3 will spawn Sniper Turrets and/or Shredders or teleport Phase bombs that detonate after a few seconds in a large AOE. Furthermore, the amount of active robotic appendages increases to four, appendages will be respawned and the eye will close and reopen on different sides of the Caretaker as its base health is depleted. Small shields also rotate around the eye that can block shots once it is open on phases 2 and 3.


Once the Caretaker is defeated, it will collapse to the ground and detonate, emitting a large shockwave that knocks back players and damages enemies. The Data Vault will then open up and the Data Rack will emerge on a pedestal. Collect the Data Rack and attach it to the M.U.L.E to complete the primary objective. Once completed, a red button will light up on the M.U.L.E to begin the extraction phase. Once pressed, the Drop Pod will be called in to pick up the M.U.L.E and the Dwarves. It will wait 5 minutes before departing, though the door will only open once the M.U.L.E has been secured.


Industrial Sabotage caves will start within a small "starter" cave which leads to a primary hub cavern where the Data Vault is located. The force field projector's power lines will branch off towards a secondary hub cavern that branches into two sub-rooms that contain the Power Stations, but the generation of these four caverns is not always consistent and may occur on top of each other. Turrets always spawn in the tunnels leading to the Data Vault, around the Vault and in the tunnels leading to the power station.


Primary Objective[]

  • Disable 2 Power Stations
  • Shut Down Vault Force Field
  • Defeat The Caretaker
  • Steal Data Rack
Length Complexity Objective Primary Payout Secondary Payout
Cave length 2 Cave complexity 2 Disable 2 Power Stations Credit.png ??? Experience Points ??? Credit.png ??? Experience Points ???

Secondary Objective[]

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossil

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Bloom

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Cap

Ebonut Collect 14 Ebonut

Fleas Exterminate 10 Fester Flea

Gunk Seed Collect 12 Gunk Seed

Hollomite Collect 25 Hollomite


  • The Hack-C Drone, like the Drilldozer's head, is heavily based off of Bosco's design. Additionally, the Hack-C Drone shares the same nicknaming as BET-C with the C turning into a -sy at the end (BET-C = Betsy, Hack-C = Hacksy).
    • Rather amusingly the Hack-C Drone has RGB lights on its back like certain computer models. It also drops soda cans and fast food take out while hacking.