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The Huuli Hoarder is a docile herbivore, and display a quite unique survival trait for a Hoxxes native - it does not attempt to reduce you to a fine red paste. Rather, it attempts to flee any sign of conflict, including the appearance of DRG employees. Usually best left alone, except for the fact that they absorb great quantities of local valuable minerals into their skin as they feed off the local rockfaces - meaning to slay one is equal to a rather nice bonus to any mission paycheck.
— Miner's Manual

The Huuli Hoarder is an evasive creature that flees from the player and rewards a large amount of crafting resources if hunted down and killed. It has a 15% chance of spawning in per mission (this includes Deep Dives).

Upon taking damage from a Dwarf (or from the APD if directed by a player), or when a Dwarf comes too close, the Huuli Hoarder will begin to flee. Dealing damage to the Huuli Hoarder will stagger it, preventing it from burrowing and reducing its movement speed.

You can only fight the Huuli Hoarder once per stage, meaning you have one chance to kill it. If it burrows, you will not encounter it again in the current stage.


The Huuli Hoarder has no attack or direct means of injuring players. Despite its passive nature, it is averse to the presence of dwarves and will begin to run very quickly away if they are nearby or have shot at the Huuli Hoarder. After several seconds of not taking damage while escaping, or when it reaches a certain range (~10-20m), it will burrow into the ground and disappear. The Huuli Hoarder is able to drop small amounts of crafting materials if shot.

Huuli Hoarders give off a significant amount of light as they roam around, and even more when running away, which makes them easy to spot in the darkness of the caves. Their shrieking further contributes to being able to track them down when they flee.

Bad news or unlucky situations[]

Huuli hoarders can be easily scared away by players and burrows if not only too far away from it, but not attacked after a little while longer. In fact, unlike the BET-C, the Spitball Infector and the Prospector Drone (if already attacked once) only engaging if too close and in line of sight, the huuli hoarder cares and finds it more suspicious than other enemies encountered by dwarves if the huuli hoarder finds tremors in the terrain/ground, meaning that they don’t give a dang thing about in line of sight, but if a dwarf encounters a huuli hoarder behind a wall, it will still run away and burrows into the ground which might let it do that much faster and quicker, so you gotta be careful and take it out whenever you have a good chance and very really fast and quick. Also to keep in mind and touch base with that that on the cave leech, if a huuli hoarder and a cave leech is in the same cave room, if the cave leech grabs you, it’s literally the end of day for the huuli hoarder, so you also gotta be careful.

Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 375 750 1650 1950 2250 1650 2325 2700 2550 3450
Dwarfcount2 1155 2250 2850 3000 4800 1950 2925 3150 3300 4950
Dwarfcount3 1155 2250 2850 3000 4800 1950 2925 3150 3300 4950
Dwarfcount4 2775 3000 3450 3900 4350 3450 3900 4200 4200 5400


  • It was added in the Update 24: Explosive Expansion.
  • Deep Rock Galactic employees tend to refer to the hoarder as "The Clown Car".
  • Huuli Hoarders are the only way to get crafting materials during Deep Dives.
  • A headline in the Mineral Trade news ticker suggests that Huuli Hoarders have the capability to kill mining crews, contrary to their docile nature as presented in their Bestiary entry.
  • Since the Huuli Hoarder only flees when taking damage from the Dwarves or Bosco, the turrets on the Point Extraction Mine Head can kill it if it spawns within their range and sightlines, and likely won't even move while doing so as long as no players provoke it. Additionally, environmental hazards, such as electrocrystals and volatile uranium, can damage or even kill it without any player input. This may cause the players to stumble upon a huge amount of scattered minerals with hazards in the center.