Incendiary Grenade

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Incendiary Grenade
Throwable Incendiary Grenade.png
Equipment Details
Type Throwable
Used by Gunner
Slot Grenade
Availability Unlock
One of our most popular "handle with care" items. Will explode on activation, covering a large area in roaring fire. Would almost be cozy if the flames did not burn hot enough to melt steel.
~ Item Description

The Incendiary Grenade is an unlockable Throwable for the Gunner. It is a firebomb grenade which appears similar in shape to the real-life German stielhandgranate (stick hand grenade) used in the World Wars. The handle is larger than the payload container, the latter being colored a bright orange.

Instead of producing an explosion, the Incendiary Grenade will carpet any area where it lands in a roaring hot fire, roughly arranged in a circle shape. The fire effect behaves similarly to the Sticky Flames attribute used by the CRSPR Flamethrower, lingering on the ground and damaging Glyphids who walk through it. it will also raise their temperature, causing spontaneous combustion if an enemy lingers in the fire for too long. Enemies who are hit with the grenade's initial explosion will instantly catch fire. It is important to note that the grenade will only explode when it touches a floor; it simply bounces off of surfaces and walls.

The Incendiary is an excellent choice for crowd control. It is especially powerful against grounded small enemies such as Glyphid Swarmers, who often die the moment they touch the flames. This grenade can be used to shut down chokepoints and hold valuable angles, often forcing Glyphids to crawl through the fire and take a lot of damage in the process. The flames last for approximately six seconds and cover a wide radius of over four meters, making this the Gunner's premiere crowd control choice. It works great with other classes' grenades which can lure enemies together into a tight group, such as the Scout's Pheromone Canister or the Engineer's L.U.R.E..

It must be noted however that this grenade deals no direct damage whatsoever. Even enemies who are directly hit with the grenade, while instantly combusting, will only take tick fire damage from the flames on the ground and while burning after leaving the fire circle. While this is usually enough to take care of anything the size of a Glyphid Grunt or smaller, enemies bigger in size such as Glyphid Praetorians will have little trouble standing up to the heat. Glyphid Dreadnoughts in particular are extremely resistant to this grenade's effects due to their natural fire resistance. And as with most grenades, this Throwable is completely useless against flying enemies like Mactera Spawn, who can easily dodge the grounded flames.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Gunner Level 5

Purchased for:
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Magnite 10 Magnite

Explosion Stats
Carried Amount 4
Damage 100 Heat
Maximum Damage Radius 1.5m
Radius 3.5m
Minimum Damage 50%
Friendly Fire 20%
Flames Stats
Damage 10 Burn +
20 Heat
Interval 0.5-1s
Radius 4.3m
Duration 6s

Usage & Strategies

  • As mentioned earlier, this grenade excels at controlling areas. Throw it down tight chokepoints to deal massive damage to enemies forced to crawl through the fire.
  • You can throw this grenade into one of the holes in a set of Swarmer Tunnels, instantly incinerating any Swarmers that may attempt to crawl out.
  • Be advised that due to the large radius and instant fiery explosion, this grenade is capable of causing considerable team damage. Ensure that none of your Dwarven allies are nearby before tossing this grenade, as it can quickly bring them harm just as fast as it can towards enemies.
  • Players with any lingering Freeze status can heat up by touching the flames, though they will take friendly fire damage in the process.


  • Traces of a "Molotov" grenade were present in an early version of the game. It is likely these ideas blossomed into the Incendiary Grenade, which is more comparable to modern firebombs than the traditional molotov cocktail.

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