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Emergency PSA!

Reports of...'otherworldly' happenings in the caves are coming in. Miners are reporting sightings of flying, shrieking skulls - no doubt a mass hallucination - and Management is having none of it!

If you spot any of these alleged 'flying skulls', terminate them with extreme prejudice and bring back proof - do so, and you will receive a DOUBLE MISSION PERFORMANCE POINT BONUS for the mission!


— Mission Control

The Halloween Skull is a special creature found only during the Halloween event. These phantom creatures acts as an experience multiplier, giving each player x2 Experience Points upon finding, defeating and capturing the Skull.

The Halloween Skull is a ghostly spiritual apparition and remains so far, the only flying special event enemy in Deep Rock Galactic. They can be easily identified by its bright, green, fiery glow and when hit, it both releases a cloud of purple sparks and a maniacal cackle which be used to alert other players of its presence. Although it flies slow initially, don't be deceived as it can dart around the map incredibly quickly once hit. Likewise, hitting the creature is incredibly difficult due to its small size, being able to fly and its fast agility, it is recommended that only long-ranged precision weapons are to be used.

Therefore, the best class to do this is to play as Scout, as the scout has access to precision weapons such as the M1000 Classic which allows him to easily snipe the apparition from any distance. The Engineer is also a great class, as he has weapons such as the LOK-1 Smart Rifle that auto-targets and auto-hits the Skull instantly. The Driller and Gunner, however, are of poor choice due to the inaccuracy and short-ranged of their weapons, with the exception of the Gunner's "Hurricane" Guided Rocket System.

Health and Armor[]

The Halloween Skull is here!
— Dwarf when they encounter the Skull

Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 187.5 375 825 975 1125 825 1162.5 1350 1275 1725
Dwarfcount2 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount3 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount4 1387.5 1500 1725 1950 2175 1725 1950 2100 2100 2700

Halloween Skull (Object)[]

Halloween Skull
Dead Skull 2
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Event
Value Experience Points x2 multiplier per unit
Next skull lost in these caves will be that of the shuttle pilot who keeps dumping his cargo...Well done, Team. Double-time activated for Performance Points!
— Mission Control
One 5-credit plastic skull deposited. Well done. Double-time activated for Performance Points!
— Mission Control

Once shot down, the Skull could still be identified by its feint, yellow-white glow and green eyes. Nevertheless, depending on where it was shot down, retrieving it can be difficult. Fortunately, the Skull is on the larger end of special event objects, making the process of locating them much easier than the likes of the Yuletide Elf.

Like all special event objects, they are treated as 'heavy'. So mugs like the Backbreaker Stout would be of immense importance in hefting this thing. Once destroyed, the Skull becomes a highlighted object on the terrain scanner, much like other heavy objects. The Skull would be shown on the scanner as...well...a skull.

Once it has been deposited inside Molly, the Skull would grant each player the double XP in the same vein as all other special event objects.



  • The Halloween Skull are orders of magnitude larger than the skulls of Dwarves, indicating that it may have either come from a race of giants or it is a phantom wraith.
  • The Skull is the only special event object that was not 'lost' by the shuttle pilot. If anything, Mission Control treats these creatures with scientific curiosity and tasks players to retrieve samples for study.
  • It is the only special event creature that flies.
  • The skull is subject to health restoration if there is a Regenerative Bugs mutation.
  • According to Mission Control, the skull is made out of plastic. Although it is highly likely that Mission Control is speaking in sarcasm.
  • It releases a chilling aura that lowers the temperature and even freeze any bug or dwarf who stays too close to it.