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The Impact Axe is the connoisseur choice for the dwarf of tomorrow. Compact and easy to carry, extends to full size upon throwing, and discharges a lethal burst of electricity upon impact with any living target. Can be safely retrieved by the user in case of bad aim.
— Item Description

The Impact Axe is the Driller's default throwable.

Reminiscent of traditional throwing axes common in Dwarven folklore, it is a double-headed combat axe. It starts in a retracted state while in the Driller's hand, then expands and deploys the blade when thrown. The handle is proportionally small compared to the axe heads.

The Impact Axe deals 3 instances of damage at once. Direct melee damage divided in 2 parts, and AoE explosive damage. These three numbers combine to deal 240 damage with a single thrown Axe, as well as stunning the target.

The 3 damages instance will trigger in that order :

  • Direct Damage Part 1
    • Prevent the axe from being consumed if it kills the target.
  • Direct Damage Part 2
    • Consume the axe if the creature is hit.
  • Area Damage
    • Does not consume the axe, like the Direct Damage Part 1.

As long as the Impact Axes are not dealing the 2nd part of direct damage (e.g. simply thrown at the floor or walls), they can be retrieved by the Driller, adding the axe back in to the carried total.

Impact Axes can destroy environmental hazards, such as Electrocrystals, Poison Spore Fungi, Ejector Cacti, Trapatacti, Cave Urchins, and even Naedocyte Roe without spending any ammunition, as they can be retrieved immediately.

As a (mostly) melee weapon, the Impact Axes can trigger the Vampire perk if the enemy is killed by one of the two direct melee damage instances. They can also deal damage to Ebonite Glyphids.

Direct Hit Stats (Part 1)
Damage 50 Melee
Carried Amount 8
Armor Break 0%
Friendly Fire 0%
*Will not benefit from Weakpoints
Direct Hit Stats (Part 2)
Damage 110 Melee
Armor Break 0%
Friendly Fire 50%
Stun 100% chance ; 1.5s duration
*Will not benefit from Weakpoints
Aoe Stats
Area Damage 80 Explosive
Armor Break 25%
Friendly Fire 50%
Maximum Damage Radius 0.8m
Radius 1.4m
Minimum Damage 15%


Impact Axe Demonstration

Impact Axe Demonstration