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Hear you loud and clear, team. Hacking Pod is coming, better stand back!
— Mission Control


Hacking Pod Hack-C Bot Active

Hack-C activated

Hacking Pods are specialised drop pods that is used to hack Rival tech and shut down their operations. Found only in Industrial Sabotage missions, the Hacking Pod are always the first part in completing the mission.

The Hacking Pod itself is a silver-blue drop pod with an orange stripe in the middle. There is a radio dish at the top (Presumed to relay constant communications to hack effectively) and a button on one side. Pressing the button opens up a hatch that releases an unlimited amount of Transmitter Nodes which can be carried and thrown within a radius, to establish a line of connection from the Hacking Pod to the targeted Rival Power Stations.

Once all Transmitter Nodes has been connected, any excess Transmitter Nodes will self-destruct. The player can then press the button again to begin the hacking operation. Once activated, a Hack-C Bot Unit would emerge from the other side of the drop pod to begin the operation. The robot needs to be defended for a few minutes, failure to do so will result in the robot being forced back to the pod. Players can re-activate the pod to restart the process until completed.