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Health is a value determining the hit points of a dwarf, creature or amount restored/lost.

There's currently three hit point types:

  • Health - main hit points of a dwarf or creature, once this is depleted the dwarf will be incapacitated or the creature killed.
  • Shield - protective hit points for the dwarves which can fully regenerate passively, shield protects health points until depleted.
  • Armor - protective hit points for creatures which ignore any bonus weak point damage, armor protects health points until depleted.


Each class currently shares the same health and shield count.

The players status, displayed in the bottom left of their screen. Their red health bar Health Points is displayed below their current shield bar Shield Points.

Armor Modification Armor Masteries Red Rock Blaster Health Health Points Shield Shield Points
110 25
Overcharger 110 30
Healthy 130 25
1 115 25
2 120 25
3 126 25
Overcharger 3 126 30
Healthy 3 148 25
Yes 186 25
Overcharger 3 Yes 212 30
Healthy 3 Yes 251 25

For more detail about armor upgrades please see their respective Armor pages
Note: Each level of armor mastery multiplies the health by 1.0455 instead of adding 5 Health Points as it is written in game. The values above are rounded to the nearest integer.
Healthy multiplies the health by 1.18 instead of adding 20 Health Points as it is written in game.


Once a dwarf's health reaches zero, they will become incapacitated.

Incapacitated dwarves are unable to move or use any of their equipment. They will remain in the same location they were originally incapacitated. An incapacitated dwarf must be rescued by either a teammate or Bosco depending on the mode they are playing. When playing in a team of players, the game will end immediately after all the players have been incapacitated. If a player has the Iron Will perk, then a ten-second grace period is granted after all dwarves have been knocked out, offering the player a final opportunity to activate the perk.
To revive an incapacitated teammate, a player must walk up to them and hold the Activate button. After a short duration, the incapacitated dwarf will be revived with a fraction of their overall health pool, with the percentage depending on the hazard level. The revive can only be interrupted by the savior becoming incapacitated themselves, or being forced away from the downed player.

Downed players can press the Shout button to call for help. They can also view their teammates in a third person perspective.


Creatures have their own individual hit points, although their damage resistance may change depending on the Hazard Level. Below creature base health values will be displayed with no damage resistances applied.

Creature Health Health Points Shield Shield Points
Glyphid baby.png Glyphid Spawn 5 -
Glyphid swarmer.png Glyphid Swarmer 12 -
Glyphid grunt.png Glyphid Grunt 90 -
Glyphid Guard.png Glyphid Grunt Slasher 148 -
Glyphid Slasher.png Glyphid Grunt Guard 270 -
Glyphid exploder.png Glyphid Exploder 20 -
Glyphid spitter.png Glyphid Web Spitter 40 -
Glyphid acid spitter.png Glyphid Acid Spitter 120 -
Glyphid Menace.png Glyphid Menace 700 -
Glyphid Warden.png Glyphid Warden 800 -
Glyphid Praetorian.png Glyphid Praetorian 750 -
Glyphid Oppressor.png Glyphid Oppressor 900 -
Glyphid Dreadnought.png Glyphid Dreadnought 4500 1000
Glyphid Bulk Detonator.png Glyphid Bulk Detonator 4000 -
Glyphid Crassus Detonator.png Glyphid Crassus Detonator 6000 -
Mactera spawn.png Mactera Spawn 223 -
Mactera grabber.png Mactera Grabber 500 -
Mactera goo bomber.png Mactera Goo/Frost Bomber 800 -
Naedocyte Hatchling.png Naedocyte Hatchling 5 -
Naedocyte Roe.png Naedocyte Roe 120 -
Naedocyte Breeder.png Naedocyte Breeder 1500 -
Jelly Shocker.png Naedocyte Shocker 5 -
ParasiteSplit.png Carnivorous Larva 10 -
Trawler.png Nayaka Trawler 300 -
Q'ronar Youngling.png Q'ronar Youngling 100 -
Q'ronar Shellback.png Q'ronar Shellback 450 -
Xynarch-Charge-Sucker.png Xynarch Charge-Sucker 1300 -
Korlok Tyrant-Weed Open.png Korlok Tyrant-Weed 3000 -
Korlok Sprout.png Korlok Sprout 550 -
Korlok Healing Pod.png Korlok Healing Pod 250 -
Cave leech.png Cave Leech 100 -
Deeptora honeycomb.png Deeptora Honeycomb 400 -
Spitterplant.png Spitball Infector 800 -
Nexus.png Glyphid Brood Nexus 1800 -
Cave vine.png Cave Vine 100 -
LootBug.png Loot Bug 100 -
Golden LootBug.png Golden Loot Bug 200 -
Huuli Hoarder.png Huuli Hoarder 1500 -
Maggot.png Maggot 1 -
Jelly.png Naedocyte Cave Cruiser 35 -
Silicate harvester.png Silicate Harvester 250 -

Healing Sources[]

There's a few ways the dwarves can restore any of their missing health and/or shield.

Method Health Shield
Mining Red Sugar Red Sugar +1-60 -
Claiming a Resupply Rack from a Resupply Pod +50% -
Claiming a Resupply Rack from a Resupply Pod, with the Resupplier Perk +60-75% -
Inside a Shield Generator's bubble - +10/s
Mining Red Sugar with Sweet Tooth perk equipped +1-72 -
Melee killing a medium-sized creature with Vampire perk equipped +2-5 -


These are meant to regenerate a certain amount of missing health or shield passively (or upon revival).

Upon Effect
Dropping below 15% health, then avoiding damage for 10 seconds Health regenerates up to 15% of maximum within ? seconds when the hazard level is below 5

On hazard 5 regenerates up to 10% of maximum health

Receiving damage, then avoiding damage for 5.5 seconds.
(4.5s with Improved Generator / 7.5s with Boosted Converter)
Shield regenerates up to 100% of maximum within 6 seconds
Being revived Health is restored to 60 / 50 / 40 / 20 / 10 % of maximum for Hazard 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, respectively