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This page is up to date for Update 34: Modest Expectations
HE Grenade
Throwable HE Grenade.png
Equipment Details
Type Throwable
Used by Driller
Slot Grenade
Availability Unlock
A standard high-explosive grenade with a medium kill radius. Can be used to remove dirt or bugs or both.
— Item Description


The High Explosive Grenade (HE Grenade) is an unlockable Throwable explosive for the Driller. It is a traditional hand grenade - just pull the pin and throw.

By far the Driller's simplest throwable and likely the simplest in the whole game. The HE Grenade will detonate once it lands on the ground after a brief delay. With high damage, a wide blast radius, very strong armor breaking and fear capabilities, the HE Grenade is every bit powerful as it is simple. It can be used in a variety of situations and its simple function allows it to fit comfortably in any kind of weapon modification build for the Driller.

The HE Grenade's simplicity, however, can also be its downfall. A lack of specialization can leave the HE Grenade feeling underwhelming in most situations. It lacks the extreme single-target damage of the Impact Axe or the unique two-stage damage dealing of the Neurotoxin Grenade. Couple that fact with the low amount carried and the slightly finnicky nature of the grenade's explosion delay, and the HE frag may seem like it underperforms in some situations. Nevertheless it is still a wholly capable grenade, and a great choice for new players.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Driller Level 5

Purchased for:
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Jadiz 10 Jadiz

Initial Stats
Area Damage 140
Carried Amount 6
Armor Break 400%
Fear Factor 100%
Maximum Damage Radius 2.5m
Radius 4.3m
Minimum Damage 35%

Usage & Strategies

  • Best used for clearing out groups of enemies, but it can also deal decent damage to bigger foes such as Glyphid Praetorians due to its Armor Break Bonus and Fear Factor.
  • For close ranged fights, it's best to "roll" this grenade by tossing it at the floor at an angle. This reduces the time spent waiting and can potentially increase accuracy.


  • High Explosive Grenades used to be called Frag Grenades and were also used by Engineer and Gunner prior to Update 24.